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Tokyo Ghoul ep2 (deep and moist)

I can live with a good dark show that’s pushing questions about humanity, society and nature. It’s especially nice when it revolves around a character who isn’t a combatant or seasoned warrior. It really lets you soak in the experience of the main character when they’re just as helpless in an insane situation as the audience will be. The trouble comes after that. What comes next? What does the show have to do to remain interesting, while still being emotionally engaging? I’m sure there’s a formula, there are plenty of successful examples. But Tokyo Ghoul will have to find its own path if it’s going to be worth anything. And I think I’m liking the surprisingly warm atmosphere it’s trying to paint for itself amongst the carnage.

Well hell, aside for the abysmal censorship, this episode starts off just as intensely as it ended. There is a real oral fixation theme running through this show. You can’t deny the feeling that there might be a message being sent here. From that rough alleyway skirmish, the scene quickly moves to the next day and having Kaneki in the coffee shop that he so loved before. Though his world is turned upside-down when he realizes that coffee is the only thing from his previous human life that he can enjoy. He also has to come to grips with the strong ghoul presence there. Both the Touka girl who saved him and also beat his ass, and an older gentleman who runs the shop as the barkeep is there as well. And he too is very obviously a ghoul. It immediately makes me think that coffee shops aren’t necessarily the nicest places to hang out in this fictional universe.

After that Ken is sent on his way with a little coffee and a certain “fresh” package to help tide him over for awhile. This is when we get to see Ken fight with Rize and his ghoulish tendencies again. In the previous episode, I was leaning towards Rize being nothing more than a figment of Ken’s fevered, split mind. But I’m feeling the opposite way now. She’s just so prevalent throughout the episode, and the fact that her abilities still manifest perfectly within Ken give me the impression that in a way, she’s still very much alive.  It’s pretty safe to say that she’s possessed poor Ken from beyond the grave.

A character I liked, but that may not have much longer in the story is Nishiki, the same ghoul that Ken ran across last night to defend his territory is also a student at the university.  For a moment there is this tension as Ken has to face another full-fledged ghoul in broad daylight.  Then it kinda subsides as Ken is shown Nishiki’s civilized side, and watches as he smoothly blends into society, even devouring the food that Ken can no longer even allow down his throat.  And then, suddenly all that is stripped away the moment Ken and his friend Hideyoshi get to an even remotely secluded spot, as NIshiki just goes full blood-lust filled ghoul and procedures to torture and scream hate and murder to his heart’s delight.  The only thing that prevents this scene from becoming a double murder is actually Rize’s blood lust feeding Ken the power to kill Nishiki (though I’m not sure anyone is dead until I see a head come off, or a body chopped in half).  It

The show looks to be quickly moving on from this small set of character that we’ve so briskly and violently been introduced to.  There’s still the matter of who that strange person was that attacked Rize the night of her death, he and his kind seem to have a reputation of their own, and I’m really beginning to wonder how intricately interwoven with society these ghouls really are.  On one hand, it seems really easy to accept that there are these creatures that would turn somewhat into serial killers because of their love of eating humans, and their lust for the hunt.  But things get more complicated the more deeply woven into society they are.  I’m beginning to guess that some of the detectives tracking these ghouls are ghouls themselves.  Then there’s also the possibility of ghouls as vigilantes.  Just in the second episode, a whole world of factions and moral dilemmas to contend with are presented to us.  I certainly hope this show is as deep as it teases.

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