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Argevollen ep2 (please stop yelling at me)

I was about to start cursing this show for showing me such a tedious, boring episode without any combat. Good thing things picked up a bit at the end.

What I’ll take from this episode is simple. This will be a long road to take with some pretty annoying and bland characters. But at least I can see where the story may be going, and what they may be shooting for with the characters.

I’m guessing that the story will revolve heavily around the friendship, companionship and near symbiotic relationship of Tokimune and Jamie.  And that’s saying something considering that they’re a pair of rather annoying, even grating, characters. Neither seems to be able to listen to orders, or good sense.  Both have self confidence issues that need to be worked through, and both are at the beginning of their careers.  Now that does mean that it could lead to the very cool moment of seeing both of them as seasoned badasses who are extremely competent at their chosen crafts.  But that also means we’re going to get a heavy dosage of them screwing up and pissing us off.  And if the story focuses on characters that people can’t stand, then I can’t imagine many people sticking around through the show’s complete run.

I get these ideas based much more on this second episode than the first.  The first was of course full of set-up and world-building, and focused a lot of building up towards that triumphant moment at the end.  This episode allows the cast and the viewers to sit and stew on the reality of the situation.  The reality is that Tokimune kinda sucks at what he’s doing, showing difficulty even getting the Argevollen to walk.  And Jamie is such a junior engineer that she spends most of her time with her nose in that massive manual, trying to remember the most basic things of the system and mech’s operation.  And that leads to a lot of Jamie and Tokimune yelling at each other.  Jamie yells at Tokimune to get better at piloting, his direct superior, Silfy yells at him for the exact same reason; Tokimune yells back at Silfy that he’s doing his best, then yells at Jamie to give him better instructions.  Jamie yells at him to shut up while she figures it out, and while she’s doing that, she reminds him to get better!


It’s maddening for awhile to sit through this!

Meanwhile, the opposing military has gotten wise to what happened to their decimated squad in the last episode as has sent some units in pursuit.  It seems that attaining the Argevollen has cursed the Tokimune’s unit with the exact opposite thing they wanted, more attention and enemies.  The original plan was to retrograde to safety as quickly as possible, but the Argevollen’s snail-like, plodding pace and notoriety has forced them to go almost in a complete circle, as they try to lose their pursuers through the mountains.  Heading through a massive flue in the mine, they find that they can no longer outpace their hunters, and Tokimune is tasked with being rear guard, since his slow ass is stuck back their with the most powerful unit anyway.  Of course under normal circumstances and his lack of experience, that would normally mean death.  And even Jamie recognizes this.  Thankfully, no one listens to her b*tching, turns off their comms and continue on with their plan.

And that’s where we get to the part where I most enjoyed the episode, the damned combat.  It wasn’t much to speak of, but it was pretty intense.  Even with a highly powerful and mobile unit, once Tokimune had lost his rifle, there was only so much he could do.  Thankfully, his squad used him as a diversion and were able to pick off his enemies as they gave chase.  Gotta say, the squad’s commander may be stoic to the point of ridiculousness, but he never gives anyone the slightest reason through actions or words, that he doesn’t care about them.

Going forward, I don’t have much to expect or guess upon.  This very well could be a similar situation to the famed and often copied flight of the original Gundam RX-78-2 in Gundam 0079.  These guys may very well be on the run for nearly the entire series.  And I think that would suck.  I’ve yet to see anything terribly interesting or innovative in this series, and it may very well fall way behind the other series I’m watching at this pace.  It just feels so slowly paced, with only decent at best action and characters that I don’t see myself caring about, yet.  I won’t give up on this series at the moment, but I have reservations about how strongly it’s playing the hand it’s dealt.

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