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Glasslip ep2 (you’re welcome?)

I don’t know if I can take this melodrama. It may not be in me to be this patient.

I don’t think I’m liking Glasslip much right now. I never tried to check, but I get a good feeling this show is from a light novel, and while it has some good moments, they feel really overplayed. Plus right now, I’m not really sure there’s anything for me to get really excited about. There is the whole thing about staring into a piece of glass and seeing the future. But it’s so barebones and minimal right now, that it doesn’t feel exciting at all. If you saw someone murdered, or saw a life changing event, perhaps I would get roped in to what the show is offering. Currently, it’s just a bunch of kids with nothing to do except be privileged and carefree in their little homes, and daydream about pleasant things like being in love.

I tend to have a dark streak when it comes to what I want out of a show.  So it shouldn’t be a surprise to many, that I want to see how peeking into the future can mess things up.  It is bad enough that there’s already this sad love triangle going on right now.  One that has already been somewhat tainted by the failed confession of Yukinari to Touko.  Now Touko is dealing with the knowledge and guilt that Yanagi may not be getting with him because of his affection for her.  It’s unwarranted guilt, and the fault of the people who have been holding in their true feelings this entire time.  It seems clear that Touko doesn’t have a romantic interest in anyone, so I couldn’t fathom Yukinari’s giving a favorable result.  I don’t think he even mentally prepared himself for the possibility of it failing, so that hesitant “thanks” as a response really had to sting.

While I’m on the subject of the love triangle and dating… who even makes that a rule?!  I don’t even get this group of friends.  Even Kakeru doesn’t hesitate to mention how unrealistic and flighting an expectation that is.  It just seems like a rule the girls put in place to be left alone, and the guys just had to go with so they can even be around.  Perhaps I’ll understand once the show digs deeper into their pasts.  For now, I’m very tentative about this show.  It’s off to a very slow start, and that may very well be the pace of the entire show.  So if I don’t find a reason for myself to emotionally invest in one of these characters soon, I don’t see a reason to hang around.

Note:  I don’t like Sachi.  She really gets on my nerves for some reason.

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