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Check-in Station: Argevollen ep1 (I’m super hyped for this sandwich I’m eating while watching this anime)

I was getting a very distinct 08th MS Team vibe from this show in the beginning, and by the end that was an idea that didn’t have long to live. But perhaps that isn’t such a bad thing. I just can’t seem to avoid these military mech shows.

I’m not going to spend much time discussing set-up or characters. None of that really seems to matter in this first episode. One side is winning, the other side is badly losing and seems to having some cowardly jerks as generals. I can’t tell if there’s a good or bad side, and I doubt there will be a clear one in the immediate future. I’m also not gonna rely on seeing a bunch of named faces fighting for one side and assume they’re good, or at least fighting for good either.

What really matters is that a young hot-headed a-hole by the name of Tokimune disobeys orders in the midst of a retrograde to save some civilian truck under attack. Some bumbling idiot of a company worker allows him to pilot the machine. The machine is amazing and runs on THOUGHT, and the battle is won in spectacular (relatively) and decisive fashion.

That’s the episode.

The little nuances I pick from this show are numerous, but how important and relative they’ll be in the future is anyone’s guess. The mechs used by the forces of Ingelmia (the rival nation) seem to be of interesting design, and made almost solely to traverse the great wall that the Arasdas kingdom had used to protect itself for generations. They’re not very durable, as you can see them being taken out by what appears to be small arms fire when they hop the wall. But there ability to hop that wall is the decisive factor in breaking the stalemate and getting the majority of the forces through.  I guess you could say the machines were a little disturbing by the quadrupedal way they moved at times, but I didn’t see it as too amazing.

As for the characters, only Tokimune, the bumbling idiot Jamie Hazaford and Tokimune’s commander seem to stand out at all.  Tokimune being the classic mecha a-hole that can’t seem to follow orders despite being in a military and that being his g0ddamn job.  Jamie being a big ball of cutesy moe stuffed into glasses and a suit, and seemingly being the match that can instantly ignite Tokimune’s temper.  And then there’s the commander who seems to be cool, calm and good at his job.  Though at times, I think the commander just appears wooden as opposed to be the designed stoic personality.  Either he knows a lot more than he’s letting on, has seen some sh*t, or is just painfully bored with everything.  And if the last part is true, then I don’t have long to watch this show.

Whether I’ll blog this episodically in any form, or even keep watching is still a decision I’ve left up in the air.  The only definitive thing I decided for this show is that it was to be my start of the Summer anime season.

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  1. A Day Without Me
    July 4, 2014 at 17:46

    Wait, those stupid fucking shorts count as a suit?!

    • July 4, 2014 at 17:55

      LOL! Of course they count! They’re not some dumbass shade of color that would never be included in any camouflage, and despite being black, I’d probably still prefer wearing those to the hot ass pants I had to wear in the summer. I dare say that for anime, it’s almost restrained compared to other much more stupid female military uniforms.

      • A Day Without Me
        July 4, 2014 at 18:24

        Lol the female soldiers in skirts in a combat zone

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