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Yamato 2199 ep4: ghosts in the fridge

The drama was a little predictable , but still an average episode like this is more enjoyable than most of the dreck I watch. In the beginning, we have best friends Tsuyoshi and Daisuke fighting over the course the Yamato should take in the outer solar system. Things are already conflicted because Daisuke wants to take the more expeditious route, while Tsuyoshi wants to wipe out the base on Pluto, obviously as a bit of vengeance for killing his brother. Then the crew get word of a distress signal and that the engine needs critical repair almost at the same time. Pushing the operation into the clear direction of going to the moon on Saturn where the distress signal is coming from, while also gathering the rare materials needed to repair the engine.

Lying in wait for the Yamato is a small band of aliens sent to capture and kill some humans. They make things interesting, but also get their ass kicked in the process. They’re mostly relegated to a plot device to move things forward. Then again, the aliens the crew come across are all just robots anyway. In process, we see Tsuyoshi and Yuki learn a little respect for each other. We see that despite their very important and stressful jobs, Tsuyoshi and Daisuke can still patch things up after allowing each other some time to explain themselves. We see Akira take the first opportunity to commandeer a fighter (am I watching a Gundam series?) and prove her skill. And we get to see Tsuyoshi come to terms with his brother’s death in a way that doesn’t involve blowing something the f*ck up. Retrieving his brother’s sidearm, and learning that the distress signal they responded to belonged to his brother’s ship, the Yukikaze, seems to have put peace in his mind. And there even appears to be a little bit a chance for romance on this ship, too. If the show had a checklist of things it wanted to accomplish this episode, it certainly seems they nailed them.

Note: I was hoping the Yamato would actually get to visit Pluto, blow it up, and finally put it out of its misery after it got that downgrade from planetary status.

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