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DKJ’s Don’t Starve Diary pt4: I saw the edge of tomorrow

I left the last post on a high, I was all arrogant and happy and full of spunk. But I have been humbled. I have been crushed and harshly weened from the teet of security. I HAVE SEEN SH*T MAN!

I ended my post last time talking about awesome Wendy was and how bloody OP she was once you got her going. Then I took a break from the game and got bodied.  My problem with Wendy was that I got too cocky and started believing too much of my own hype.  I took Abigail with me (I say “took” but she follows me everywhere) and I got into battles I could not win and got myself killed a few times.  And despite having found two touchstones, found myself reaching a final end due to Winter once again.  A profound level of sadness washed over me as I realized how badly I had mismanaged my character.  In the future, I’ll have to remember that Wendy isn’t very strong, and that Abigail isn’t invincible.  I can’t just point to a group of enemies and just have Abigail murdering everything on screen.  I likely would need a tallbird for that.

Note to self: don’t f*ck with Pengulls, large mobs of frogs or eye plants.

My next major playthrough involved Wigrid.  I had tried the “strongman” Wolfgang before, and figured she wouldn’t be much different.  So I was expecting things to suck because they sure as hell sucked before, and I HAVE to play Reign of Giants with her.  And in the beginning, things did suck – HARD!  I died four times in a row!  And they were permanent deaths, too!  One playthru, I didn’t even find a single GODDAMN piece of flint for over a day!  I had to survive the entire night on torches, as I wasn’t even able to chop down a single tree for even the most basic of campfires!  I was heated, and frustrated and figured that I either sucked too hard at this game to even survive a week anymore, or this game actually was capable of feelings and hated me.  But for some reason, I continued to go back to her.  There was something about her that I found intriguing and that I thought had potential, so I kept picking her.  Lo and behold it paid off.  I started a new game that actually gave me a little space to explore and survive.

There was something exhilarating about how she could just bash and murder her way through opponents – and it was even more empowering to learn that she actually gained health and sanity from successful combat!  Even the need to only eat meat (the thing I was most sure would kill me) ended up being an easy work around, as once I learned to make meat based recipes with a few vegetables, it gave me better variety and longevity to the meat I was receiving.  Soon I had a winning formula with several drying racks, lots of traps for rabbits and birds, and a big fat crock pot giving bountiful helpings of meatballs and kabbobs.  And somehow I was prepared enough that I actually survived my very first Winter!  But that was about all I could give for good news, as death soon approached after my crowning moment.

How could I die so soon after surviving the hardest stretch of the game?  More arrogance.  After taking a bit of a break for a few days, I came back into the world of Don’t Starve full of piss and vinegar (merely a phrase – I assure you) and went into combat less than prepared.  I died an embarrassing death at the hands of mere frogs and spiders – and mere moments after avoiding my first boss character – the infamous Moose/Goose!  Dying at the beginning of Spring, with a wonderful full set up awaiting me at my camp.  I was crushed.  I had survived 37 days.  My longest so far in this game.  I needed a break.

My next playthru is still ongoing.  I decided to go back to basics and try Wilson again on the regular version of Don’t Starve.  One night – and so much progress made.  I came back from work one night, and things went so well that I couldn’t stop playing.  By the time I got a hold of myself, I heard birds chirping.  Anyone who has pulled an all-nighter, whether it be for gaming or studying – or even have the sex, knows just how jarring it can be to hear those birds chirping outside.  It means it’s morning and you threw your whole night away.  I had to put the game down, probably for another couple of days, but it’s nice to know that I’m learning and perhaps getting better.  This is the best, most fortunate set-up I’ve had since I’ve started playing this game.  Perhaps this game hasn’t beaten me down enough to quit it yet.  We’ll see.

Ah! Fresh meat for the slaughter… They’ll never know. Shhh! Shh -shh- shh! Now you sleep forever!

Ah! I put on a hat! Why am I still dying! Ahh! Everything’s orangey death!!

Get out of here you stupid looking f*ckers! Abigail! KILL! KILL THEM ALL!


Whatever! I’m a badass viking BITCH! I do what I want!

There’s no way he built this tacky piece of trash and didn’t masturbate to it. Weirdo.

Winter is coming, and I am ready. CUE THE DAMN GAME OF THRONES THEME!

Hey! Hey! Get out of my camp you assholes! This ain’t a hobo camp!


Are these frogs are gang members?! I hit one frog and all his homies came and f*cked me up!

This playthrough is not going well. F*ck my life. Oh wait. I’m dead. I literally have no life. X^(

The new Wilson playthrough begins. This time, I am wiser and more prepared than ever!

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