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Knights of Sidonia ep11: and then suck happens

All the theories and pseudo-science of this show will have to wait, this episode is purely focused on survival. The Gauna themselves may not seem to be able to communicate with humans, but I get the feeling that they’re just as desperate as the humans at this point. I mean, how else could you take an action like tossing a planet at something?

There’s not a whole lot to focus on here.  It’s not as though there’s much of a diverse setting or storytelling in this episode.  What’s happening now is akin to one of those grand episodes of a show like Evangelion, where everything in humanity’s arsenal is thrown at its one great foe, for this one moment.  The entirety of their mecha armada with as much available new material and weaponry, and as many capable pilots as possible are thrown at this massive threat, along with a planet destroying missile and a giant death laser beam!  There may be other things going on in this show’s peripheral, but it’s nigh impossible to see with how much focus is given to this world shattering conflict here.

As I said, the main focus here is the potential planet shattering conflict, as close to fifty Gardes (or Guardians) are deployed to take down the approaching hive clusters… propulsion system?!  What the f*ck is going on here?!  It really is creepy how there’s practically zero layers of communication between these two very strange and different species, yet it’s quite clear that there’s some major level of intelligence behind these super beings.  To explain what I mean: these beings have commandeered a dwarf planet, surrounded it and a master Gauna in their bodies, and us the propulsion their much tinier bodies produce en masse to literally throw a planet at space colony/ship Sidonia!  The Sidonia isn’t even capable of evading them, because these creatures are capable of adjusting their trajectory on the fly to keep it on a collision course!  That’s not only amazing, it borders on going too far and becoming  unbelievable and downright stupid.  You cannot look at what’s happening in this episode and not think that like Starship Troopers, there’s some giant disgusting alien brain controlling everything from light years away.  A thought that also is utterly ridiculous, but still kinda cool in the context of sci-fi.

The attack on the dwarf planet hive cluster (I really need to pick one name for this giant threat) gets off to a proper start.  The planet destroying missile is launched preemptively, and the Gardes soon follow and pass it on the way to soften up the threat.  Now equipped with their new high velocity backpacks and long range cannons full of the newly manufactured kabizashi ammo, they’re able to quickly orbit and recon the Gauna weapon of mass destruction.  And quickly after that, they split off into two platoons , one to wear out the defenses on the surface, and the other kill the Gauna using themselves as propulsion and steering for this giant extinction level event-in-waiting.  There are initial deaths, but overall tremendous progress was made, even with the Gauna’s newfound ability to fire their own Hyggs particle cannons as a type of ground-to-air defense.  The second platoon made massive progress almost completely cutting off the Gauna’s boulder of doom from being able to steer itself.

And then suck happens.

As if for dramatic effect, Benisuzume shows up at the last minute and COMPLETELY wipes the second platoon out!  I mean, she’s murders them mid-scream!  They die before some of them have a full chance to be terrified!  That’s like nearly twenty dead pilots in a couple of minutes!  Now Yuhata has to come up with a brand new plan with les than half the forces she started with!  Personally, I wish she had held Nagate back in reserve, knowing that eventually Benisuzume would show up again and that he was the only one remotely a match for it.  But that’s not even important now, as she just has to focus on killing the dwarf planet.  Her new plan?  It’s to throw every she’s got into killing the master Gauna deep in the center of the hive cluster.  By doing so, she’ll alleviate all the shielding from the dwarf planet, allowing the missile to do its job unimpeded.  First the Hyggs cannon is fired, sending a massive laser to bust threw much of the placenta (ew!) shielding and allowing the remaining pilots to enter the cluster, find and assassinate the master Gauna.  This of course has to be accomplished with very few remaining forces and before the missile reaches its target.  If that fails, they’ll have expended all their resources, and the remaining time they have left is just a countdown to their extinction.

As this happens, and as I was saying at the beginning of this post; there are a few things going on outside this battle.  For one, Norio is still drowning in his own melancholy.  The son of a bitch is still one Sidonia’s best pilots, but just elects to sit their pouting and being lamentful just because he didn’t get to pilot his precious Tsugimori.  He’s willing to let everything else die, just because he didn’t get his way – his supposed birthright.  To me, he’s the lowliest of human beings.  He’s a creature  who forces his unhappiness on others, but shuns anyone else’s feelings in favor of his own.  It’s like he never outgrew that selfish ego-centric phase in his toddler years.  The worst part of all, is that you know he’s just a ticking time bomb for trouble.  He craves power, and any means to get it.  And that means that he will likely be trying to steal it rather than earn; he will be trying get rid of anyone in his way, rather receiving it with others’ permission or assistance.

I hate this guy so much.

And then there’s the immortal council, who sit there in their pods criticizing Kobayahsi while they do nothing.  Even as the Sidonia is on the verge of destruction and doing everything it can to survive, they merely look at the eventual outcome and shrug it off, knowing that they can just charter a shuttle for themselves and leave.  Now this does beg the question of how do they live like that, and what this means for humanity as a whole.  But that crap won’t be nearly addressed in the near future.  Instead, we should likely worry more about the Gauna fastball of death, or the placenta cloned creature in their lab.

This was an all action episode, full of deaths, stunning visuals and a real sense of tension and urgency.  I don’t really have any complaints, even if this episode doesn’t address the show’s many questions.  As I’ve said many a time before – I just want to be entertained!

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  1. LGM
    June 26, 2014 at 22:57

    Well, questions will be answer later it seems. All is well, season 2 confirmed.

    • June 27, 2014 at 00:53

      Ah crap! I didn’t even know this was only a 12 episode season! I never looked at the data! Oh well, as long as they keep the story going, but there’s so much more cool, gory horrible material to cover.

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