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AniFriday Issue #17 (June 6th, 2014): all you can eat buffet of creepypasta

There must be a special on creepy this week.  Almost every anime episode I watched this week had some creepy as hell sh*t in it.  From some guy bragging about how much he enjoys using a toilet that uses a pig to clean your butt, to evil mirror hopping murder monsters, to government lackeys who enjoy being way to far inside an alien girls personal bubble, to a magical familiar who just stares at teenagers with murderous intent.  It’s anime, so it’s a rule that it’s always weird, but even that stuff has its awkward moments among the awkward moments.  And all this crap is obscuring the death of a character I really liked!  Damn you anime weirdness!  You make everything uncomfortable!

Here is the anime and manga I’ll be covering this week in order:

  • Stardust Crusaders ep10
  • Chaika the Coffin Princess ep2
  • Captain Earth ep2
  • Tokyo Ravens ep16
  • Naruto ch679
  • Bleach ch583
  • Team Medical Dragon ch102
  • Umi no Misaki ch4

Stardust Crusaders

Episode 10

F*CK!  F*CK!  F*CK!  I can’t believe he’s dead!  I should’ve known something was up when the credits started rolling before the fight started to heat up!  Sh*t!  First Game of Thrones now this!  I can’t take all these sudden character deaths from cool guys who wear red!

The episode itself was rather cool.  It doesn’t get much more classically weird and funny for JoJo beyond that scene with the Indian toilet.  The first time I encountered that little “nuance”, I might have trouble ever sitting down on a toilet again.  Most of the time though was spent setting up the villains and Polnareff’s arrogance.  I don’t see much more rage induced blindness than that.  As soon as he got a glimpse of the J. Geil’s Stand he lost it.  I can only hope Abdul’s death will be enough of a wake up call.

As for the villains, there’s not much to say about J. Geil.  At this point it has been well established already that he’s murderous, rapist psycho.  Though I do like his Stand’s somewhat unique ability, though I could see he weakness and understand why Abdul in particular would have been a problem for him.  I’m guessing his Stand is only lethal, and only corporeal when in a reflection.  Other than that, it may not exist.  Hol Horse is a different kind of a-hole.  He doesn’t have DIO’s charisma, but he has more than enough to sway any innocent, ignorant woman.  And his Stand is quite the killer.  I have a much harder time seeing what his weakness is, unless it’s the fact that he can only shoot one bullet at a time.

Man.  I’m gonna miss you Abdul.  That was way too quick and unfair.

Chaika the Coffin Princess

Episode 2

I could have guessed what Chaika’s main goal was, but it’s still so sad when you actually hear it from her mouth.  Apparently, she just wants to gather the remains of her father and give him a proper burial.  And with that adorable face, I can’t blame someone for throwing caution to the wind and supporting her.  Then again, from the circumstantial evidence we’ve gathered about saboteurs, they don’t seem to care for peace too much.  At least it seems the younger sibling, Tooru is bored with it at least.  And that’s kinda badass, it makes me feel good that my guess that this trio may be the bad guys came true, apparently.

The ruler of that mansion that they attacked seemed to love the power he wielded, but it didn’t appear very much that he was corrupted by that power.  He didn’t want to give it up because he earned it, that’s fair.  And he didn’t want it to leave his mansion because it’s dangerous in the wrong hands, that too is fair.  So far there’s no reports of him corrupting the town or doing anything else evil.  So I say it was pretty fine where it was.  On the other side though, there is this cute little girl who just wants to bury her daddy, even if he was an evil fearful tyrant (by most people’s accounts).  So f*ck that lame anti-war crap!  Protect the cute girl!  Save her daddy’s corpse!

Overall, still loving this.  Tooru had a pretty awesome fight scene, I love the fact that his sister, Akari wields a hammer as a weapon.   And of course Chaika using a massive sniper rifle as her magical tool of choice is just cool as sh*t.  Give me more!  Give me lots more of this show!

Tokyo Ravens

Episode 16

Captain Earth

Episode 2

Here we go.  It doesn’t get much more motivation draining for me than going into a mecha or shounen show out of routine or obligation.  I wasn’t feeling this show’s first episode at all.  And couple that with the anti-hype I’ve been feeling about series, it’s not looking good overall.  But considering that the mecha genre is one of my favorite and core genres in anime, I have to fully give this show a shot.  The risk of missing a classic is just too great.

At this point, I’m not sure of actual threat in this show.  And that’s a problem.  The show is trying hard to make strides in character development and plot setup and world building, but none of that is too important right now.  This is a super robot show, and in a super robot show you have to explain clearly why someone or something is in grievous trouble.  The problem I’m having here is that the show’s introductory battle so far takes place way out in space, and there haven’t been and immediate human deaths,  aside from defense satellites there’s hardly been any destruction to care about.  It’s not the same as other super robot shows where a city on Earth is getting wrecked, or in deep space where you see humanity make its final last stands against an alien threat.  It feels more like two  sides playing a game of little consequence.

What detaches me even more from the experience is all of the technobabble I had to listen to.  This is a longstanding problem that I’ve noticed in mecha shows, especially super robot ones for a very long time.  I generally choose to ignore such things.  In a show like  Evangelion, it was used as a veil to shroud the intricacies of the base and its operations, but by the end you felt like you clearly got what they were talking about when they were in the middle of some giant operation and communications were shooting across headquarters.  In a show like Fafner, I found the babble there almost hilarious, as it just seemed to go on forever and it really loved its weird Norse words, despite having some of the ugliest f*cking mecha designs I’ve ever seen.  In a show like RahXephon, it had a clear scientific and especially musical tone that was cohesive, though at times impenetrable.  But only two episodes in, and Captain Earth’s problem with technobabble is that it is just plain boring.  And it doesn’t feel very inspired either.  It is slowly killing me, and my hopes for actually continuing to watch this show.

Mind you, I haven’t even gotten into the specifics of this episode, these issues annoy me that badly.  I haven’t gotten into how stuff is so blatantly clear in the narrative about who is being evil, and the imagery.  The boring fight.  The uninspired bad guys, if I can even clearly call them bad guys at this point.  Ugh!

I can’t say that this show has much of a shot as this point.  I can’t remember a mecha show that I’ve watched in recent memory that did not excite me in the least, until I think about these past two episodes.  The hopes of my watching this show past four episodes is grim.


Tokyo Ravens

Episode 16

Damn that was a good episode!  I dare say it was one of the better shounen battle anime fights I’ve seen in awhile.  While the previous mega battle in this show was a pretty good, it was more flash than substance to me.  This battle was much more intimate, clever and exciting to me.

I believe what got me was the build up to the battle, along with all the twists it took to get there, along with twists in the battle.  Here we have Amami the Divine Fan, one of the twelve Divine Generals in Tokyo, and head of the Magical Crime Bureau going up against his second in command, Atsune.  While all of this went down, without any of us knowing it, these two were actually in direct opposition while the whole purge of the Twin Syndicate fanatics was going on.  In a way, Amami was helping Atsune, as his purge was clearing out all the fanatics, who he described as selfish and foolish.  And Atsune even showed up personally to clean things up.  But Amami was already on to him and they had one hell of a battle between exorcists.  Amami as expected was a pretty strong guy, but even he was amazed at the ridiculous level of power his second-in-comman wielded.  In a sense, Atsune could overpower Amami, but he couldn’t outsmart him.  And even the end of the battle had an interesting twist as well.

There was more than battle happening in this episode though, as the Ogre Eater himself, Reiji had shown up to protect the Onmyo Prep students, along with his recently revealed familiar, Shaver.  What a creepy being Shaver is.  Sheesh!  But it seems as though Reiji’s main goal was to pick Harutora’s brain about the battle between Jin and Doman.  Ironically, it seems that all the time spent talking to Harutora didn’t reveal much to him.  Though he was very clear in his desire to see Harutora as a rival.  He’s a bully, but at the very least Reiji wants to ring as much abuse out of Harutora as possible.  I think he sees massive potential in Harutora despite calling him trash all the time.  And for the life of me, I still can’t figure out if Reiji is a bad guy or just a giant a-hole.

In the end, it looks like the Twin Horn Syndicate as it was portrayed up to this point is dead.  At very least, it’s been purged in a way where it can be better controlled by the real Yakou devotees, and it won’t be a great standalone threat to regular society anymore.  But there are still some big loose ends to tie up.  I’m probably too hype to talk much more about this show in detail beyond this.  I really need to cool down.


Chapter 679

I think it’s pretty cool that the ultimate villain of this whole storyline is a woman. I don’t know if it will ever make up for all the absolutely horrible and useless female characters, but I will acknowledge that I do flat out like it.

I don’t know if this is the end for Madara, but it sure looks like it. What we saw of the Sage of Six Paths seemed like some sort of spiritual observer. But his mother, Kaguya, is living entity of chakra possessing Madara’s body. And of course she shows up with ALL the freaking eye abilities, though it seems the Rinnegan Sharingan is a third eye add-on, while he primary eyes seemed to be attuned for the Byakugan. Now THAT is cool! Because it really seems to add to the whole lineage of the different clans in the series. Early on, when we learn about the Byakugan and the Hyuga clan, we hear a rumour that they may be closely related to the Uchiha clan, and that the Sharingan may have derived from that very Byakugan they are so coveted for having.  I have a feeling that when I eventually go back and watch the original Naruto episodes or read the early chapters, I’m gonna think of Kaguya when I see the Hyuga clan.

When it comes to what actually happened in the chapter, if you’ve seen Dragonball Z then you’ll know what to expect.  This is almost nothing more than the Final Form Cell reveal from that show.  It’s just Madara being taken over and massive amounts of chakra being poured into his engorging body, until Kaguya is revealed and says a few sentences.  She doesn’t seem that malicious at first glance.  And she may even have a bit of a motherly air to her at first, but it’s quite clear that she’s dead serious about whatever plan she has in mind for all these entranced shinobi.  And that plan does not include Sasuke or Naruto!

Let’s hope no one else gets revived from the dead (Jiraiya please stay dead), and we can move forward with what it supposed to literally be a god-tier battle.


Chapter 583

These quincy morons are all dead.  Well, they were essentially doomed even before Ichigo showed up or the battle began, but still you should get my point.  Ichigo is way beyond these guys and is only testing his powers out on them.  To make matters worse, I don’t even think they make much of a team and they annoy me a bit.  They kinda remind me of those female Arrancar that formed to make one giant insane beast.  I wonder this group is going to combine to make something more powerful, too?

Team Medical Dragon

Chapter 102

Ijuuin, you idiot!  You’re not worse or lacking because of Asada!  He’s lifted the cap on your ceiling!  You see as he’s seen, with an attention to detail and an eye on quality that he respects!  It’s because of this that you think you’re sh*t!  You’re being way too hard on yourself!  You’re amazing!

Let me explain, we’re in the very first steps of Ijuuin’s day in Gunji’s camp instead of Asada’s.  And we’re starting to see the difference how things are done, and in the quality of skills.  We see Ijuuin still trying very hard to work on a personal level with his new patient, a patient that would much rather be pampered and left alone than follow rules are communicate with a new doctor.  Then we see him working diligently on his suturing skills for surgery, and they’re amazing.  He may not realize it, Ijuuin is starting to stand out, for better and worse.  I don’t doubt that soon there will be a conflict between what he’s been taught, and what his new camp is trying to teach him.

Speaking of the two opposing camps, Gunji has a few quick moments with his rival Asada.  The differences in personality and in their views of Ijuuin become apparent quickly.  Asada is as carefree as ever, even while Gunji patiently goads him about stealing his prized pupil.   Somehow, I think Asada sees something that no one else is seeing.  Perhaps he’s thinking too far ahead for anyone to understand.  Regardless, he’s not worried.

What I am worried about is the subplot about Asada accepting a position at UCLA.  He’s said he’s going to do it, but that was several chapters ago.  This is a big decision!  When’s the manga going to address this?

Umi no Misaki

Chapter 4

Don’t get what’s going on here at all.  Not really much of a change in tone from the last chapter.

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