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DKJ’s Don’t Starve Diary pt3 (Ha! Well Abigail, that went pear-shaped quickly didn’t it?)

My God this game is hard!  And the worst part is that I know exactly what I did wrong every time, but I figure that out too late – every time!  This time around, I literally watched my mistake come to life and kill me!

Hmm, where to start this time around?

Well, playthrough with Wendy ended badly with a brutal murder at the hands of my pig man friend, when a full moon cropped up, and I was wickedly murdered after running around the fire all night long, just before dawn!  An infuriating end to what had been a great run with a character that I was starting to figure out.  It was bad enough I was attacked in the middle of Winter with no support at all, I had other issues to figure out as well.  I had creepy hands show up in the middle of the night and try to steal my fire.  I got the blueprints for, and made a boomerang, but all it did when I tried to use it was have it come back around and hurt me!

No you don’t you perpetually greedy bastard! You need to sit your might ass down and shut up!

To recover, I’ve decided to do two separate playthroughs and see what I could learn through each.  I decided to start a new playthrough with the Wolfgang in the harder Reign of Giants DLC.  I’m under no illusion that I will last very long under those circumstances, but I think I’ll learn a lot.  Then I decided to give Wendy a second shot, since I was really starting to like her, but I felt I had more to learn before I actually understood her mechanics.  I thought the idea of having a ghost that could go and do the murdering for you was pretty cool, plus I did like the company.  Unlike the my pig associates, she’d never turn on me.

Wolfgang’s playthrough started off as, and has stayed a disaster.  Despite his promise of greater strength, I didn’t figure out for awhile that him having a full stomach was his “super mode”, and not optimal for running around in all the time.   And because of that mistake in judgement, I ended up burning through a lot of food, even while the world I was in wasn’t really full of much food where I was located.  I ended up relying on luck to get by for even a short amount of time, as I found the racoon cats in birchnut tree forests and decided to murder them as I came across.  That was the one time where I actually felt the benefits of using Wolfgang, as he made quick work of the animals.  For now, I’m just clinging onto survival in the Reign of Giants areas, hoping to figure out the best way to thrive in a noticeably more aggressive, hostile and inhospitable environment.  I heard there’s a magical flute in these woods that I need to find, and considering that the hounds will be arriving in a few short days, I think I need to find it quickly…

Alright! I got Abigail back! This time things will be different!

For my second playthrough with Wendy, I started by feeling a bit dejected.  I died horribly, and at the edge of setting a new survival record for myself.  The sting wasn’t gone as of yet.  I almost died early on too, as I wasn’t paying attention and accidentally attacked one of the beefalo right in the middle of a herd and was nearly gored to death!  A half dozen of them angrily chased me out of the plains!  I took a break for a few days after that to get my head together, and I think that decision worked out.

After talking with a friend at work about strategies and some of the more basic stuff that I had neglected, I went into Wendy’s second playthrough with a plan.  I had done some exploring, and learned how to get Abigail to come out of her flower consistently.  With the hounds sure to show up soon, I explored and found a pig village just south of where I had set up my primary camp, to the north were plains full of bunnies, to the north  east, a collection of ponds full of annoying, but not terribly dangerous toads, and to the west of course were those beefalo that I incited to nearly kill me.  I had to do some running, but I was able to gather up some decent resources, get Abigail to spawn, and make a pig friend just before the hounds attacked.  When the hounds attacked, I merely ran ahead, bribed the pigs and watched them and Abigail quickly and brutally murder the mere two hounds that came for me.  SUCCESS!

Then something terrible happened, my pig friend turned on me the next night when a full moon streaked across the sky!  Terror ran up my spine, and flashbacks of my horrible previous murder shot through my brain!  But this time I was prepared, as Abigail came to my rescue and murdered that dirty traitor in the woods behind my camp!  It was like an episode of the Walking Dead, and Abigail was my Daryl!

I did try to make a pig friend again, but he too turned when the full moon popped up again the next night.  If it weren’t for Abigail, I may have been day two or three times over already.  Now I need to take the time make another plan for the next two weeks of gameplay.  If I’m gonna survive a full thirty days in this game, I’ve gotta get better.  Wolfgang may or may not last long based on that planning.  But at least I’m somewhat proud of myself for getting a little smarter.



Well, at first camping out outside this pig man’s house seemed like a good idea. A bit dickish, but I was sure we’d work something out.


I thought I was safe. I thought we were friends. Just me, my boomerang and Pig Man. I was for sure I was safe and had a plan…


And then this happened! The son of a bitch turned on me! I ran around that chest all night, unable to gather enough time to pick up my thermal stone and run away from the fire. The bastard caught me when I bumped into the chest.


Holy f*ck! I nicked one of them with an axe and was almost murdered! They may be big and dumb, but they don’t forgive easily!  They chased me for a long time!


NOPE! If you think I’m camping here, you can suck my balls!


For f*ck’s sake! Does it ever stop raining in this forest?!


Take that you traitor! That’s Abigail back there, snuffing out the filth. She took him out to the woods and ended him – Sopranos style.


These hounds picked the wrong little girl to f*ck with!


From now on, things are gonna be different. Aren’t they Abigail?


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