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Check-in Station Dark Edition: Issue #3 (Love means knowing that sometimes you have to pull out)

Issue #3!  Alright, let’s do this!  I gotta say before I start though, some of these pervy series are showing way more heart than I was expecting when I first started reading them.  I guess even while trying to give you a rise, these stories can still teach a lesson.

Here are the manga I’ll be covering in this entry in order:

  • Nana to Kaoru ch66 & 67
  • Yuria 100 Shiki ch56
  • My Lovely Ghost Kana ch17
  • Happy Negative Marriage ch4
  • Liar’s Paradox ch2

Nana to Kaoru

Chapter 66

HA!  I wasn’t expecting that outcome at all!  And this wasn’t a very pervy chapter at all.  Then again, this is taking place at a track meet.  I have no complaints about the good sports drama that had unfolded over these last few chapters.

The whole issue was for this little arc was appreciation and the need to feel appreciated.  Kaoru was feeling unappreciated by Nana, even used.  Tachi was feeling unappreciated by her teammates, though she seemed to be in denial about it, and she didn’t seem to have appreciation for their good will either.  This is for various reasons, but it was nice to see her team captain come through in the end.  And Nana, well she’s a bit spoiled.  A lot of people realy and appreciate her in their own ways, though it seems she forgets to take that extra step to let Kaoru know she appreciates him.  In the end though, this little conflict was nice way to pan things out without a breather.  Though I really was hoping to see Tachi involved in another breather myself, should she have won the bet.

I have no idea where this is going from here, but this is one hell of a feel good chapter so far.

Chapter 67

Man!  It’s been so long since I’ve seen a breather that even I’m getting anxious for one!

It seems the focus is now firmly back in the realm of perviness, and back on the subject of a breather once and for all.  And for all of Tachi’s annoying pushiness, she really does drag the plot along when none of the other participants seem capable of handling the task.  She tries to be the bigger person by telling Kaoru and Nana that she’ll let Nana get the next breather since it was her fault they both flopped out of the race.  Though when the two pensive, yet hesitant lovers are so bluntly confronted with the issue of a breather, neither can allow themselves to admit that it is their desire.  Instead, they fall to that old annoying trope of violently and loudly denying their  desire in such a strong fashion that they appeart to be fighting.

Oh come on!  All these months of risque interludes and now they want to act like none of this is a big deal?!

Tachi sees this as another opportunity to move things along in her favor.  She says that since Nana won’t accept the breather, she’ll take it as a reward for her forfeiture.  Too bad Kaoru’s not going for it.  All is not lost however, as Tachi makes her way into his home after school and convinces him that she’ll be able to get Nana to admit that she needs a breather, alleviating some of his fears.  But in return, she’ll be taking a breather from him.

In the meantime, Nana decides to do one of her friends a favor by sitting her dog while the family is out of town.  Her friend drops the dog off just in time for both of them to see Tachi arriving next door at Kaoru’s apartment, presumably for the breather.

Nice!  Things are getting hot and heavy after all.  AND on top of all that I still get to see Tachi’s nice, well-tanned body in a breather after all.  I still find it painfully silly that at this point Kaoru and Nana are squabbling over their feelings in such an asinine way.  I’ll put it aside for now as just another plot contrivance because I’m happy though.

I think I can see the set up for this next breather.  With Tachi revealing how Kaoru wanted to have Nana begging like a well-trained dog in this chapter, and Nana now babysitting a dog right next door, I’ll be expecting lots of awkward sexual hilarity soon.

Yuria 100 Shiki

Chapter 56

Plot: we need to fool your fiance into not thinking your cheating on her by whipping your dick out.


That is just insanely dumb!  For all the amazing advancements in robotics and A.I. that these dutch wives represent, they’re still dumber than a cat.  Strangely though, this chapter has a dumb, though somewhat romantic and endearing ending.  Yuria is able to lie to Maria about Shunsuke’s erection, saying that it only appeared because of his love and attraction to her.  In the end, he gets to bust a nut, while Yuria tearfully hands Shunsuke over to his fiance and walks away to go hang out with the rest of her dutch wife compatriots.

Weird.  Just weird.

My Lovely Ghost Kana

Chapter 17

Oh my!  This isn’t just a fun and happy pervy chapter.  The narrative feels like it’s getting quite serious.  And I’m getting the feeling that I don’t have much longer to enjoy this manga.

How weird that things would curve this way.  I guess things were just too happy to carry on like this.  Kana and Utako are getting along really, really well.  It’s a wonderful sight, and it evens things out a bit.  While just mainly having Daikichi and Kana around was intimate, it did also feel a bit lonely at times, too.

One of the strange things noticed in this chapter was how pictures could be taken of Kana, and that Kana seems to be much more easily seen  when next to Daikichi.  There’s some talk about electromagnetic waves, but no real explanation is given.  What I read got from most of this chapter was just a really tenuous feeling of happiness and camaraderie between the three vagabonds.  Utako seems to have a real talent and passion for music and song.  It comes through and colors the pages featuring her talents quite well.  This makes it especially weird and harsh when a strange old man shows up to request that she sing her favorite song with all her heart.  She does so, but once done the old man walks straight into her face and tells her to die before walking off.  Yeesh!  Not a great impression to leave on someone, and it unnerves me for some reason, too.  I certainly hope we don’t see anymore of that guy later.  Right now, I kinda want to get answers, but I’m afraid I’m actually going to get what I want here.  The reason for that is that the manga feels like it’s in this almost perfect utopian state right now.  Sure, they’re all living in a crappy run down building, but it’s their home now, they even have lights and running water.  If anything, I’d be afraid some other homeless people would come in and push them out or try to murder them for this prime piece of real estate.

I fear that much like the cast, I’m gonna have to deal with the realization that this can’t go on forever.

Happy Negative Marriage

Chapter 4

While I’m quite glad Akio didn’t take advantage of his drunk date by plopping on a condom and plowing her sore, he’s still a pitiful loser.  and to my surprise, his date seemed that way, too.  Post date, a week has passed by and neither party has contacted the other.  It’s really quite pitiful, and even a bit embarrassing.  Regardless of how the date went though, rumours still swirl around the office regarding that night.  For a while, it really does start to look as though the whole marriage interview really was a bad idea.  The low point was probably seeing one of Keita’s loser single friends gets one of their married coworkers to talk to Keita and get him out of his funk.  But nothing is actually solved until Keita calls Akio.

Overall, not a bad chapter.  There was some sexy perviness at the beginning in the form of a dream sequence, and it is important to show that Keita isn’t just some lucky guy.  He is a loser who has nigh any experience with women, let alone one who is as ridiculously beautiful as Akio.  I’m expecting all the issues with this show to revolve around communication.  It’s par for this type of story and characters.


Usotsuki Paradox (Liar’s Paradox)

Chapter 2

And here I thought Shunsuke was only mildly creepy, and here we have him sexually assaulting the girl she has a crush for.  I really don’t get this manga.  I can’t quite tell what it’s going for, but I do know that what I’m seeing here doesn’t look like a healthy relationship.  If this chick is unsure of her long distance relationship or not, I find it hard to imagine her warming up to him with his randomly aggressive personality.

I could pull the “she had it coming” card, but what he did really isn’t justified by her lie of not wanting to go to some concert.  He caught her in her lie, which is weird and sucks, but I can’t quite tell how he’s handling his feelings towards it.  I guess the best word for his personality is childish, but in a dangerous way.  He sees a woman who has vexed and deceived him, and then he just scares the hell out of her and whips out her boobies.  Hopefully, in upcoming chapters we’ll learn if she happy about this or not.  I will make it clear that I’m not complaining about the boobs being whipped out for all of us to see them.  They are some nice boobs.  I just find it really uncomfortable how this guy who is barely a friend right now can just pull that stunt, knowing that in reality he’d be in deep sh*t for it.

A positive is that we did see a new character this chapter.  Maruetsu was the girl that Hinako used as the excuse of getting out of the concert date.  She’s also the one that informed Shunsuke that she actually spends her time listening to that same band that he knows she likes in her free time.  It makes it a little extra puzzling why she would turn something like that down, knowing that he was so in to such a thing.  Perhaps, she’s just not comfortable with being with him in that environment?  Or perhaps she wanted to be more of a learned fan before she went?  i’m quite unsure at the moment.  i don’t really understand women anyway, and Hinako has done almost nothing to show her true personality up to this point.  I can’t think of more puzzlig relationships than this one; there’s sexual tension all over the place.  And while one character puts their all into understanding the other and trying to get their “partner” to know them, the other just seems to strangely go with the flow.

Recently, My Sister is Unusual

Episode 1

Ah ha!  Surprised ya!  I’m now watching pervy anime, too!  Though I’m not terribly happy about it being an “imouto” series.  I’ve done well to document my hatred of OreImo, so you can tell this kinda pains me.  However, I wanted to try something fairly unknown and recent for my first entry.  Also, I can’t bring myself at the moment to watch another frame of animation from the Ikki Tousen or Queen’s Blade series.  They’re just so BAD!  And even worse, they can be boring as f*ck, too.

I’m starting to believe the whole little sister infatuation has less to do with sex, and more to do with lazy dudes just wanting a wife-like companion to make their lives easier and to look cute and show them affection.  I mean, this is a little awkward but there’s nothing sexu-


That got supernatural and weird real quick, and in a way only Japan could pioneer.  There’s an angel, a chastity belt, possession, lots of saliva and really aggressive groping.  And none of this has anything to do with the brother!  This is great!  Now if someone could just explain all the other weird sh*t going on in this anime.  Why are BOTH parents leaving two teenage step siblings alone for months at a time in a country wear sibling sex is kinda a thing?  Why is an angel showing up randomly and possessing, attempting to murder and sexually assaulting the step sister?  What the f*ck is up with the magical chastity belt and why is it powered by orgasms?!  Why is it that when the step sister is stuck in the bathroom, she just doesn’t tell them she has a stomach ache so they leave her alone until the hour is up? *audible laughter*  None of this makes a lick of sense!  Even for a pervy anime!  I’m short of words after all of this.

Wow!  Just wow!  I can’t wait to watch the second episode of this train-wreck!

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