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DKJ’s Don’t Starve Diary pt2 (harrowing ordeals of my hapless heroine)

Well so much for the feel good part of this playthru. I died! I died hard. After surviving so well for so long, I made a crucial mistake. I knew winter was coming and I failed to do two crucial tasks: I failed to fill the chests near my TWO touchstones with the necessary supplies to keep me alive, or even to acquire resources. There was not chest at either sites to give me tools, or even flint and twigs.  Then I failed to set up a thermal stone before the onset of winter.  By the time I realized my mistake, winter had already set in at full force, and then I was beset by hounds!  Unable to fend them off, I was killed.  My next task after that was to be resurrected – TWICE!  Only to die rather soon afterwards of exposure while scrounging for supplies in the middle of winter.  An incredible first playthrough – DESTROYED!  All my work tossed to the wind in moments.  I’ve learned my lesson, and won’t repeat that mistake again in another playthrough.

My second real test came when I tried the creepy girl who likes darkness.  I believe I’m up to day 17 now in that playthrough, and it’s been a very eventful playthrough so far.  This playthrough had me world, as my world this time was full of flint and other supplies, but scarce on food.  And I was for sure that I would starve to death before my first week.  Luckily, things have panned out rather well up to this point.  I’ve set up two camps that I can reach by road within a day of each other, one is near a wormhole and decent mining rocks, the other near a field full of rabbits a pig village and a large forest.  I was rather lucky in the beginning too, as I was not only able to find Chester, but I got extremely lucky in my first hound attack.  The pigs ended up killing one of the hounds before it even got to me, and the second hound was distracted by Chester, allowing me to kill it with minimal risk.  Top that off with me finding two grass suits, and making a log suit, and I’m ready for combat despite having such a dainty character.

The scariest moment so far of this second major playthrough came when I did some major exploring once through a wormhole near my first camp.  I did major exploring near the northern end of my map, and find myself cornered by some spider nest near the edge of the forest.  After having  somehow come across a keeper of the forest in that corner as I set up a campfire just before night, I was sure I’d die.  Thankfully, it seems the keeper had decided to attack Chester, and my newly found companion Abigail.  Abigail is the creepy girl’s special trait, a ghost that appears from a flower that you keep.  I was a little nervous at first, not knowing if this ghost was hostile and dangerous to me, but it seems she at least served as a worthwhile distraction, and the keeper seemed to leave me alone once she was slain.  Thankfully, she seems to work under the same principals as Chester, where if she’s slain, she’ll eventually come back so long as you have her item, the flower.  My real major screw up was when I decided to try to take down the spider nests in that corner of the forest  by burning it down.  That seriously pissed every spider in that forest off, and it did nothing for my resources, as the spiders that did die were unattainable thanks to the new warrior spiders that were chasing my ass through the burnt out forest.  I was chased for what seemed like miles out of that forest and down a road, and once I was clear I started checking my inventory to see what I had to keep me going through the night, suddenly I realized I had seconds before darkness  would overtake me.  I tried to set up a campfire, but for some reason I wasn’t being allowed to build one on the road I was on! I don’t know if my mouse failed me or I was just to slow, but I had no supplies left to even start a torch in the dark and was murdered by the demons in the darkness!

Furious!  I pounded on my desk in frustration at another blown playthrough of a well supplied character – only to discover that I had found a touchstone that I had forgotten!  Woo-hoo!  A second chance at life!  Thankfully, I had learned my lesson and placed a chest with supplies by my resurrection point!  My new problem was to find a way to go all the way back north and travel those several miles to the spot of my death.  I knew I couldn’t just abandon those supplies, with my sister’s flower and Chester’s eye bone still at that location, I knew I was as good as dead if I didn’t get them back.  On the way back to my second camp to regroup, I came across a wormhole that I had never tried before.  I thought, “why the hell not?”  Maybe I could find something nice to help me fight the angry spiders swarming that forest.  What I got instead was the best surprise ever!  The wormhole actually took me to a spot up north that I had never explored before, and amazingly it wasn’t very far from the spot on the road where I had been slain!

I was home free!  All I had to do was grab my gear and run back through wormhole and to my second camp!  The greatest save of a playthrough, yet!  As I picked up my gear, I discovered that I didn’t have room for a gold nugget, and saw a raw mushroom in my stock that I thought I could use to replenish my health and clear that slot….

GODDAMN that was stupid!  The mushroom made me go insane, and I was only moments from being to the point where the hallucinations I was seeing would start trying to murder me!   I ran north up the road in the hopes that I’d find flowers – any flowers!  After avoiding some patrolling grunt spiders, I found my saviors, a field of flowers for picking and eating!  I was able to gather my sanity and escape back through the wormhole with my hide and everything else intact!

Wow!  I really gotta be more careful!  At the moment, I have to start thinking about how I’m gonna survive the next two weeks.  I’m done with the exploring for now.  I forgot to mention how I found a chest in the swamp with a bunch of blueprints for awesome stuff… INCLUDING A BOOMERANG!  And I didn’t mention my close encounter with mermen, swamp tentacles and a gang of angry Hispanic frogs (I say they’re Latino because not only do they gang up on you and beat you up, but because they STEAL too)!  This should be fun if I’m able to gather myself better next time.  I must prepare for the second dog attack and the eventuality of winter.  Also, I have to figure out how I’m going to best use Abigail’s presence.  I don’t quite understand her benefits or cons aside from the fact that she makes a great distraction.  Well, that’s all for now.  I’m tired.  This game is a hell of a lot of fun, but I’m f*cking tired.

I had no chance in hell of surviving this attack. I knew I was f*cked from the moment they started snarling.


Look at all these f*ckers! There’s four of them! FOUR!


What a disatisfying end to my playthrough. Murdered by dogs, and then double death by hypothermia. I feel like such a f*cking bafoon.


Things were going pretty well up until this point. Abigail had now popped up, and was weirding me the hell out, but at least she wasn’t attacking me. And the first had hound attack had passed at this point.


Then I up and got myself murdered like an idiot in the middle of the woods.


Whew! It felt like a miracle when I made it all the way back here. If it weren’t for that wormhole, I don’t know if I would have ever made it back here.


Kinda tripping balls by this point, but at least I got all my stuff back and I’m alive. I’m gonna have to be more careful next time.

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