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DKJ’s Don’t Starve Diary pt1 (I think I’m getting the hang of this.)

Day 21 of Don’t Starve complete. It’s been a pretty fun few weeks (of in-game time). The first two weeks, I was incredibly nervous, scrounging for resources and just figuring out the game.  At one point, I managed to get three different monsters after my ass.  After that moment, I was sure my playthru was through.  But I’ve taken to this like a duck to water.

The third week, my resources were so good that I did a ridiculous amount of exploring and found an amazing plot with 3 advanced farms, a breezy vest and some nice berry bushes nearby, but the skeleton and the nearby spider nests let me know what happened to the last person who set up shop there.

A bunch of other really fortunate events happened, too. Some penguins showed up and killed the tallbird that had been terrorizing my trip home daily, so I snatched up the spoils of war and cooked them. I found a second touchstone, so that’s a nice bit of double insurance. I found the Metal Potato thing, so that’s two important items found since I already found the Crank thing. And I somehow survived getting lost in a forest of spiders, I’ll probably post the pic of me running away from a half dozen spiders later.

Now that Winter is almost upon me (insert Game of Thrones joke), I have to set some quick goals. I need rabbit ear muffs, I need to find some goddamn beefalo, cause I’ve not found a single one this entire time. I need to find out how you make a bloody heat stone. And I need to make myself a log suit before I’m attacked again.

So far, so good. I kinda like having this little Don’t Starve diary. I suppose I’ll keep it up while I’m still playing.  It’s something a little different, I’m hoping to get a mic and have some of my friends watch me play and give me tips.


Sucks for you, works for me.

Things really did start off well for me. Even the hound attack wasn’t that bad.


Then I started doing stupid sh*t. Like panicking and running deeper and deeper into this forest. F*CK!


And then somehow setting my campsite on fire and burning down a considerable chunk of forest.



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