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Check-in Station Dark Edition: Issue #2

This took longer than I had planned, hell it’s been three months since I last did an update on the pervy manga I’ve been reading.  This post is one of the first steps I’m taking in reviving my blog after the hell that was winter and March.  Hope you guys enjoy this attempt to bring pervy manga back to forefront of my blog.  And if you know of any quality pervy manga, feel free to leave a comment making me aware of it.

Here are the manga I’ll be covering in this entry in order:

  • Nana to Kaoru chapter 64 & 65
  • Yuria 100 Shiki ch55
  • Happy Negative Marriage ch2 & 3
  • My Lovely Ghost Kana ch15 & 16
  • Usotsuki Paradox (Liar’s Paradox) ch0 & 1

Nana to Kaoru

Chapter 64

I love the message this chapter and arc is sending.  It’s basically telling the reader to care just like the story is trying to teach those involved the lesson of caring and showing support.  Tachi’s learning that she does need support and friends, even though she’s going about this in an overly pragmatic and opportunistic way.  Nana is learning the benefit as well, she sees Kaoru cheering Tachi on in public, and she’s learning that perhaps she’d like that public display of support from him, too.  Kaoru perhaps is learning most of all that perhaps he needs to show that he cares as well.  Perhaps, this whole episode will bring everyone together.

Chapter 65

I’ve always been fond of Tachi.  She’s a necessary evil in a way.  Without her, this manga would be much more solitary and subdued.  It’s why I’m glad to see her meddling.  It moves things forward, she has a unique type of agency in the story that allows her leeway and power you don’t see any of the other characters having, and it goes along with her unique perspective.  She’s able to not only participate and view the breathers Nana and Kaoru partake in sometimes, but she’s able to view their situation clearly and honestly from a third person perspective.  And I find it a little sad how she’s basically alone at her school, but also somewhat ignored by Nana and Kaoru, too.

Nana should definitely be considering Tachi as more of a rival than she does now.  I say this not because it is true, but because it’s so easy to perceive it that way from her limited perspective.  Tachi and Kaoru both know where the true love lies.  Kaoru just won’t openly admit it.  Nana is the one that sees her “partner” getting progressively more intimate with a woman who is increasingly becoming her rival on and off the track.  She’s been in breathers, a place no other third party has ever been, she’s eaten Kaoru’s box lunches, and has cheered her on and supported her with massages during this meet.  If Nana doesn’t start getting jealous now, then I don’t know if she’s even capable of jealousy.  She just seems a little too laid back for me at this point.  Tachi’s gonna force a honest reaction out of the both of them one way or another.  That’s why I’m glad that she’s challenged Nana for a chance to participate in a new and very intense (allegedly) breather.  It adds a new dimension to the story when you’re running not only for pride and glory, but orgasms, too.

Yuria 100 Shiki

Chapter 55

Another chapter of Yuria Type 100, another series of stupid problems.  This chapter, Shunsuke is trying to cleanse his worldly desires to prove that he’s worthy and chaste enough to be with Maria – you know, the chick he never spends anytime with.  On top of that, he let’s Yuria tag along… a machine that is designed exclusively to satiate worldly desires.  If the monk or Shunsuke don’t end up blowjob by the end of this chapter I’ll be surprised.


Well that was a surprise!  Yuria just ended up getting herself off instead of attempting to rape anyone with her mouth!  I dare say I’m impressed!  Though the best part about this chapter was seeing the priest mistake Yuria’s post orgasm face for the face of enlightenment.

Happy Negative Marriage

Chapter 2

A cute, though somewhat predictable chapter: this manga at least is making me believe that Akio is f*cking adorable as anything that could be alive.  And if your marriage interview turns into a date at a bar, where you two hang out so long that she falls asleep before last call, then I think you’ve had a successful night.  What I take away from this chapter is that right now, there are two very like minded, but ignorant people trying to connect.  Their brains may not want that connections, but the chemistry is starting to set in.

Chapter 3

This chapter went into very dangerous territory.  Keitarou does the gentlemanly thing of taken a passed out drunk Akio to her hotel room.  But from there he starts getting some desperat, creepy virgin ideas in his head.  The least of those ideas lead to a kiss the good night, the worst idea leads to rape.  And in the back of his head he has to deal with the pressure and words of his friends, along with the very pressure he feels himself from being a virgin at thirty years of age and possibly being the close to the most beautiful woman he’s ever met for only a few more moments.

I’m glad things stopped where they did, because I’ve read manga where things don’t stop there.  And sadly, he only stopped because Akio unconsciously uttered the word “papa” in her drunken sleep.  The thing I most cling to from this chapter is her statement that she feared she’d done “something” again.  What could be that horrible thing she’d done that involves passing out drunk in front of a guy, unless that’s just her problem?

We’re only three chapters in, and know a decent amount about Keitarou, but nothing about Akio herself.  I hope there’s more focus on her past soon, though just getting to see her is good enough for me at the moment.  Akio is almost painfully adorable and hot, and she kinda reminds me of a legal and grown up Tsumugi from K-ON.  I really, really like that.

My Lovely Ghost Kana

Chapter 15

That was quite weird.  So we find out the mysterious woman that Daikichi and Kana found downstairs isn’t a ghost, just someone who is down on her luck.  Her name is Utako Monou, and she pretty much sucks at life.  But with help from Daikichi, she becomes his one human neighbor.  And Daikichi is surprisingly up front with her when he says he has a girlfriend by the name of Kana, who Utako will never see.  Though when Utako finally learns that Kana is a ghost, she’s actually OK with it!

I wonder if things are going to get weird with a new person added to the dynamic.  Already, we’ve seen one of those classic awkward moments where the male and female characters find themselves find themselves in a compromising position.  Then again, much like what I’ve said about Nana to Kaoru, maybe this series will be much more interesting with a third wheel.

Chapter 16

WOW!  And we’re back to one of those heavy sex chapters that I love so much.  I mean Daikichi and Kana really, really look like they’re having great sex!  The sweaty, tight-gripping passionate sex that middle aged ladies that don’t get it very often anymore just dream about!  We don’t get much this chapter outside of that aside from the store owner apparently going to some marriage interview with his parents, and Utako continuing to struggle as a musician out on the street.

I do find it nice that even though Utako can’t see Kana, she believes she’s real all the same.  And Kana really seems to appreciate it.  I also found it intensely interesting how after some of that great sex, Kana makes a statement about how good it feels to be alive.  Now she’s clearly not alive!  She’s dead as can be.  But there’s no attempt by Daikichi to correct her, and I understand why.  She’s clearly dead, but she feels alive when she’s with Daikichi, even when they’re not having sex.  And this brings me to another thing I found interesting this chapter.  While making out with Kana, Daikichi starts having some very dangerous thoughts.  He starts wondering if he can make Kana come back to life, or if he can make it so she never died in the first place.  She’s already in a precarious position as a ghost that Daikichi can physically interact with, but also who knows what could happen that could cause her to fade away permanently?  I’m quite curious to see where this series goes when it comes to Kana.  She can either stay how she is now, pass on to the afterlife, or possibly become human again.  But which choice is truly best for her?  That’s a hard question.
Octave ch9
Girl Friends ch27 & 28

Usotsuki Paradox (Liar’s Paradox)

Chapter 0 (Prelude)

Wow, I almost included this in my AniFriday post!  That would have been a huge no-no.  Still, I’m not mad that I stumbled upon this manga.  Interesting concept of two coworkers getting the hots for each other while the guy handles the girl’s computer problem.  And somehow awkward coworker talk turns into a sexual liaison that almost peaks at doggy-style sex.  WHOA!

Spoiler: that moment at the end when the phone rings and he’s just about gotten her to lift her skirt and take off her panties is a PAINFUL moment!  Seriously!  Any guy that’s been interrupted in that situation knows the pain, shock and sorrow that comes with being cock-blocked right before you get to score.

For a manga, I’ll say that this story did a good job of making me believe that the two parties naturally came to their conclusion.  The girl – no, woman!  She’s clearly a woman.  The woman involved is in a long distance relationship, and though we have no idea of the quality of their relationship, you get the feeling that there’s room for improvement if she’s about to let a coworker hit it just for fixing her computer.  Come to think of it, I don’t buy the whole ridiculous situation of the IT guy staying behind late to fix someone’s PC.  It just seems a little unnecessary when you’re not even working.  Oh well, I’m babbling now.  Let’s see where this series goes from here.

Chapter 1

What a dumb, flawed plan these two have.  They’re basically agreeing to play with fire until one of them gets burned.  Their agreement to be more than friends, but less than lovers sounds like the worst possible deal for the guy.  I don’t know any straight guy that just wants to be friends with a woman he’s sexually attracted to.  It’s usually best to stay away from those situations, but here we see he’s so desperate for her that he’s willing to pull this deal with her, just to get her to stay around a bit longer.  And it says something about her that she’d allow herself to go along with this idea, too.  She must not be happy with the level of intimacy she’s getting from her long distance relationship to agree to courting this dude in the way that she is.  Sure she gets to have the companionship she craves from a guy under what she thinks are her terms, but the guy has already attempted to rip off her clothes and almost rape her twice.  She’s pretty much a moron, though some could argue that she’s just indecisive and has bad judgement, too.

No sex until they’re officially lovers, and they’re weird hybrid relationship gets called off if they find someone else or get uncomfortable?  This dumb deal shouldn’t last two weeks.

In Summation…

My favorite thing this week was very much Nana to Kaoru.  The strange thing is that it feels like it’s been so long since I remember reading a true blue breather that this is starting to feel like a regular manga to me.  The amount of effort that is being put into these characters really makes me love reading each and every page of this series.  I want to see these characters grow, not only up but together.  Yuria 100 Shiki is the same routine.  Sure, different situations and elements are thrown in to spice things up, but nothing actually ever changes.  It’s a very shallow manga that I just keep reading for the humour and the shock value.  If any progress is actually made before the final few chapters, then I’ll be shocked.  My Lovely Ghost Kana is not nearly as deep or well rounded as Nana to Kaoru, but it does fool me at times into thinking that it’s a regular manga with some occult/dark themes to it.  AND THEN THE SEX!  Man!  Before this series, I didn’t even consider ghost sex a possibility, and if the thought ever crossed my mind it was pretty damn gross!  This series makes ghost sex look like the best sh*t ever!  There’s practically no downside to it.  It seems so easy to just believe that a chapter should just be drawn of them having great sex and the writing ‘THE END’ on the last page.  Why the hell would you want to change this life?!  I’d live in a rundown crappy abandoned building if I could have that kind of awesome consequence sex all the time!  The fact that that building has running water only sweetens the deal!  F*ck the losers who have their own harems, Daikichi is the man!

And then the newcomer, Liar’s Paradox – what a dumb, twisted, realistic adult idea.  The funny thing is that I can’t read the woman in this story.  It’s a little scary.  I can’t tell if she’s dumb, indecisive, dissatisfied and playing the field or incredibly good at hiding how devious she is.  The guy is easy to read.  He’s just a desperate loser who has gotten way too into this chick.  I can’t tell if this is the kind of manga that punishes its characters harshly for mistakes, but it feels like it’s going that way.  Honestly, I’d mostly like it to be a manga that focuses on good hot sex.  But then again I have other manga for that should this series flop.

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