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My blog is not dead (again). It’s getting pumped up for a return to action.

Alright, this extended hiatus has gone on for more time than I was hoping.  But I’m planning a real return to action soon.  Starting with a massive update of the manga material I’ve been reading, a hype (and belated) start to the Spring 2014 season, and of course the completion of KILL LA KILL.

I’ve been hit with a quadfecta of disaster with my grandfather passing away last month, the good but stressful news that my family is moving, a close family member being diagnosed with diabetes and a major project coming up at work.  But I won’t let this sideline my attempts to live a healthy, happy and hobby filled life.  I’ll hammer out this anime watching somehow some way.

Here’s the line up of anime from the Spring 2014 season that I’ve committed myself to viewing for at least a few weeks.  Think of this as a slightly late preview of the Spring 2014 season.  Though I’ve never truly done this before, I think it’s fair to those that have kept reading my blog and are kind enough to return to let them know what they can look forward to.

JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure: Stardust Crusaders

Extremely hyped for this one.  I’ve been watching JoJo’s on the low since the very end of 2013, and I’m rewatching Part 2 right now to get better caught up before fully diving into Part 3 (which I’ve already done by watching the first two episodes).  JoJo’s is a strange series that I’ve found to be strangely addictive, viral, weird and almost universally appealing.

The more I watch, the more I understand the love and excitement that so many people have for the series.  It’s genuinely making me wish I’d read the manga 10 years ago when I actually had a chance to do so.  And those OP themes for the show – KICK SO MUCH ASS!  Give it to me!  The shounen battle manga loving blood in me boils for this show!

Knights of Sidonia

I guess I’ve been so out of the loop that I had no idea what was coming this season, nor did I even suspect that this manga would get an anime adaptation.  The series seems too hopelessly dark and twisted, but then again I’ve seen a few production like that crop up lately.

I’m getting an Attack on Titan type of vibe from this manga’s attempt to be a successful series, though I doubt it will have the explosive popularity of its predecessor.  It’s another story about humanity on the brink, though this time it’s about humanity being pushed to brink in the far future and in outer space.  The basis of this show is more based on high technology and genetics, as opposed to Attack on Titan’s old world technology and assumed magic/witchcraft.  Still, it was a damned engrossing read for me.  And it can get just as intense as anything out there.

Now that I’m thinking of it.  If they can give this manga a shot at an anime, maybe they can do the same for the other manga I was reading at the time, Bra Girl.


On second thought, that Nana to Kaoru OVA adaptation was utter sh*t.  I doubt Bra Girl would turn out any better.

Captain Earth

I have no idea what the f*ck this show is about even.  and when I first started hearing people talk about it on Twitter, I kept thinking of the American Captain Planet cartoon, though it seems this show has much more in common with Star Driver than anything else.  And if that’s the case, then I’m all in!  I’d like to think of Star Driver as one of the best mecha/god mecha shows of the past decade, though series like Gundam AGE, Gundam Unicorn and Majestic Prince have really stepped up to challenge it.  I genuinely come into this series with no expectations and only hope to be entertained and get goose bumps from hype.

No Game No Life

I don’t know much about this show, but @Jake_W on Twitter brought it to my attention.  The premise is interesting, it’s another story about humanity being on the brink of extinction.  Though this time humanity is in an alternate dimension where all disputes are decided by games.  It could be a sleeper hit, and though I don’t usually formulate opinions or prejudices based on animation studios, I can at least say that Madhouse will animate the sh*t out of it.

Mekaku City Actors

This show by SHAFT has been vaguely on my radar for awhile as I was tipped off about its story and premise last year.  I haven’t seen the trailers for this, but I’d be interested to see what SHAFT does with this decidedly musical production.

Hitsugi no Chaika

I really, really want to skip this, but it could be depressing or grimdark – and that’s kinda my thing.  I’ll give this suggestion a fair chance I suppose.  Who knows, it might even be a surprisingly upbeat series with nice morals and teachings to go with it.  Lord knows I could go for something that makes me feel better right now.

Black Bullet

Because of the name, that’s it.  I don’t have much hope for it aside from that really.

Other items of note: series that I abruptly stopped watching will for the most part be continued in AniFriday posts.  That means I’m gonna pick Wizard Barristers, Tokyo Ravens, Sakura Trick (if I don’t drop it by the time I get to episode 5), and No-rin (the director is too beloved by me to give up on the show) up for continuation.  Anything I didn’t mention that was already in AniFriday posts is already dead to me.  I’ll just have to move on continue those series at a much later date.

Next, there should be new pervy manga posts coming soon as well.  I’ve found series like Happy Negative Marriage and Liar’s Paradox to be surprisingly interesting, while I’ve also finally put the somewhat infamous Girl Friends series to bed.

Finally, extracurricular stuff like my experiments in food and tea blogging will hopefully pop back up once I’ve moved and regained my sanity.  And I don’t mind having guest bloggers to help me out with material or just for fun.  Whether you want to just do a guest post, have your own thing on this blog or help me out with a series that you also like, all I ask is that you’re a follower on Twitter that I can regularly get a hold of, and that you submit an idea to me first.  I’ve had some questions about help in the past, but they’ve never truly born fruit.  But I’m still very much open to the idea.

Thanks again for reading this and sticking around.  Hopefully I can finish weathering this tough period for now and pick things back up to full speed soon.

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