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KILL LA KILL ep19: face the fear of a world devoid of nudity

If the previous episode was a knockout punch, then this episode is the ref’s countdown to see if the show’s protagonists can get off the mat in time. and by the end of the episode it’s clear that while the battle is not over, the good guys have weak legs and are disoriented. (Sorry, I’ve been watching a lot of Hajime no Ippo lately.)

I started this episode in a really dour mood.  Not only are all my favorite characters getting their asses kicked, but possibly the best character was gobbled up for good when the COVERS monsters caught Mako and ate her!


Then we see that Ryuuko is unconscious from Lady Satsuki blowing up the arena.  Lady Satsuki has been taken hostage and is again being sexually assaulted by her mother.  And the Four Devas and the remains of Nudist Beach are fighting a losing battle in Japan against the COVERS onslaught.  It’s looking pretty bad at the moment.  Things do turn around at the end – sorta.  With the COVERS army engaging Nudist Beach at their final stronghold in Japan, Mako is saved by Ira – who we can confirm 100% shipping status.  They’re totally gonna bone and have weird babies – just you wait!

The episode ends painfully though, as Ryuuko finally awakens, super strong and angry.  She wipes out a large group of COVERS a-holes, but then turns to a happy Senketsu and tells him to piss off!  She says she’ll never ear him again and calls both of them monsters!

She’s really taking this whole end of the world/my mother is the devil situation pretty hard.  Someone get her an ice cream cone or something.

Overall, a pretty sad episode, but a welcome reprieve from the past two.  KILL LA KILL only took less than a full episode to bounce back into the drama and battle.  And it seems now that most all secrets are totally out of the bag.  Matoi  Isshin being proven to be her real father all along.  Lady Satsuki and Ryuuko being sisters.  Ira and Mako being a super weird and cute pair.  And the fact that Lady Satsuki had not only been consolidating power, but protecting those she’d kept under her harsh rule.  The Ultima Uniforms giving the students power and resistance to Life Fiber control.  But no one could foresee the god-like power Ragyou wields.  And speaking of g0d-like, it looks like Ragyou still has some plans for her daughters, and she’s even making a new godrobe more powerful than any of the others for them.  Why?

What I take from this episode is that the show has finally been laid bare.  Once known, this show was never terribly complicated, just really, really weird.  Lady Satsuki and the Four Devas were indeed never the real enemy, and were merely harsh and devoted double agents.  The nobility of all of them really did shine through.  There is nothing more to this episode it seems for now.  The whole show has no choice but to move forward now, likely to a conclusion that will move worlds.

Note: something else I’ve confirmed is that Nonon is a certifiable hotty and sex symbol.  I could feel the undercurrents of this truth coming through via comments on Twitter and the multitude of “interesting” fan art that I’ve seen on G+ and Pixiv.

Note 2: was I the only one that noticed that Mako’s mom was staring super hard at Aikuro’s d*ck?

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