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KILL LA KILL ep17: to violently disagree!

AH AHAHAHA!  Ryuuko wasn’t around for the interactions between Lady Satsuki and her mother.  So I understand her surprise.  But this shouldn’t come as one to anyone who has been viewing so far.  The relationship between Lady Satsuki and Lady Ragyou was so cold, and unfeeling that you just knew she wasn’t going along with what her mother said.  Honnouji Academy is a super serious place, but there’s no doubt they were preparing for war.

Interesting things that occurred this episode include the giant experiment Ragyou  conducted in the episode.  The talk at the beginning of the episode about about Lady Satsuki’s love of tea and her father, Tsumugu’s past and sister and of course the apparent murder of Lady Ragyou.  A woman who apparently finds dressing up like a clown to be the most fabulous and triumphant thing ever.

We seem to be seeing a turn by Lady Satsuki towards the side of good, but then again I’ve always viewed her as a noble character who just was so pragmatic and intimidating, that it was easy to see her as a villain and dictator.  But enough hints were given about her good heart.  She’s incredibly fair, has outstanding judgement and will power, and instills ferocious loyalty amongst those closest to her.  Her Devas, her butler, her tailor all drank with her with full knowledge that they would be participating in the murder of her mother.  It’s a bit strange to say, but that is some beautiful sh*t.  I dare say this scenario almost strikes me as Shakespearean.

And yet before this horrific moment, Lady Satsuki takes the night before to reflect on the memory of her father and the tea that she began drinking back then.  I still can’t figure out what her father means by Junketsu being her wedding dress.  Is her memory off?  At the moment, Junketsu is a vicious parasite that is attempting to rip the life away from her.  What does Junkestsu hold that her father could have considered positive?  How the hell is that thing her wedding dress, and what man (I’m assuming she’s straight, sorry gay people) is waiting for her?  And most, most, MOST importantly – why does she only hold positive memories of her father?  I again make an assumption that he is dead since we don’t see him around, yet his wife practically rules the world.  Is the goodness in him what lives on in Lady Satsuki, inspiring her to fight her fate as a slave to the Life Fibers?  This goes incredibly deep, and it’s the kind of thing I absolutely eat up.

Note: if the tea tasted bitter to her at first, I think the butler’s over-steeping.  I’m just saying…

Since we’re on the subject of family, it seems we finally know what the fuel is that keeps a beast of a warrior like Tsumugu going – his dead older sister.  Like Aikuro, it appears she was there at the beginning with Dr. Matoi.  But an experiment with Life Fibers ripped the life from her.  It’s what fuels him to take off his clothes and fight naked with Nudist Beach, and as is explained in the episode, it’s why he’s so invested in Ryuuko.  He sees his sister in Ryuuko in a way.  I see a sad, but not futile hate running through him for all Life Fibers.  But he’s not insanely far gone in his fervor.

The one really puzzling thing about this episode, aside from the Kiryuuin family dynamics, is  the massive experiment in Ragyou stadium.  If Lady Ragyou initially planned for this experiment to subjugate her victims, then why does Lady Satsuki allow it to happen if her goal is to fight the Life Fibers?  Could it be that she’s changed the experiment to empower the victims to fight the Life Fibers, just as her Devas are able to subjugate the Life Fibers for their own needs?  If so, it’s a brilliant move!

Moving forward, this is clearly the opening moments of a war.  I doubt Lady Ragyou, who is probably 2000% infused with Life Fibers (I’d lose my mind if they actually used that number), is dead.  Not to mention her secretary and tailor are there at the stadium as well.  I think that despite the fact that Nui is a wild card, she’ll still participate in the battle in some way.  It’s likely that she’ll use this as yet another opportunity to attack Ryuuko.  I see oh so much blood in the future episodes of this series – and I can’t wait!

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