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KILL LA KILL ep16: a product of your environment

Well, a new direction is what I was expecting. And it’s what we get.  It’s quite clear that there will be a renewed focus, and it’s not gonna be towards Ryuuko and Senketsu.

What I noticed a lot about this episode was how much more focus there was on Lady Satsuki’s vulnerability.  Junketsu is taking a lot out of her, and the burden either seems to be increasing, or she’s getting weaker due to Junketsu’s constant pressure.  It feels like my thoughts on Junketsu and her being at odds are getting more and more validated.

And speaking of Junketsu, it turns out him and all his kind are aliens!  Well, can’t say I’m too surprised.  This concept  seemed pretty crazy from the beginning.  I can’t for a moment say that this is too stupid or mundane.  It seems just right.  I just find it ridiculous that these aliens decided to instill the love of clothing in humans before deciding to take them over.  Humans have been wearing clothing for over a thousand years by this time.  But I guess  that they were just waiting to conquer humanity at its peak.

This knowledge is revealed twice in this episode.  Once to Ryuuko and Senketsu at the Nudist Beach’s headquarters by Aikuro, and once to Lady Satsuki by her mother.  Ryuuko and Senketsu’s reactions were much more natural.  They both had their periods of shock and disbelief.  But all this has once again only made them stronger.  On the other hand, I think this news clears up Lady Satsuki and Lady Ragyou’s relationship quite well.  Lady Ragyou is far gone, I’m not even sure how much of her is human anymore.  Her open acceptance of these ruthless conquerors makes me question how much her is even there at this point.  It hopefully also explains her super creepy penchant for molesting her daughter.  If the Life Fibers are known for feeding off the nervous system to the point of shorting out their hosts, then I think it’s a reasonable hypothesis that they may have an effect on the host’s brain as well.  Could the Grand Courtier be an example of this?  Is she so well integrated with her life fibers that you can’t tell her and them apart?  The idea of Life Fibers forcibly guiding human evolution from dumb apes to what we are now is kinda stupid to me, but this is a dumb and fun show.  And I still find it pretty disturbing that these things are pretty much extraterrestrial parasites feeding off nervous systems.

With an episode full of exposition and explanation, I’m sure there’s gonna be some big fireworks coming back up again soon.

Note: I’m ignoring this ridiculous stalemate between Tsumugu and Ryuuko.  Nothing is gonna come of this.  They have aliens to murder.

Note 2:  Sorry for the terrible delay in posts.  The real world does not care for or about my hobbies, and at times I don’t care for the real world.  Hopefully I’ll be able to get motivated again and get things back in gear.  I don’t wish for any horrible delays to befall and ruin my coverage of shows, like it has done with Gundam AGE, Lagrange  and others.  KILL LA KILL will be back in full force soon.  I promise.

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