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AniFriday Issue #10 (January 24th, 2014)

Unfortunately, this is going to be a very light week for me.  Had some family issues, and it pretty much kept me from keeping any sort of schedule.  To be fair, just staying in the house was a challenge.  That said, I can’t go without watching or reading anything.

Here are the anime and manga I’ll be covering in order:

  • Wizard Barristers ep2
  • Pupa ep2
  • Naruto ch662
  • One Piece ch735
  • Bleach ch565
  • Teppu ch3

Wizard Barristers

Episode 2

Overall, this show seems splendid.  It just puzzles me why it seems like something stupid has to be added to all of Yasuomi Umetsu’s productions.  The court proceeding are really bad.  The court logic is really bad.  The whole system seems really stupid and flawed.  And that very well may be the whole point, but it really does piss me off.  Especially when it doesn’t really seem like the characters understand how fundamentally terrible the system is.

Click the pic for more.


Episode 2

This will be the last I talk about this show.  I didn’t expect any of my problems with it to be addressed, especially so soon.  But I thought I’d at least give it one more fair shot. There is some background given for the main characters of this story.  The siblings are children of a broken and abusive marriage.  The father would beat the mother, then turn on the children.  A somewhat common story, it doesn’t really change nor explain the fact that the youngest sibling turns into a large man-eating monster of extreme grotesqueness.  Though it does give some insight into the older brother’s marks.  While I imagine the scar on his face may be from his sister, it could very well now be from his abusive dad.  The marks on his arm look like cigarrette burns, so I can only imagine those came from the dad solely, even though it doesn’t confirm or deny him having such a habit.  I do wonder about what it matters to have the show mention that the mom went after younger men, instead of just men, after her divorce.  Again, I can only imagine that being some petty point later on in the show. In the end, it’s my dislike for things like extreme censorship, the show’s format, and the whole IMOUTO trend that really do this in for me.  As a production, this all seems weak and wrong.  This isn’t the worst thing ever, and I’m not rage quitting the show.  There’s no rage to be had for such a short unfeeling production.  I just don’t feel like dedicating my time to something that seems to have no passion or heart behind it.   The animation quality and production style only give me the impression that the people making this don’t care about it, so I certainly won’t start either.


Chapter 662

I’m not even going to address the fact that Naruto and Sasuke are bleeding to death. We know neither is going to die, at least immediately. As much as I love Sarutobi-sensei, there’s no way he’s going to be the saving grace for this chapter. Also, now that I think of it, it kinda sucks that we’ve gotten to see so little of the Third Hokage, and in his old state as well. I would have really liked to see the Great Professor (I’m using all his names right now) in his prime fighting. But I guess I’ll have time to gush about how awesome he and other characters are once the series ends (which feels like it will be really soon). For now, he’s amazingly the only barrier between the wrath of the statue and the rest of the entire worn out Shinobi Alliance. Even after being revitalized, the modern Kage are spent. With only Gaara managing to still even move around and effectively use justsu. The Hokages resurrected through Edo Tensei are also pretty much done, too. That narrows down the fighting force to Orochimaru (YAY) and his crew (formerly Team Hawk, formerly Team Snake), the Sarutobi-sensei (which would make for an awesome reunion between the two), and anyone of the jonin bold enough to assist. It’s pretty damn pitiful to think about. I’m curious to see what sacrifice, if any, can bring back Naruto and Sasuke. The goal seems clear, but impossible to obtain.  It reminds me of those sayings about how the Moon seems so close, but so far. I’m not being eloquent, but you get my point. What really gets me is that we finally see Sasuke’s will to live and change start to come through.  I know he said he was going to do things differently after his trip to Konohagakure, but I think this chapter is where I really started to believe it.  Perhaps I’ll yell at him a little less in chapters to come.

One Piece

Chapter 735

Admiral Fujitora is quite the idealistic man. And I don’t think Donquixote is part of that ideal right now. Fujitora just outright tells him that after this battle, it’s open season on the little puppet master. And it’s not just him, but the entire Shichibukai system! It’s interesting that such a renegade would be made admiral, it must be a sign of how powerful he really is. As for the rest of the chapter, everything is still being teased.  Most of the fluff is being removed and we’re seeing how the arc may finish.  It appears to be pretty clear who will, or at least should, get Ace’s old Devil Fruit.  And I like how Oda set it up to show everyone how and why he merits this prize.  He will earn it in no less than the most trying of circumstances, and with a little set up from Luffy, too.  This “new” Lucy taking Luffy’s place should be an interesting character.  And if he’s as bad ass as I hope (we’ve already met him in the past and should have a sense of his personality), he’s gonna breath awesome new life into this manga.  Not like One Piece is stale at all, mind you.


Chapter 565

Not a bad reveal!  This chapter was nothing but exposition and flashbacks, but I like what Kubo did here.  At first, hearing the story of this child makes you believe that it’s the birth of the Soul King, or some other god.  But what was actually born was a parasite that feeds on the souls and lives of those it touches.  The king of Quincies is literally a soul hungry god that only wishes to feed its immortality through sacrifice. This is also a pretty big reveal to the actual plot and not a flashback.  The purest of Quincy souls is now in Ishida, so he’s definitely no successor.  He’ll simply be another sacrifice, likely a body switch for this beast of destruction.

I’m a bit disappointed.  Despite all my praise, I was hoping to see Rukia get started with her new powers this chapter.  Instead, I’m stuck with the knowledge that this struggle is for nothing more than Juha Bach’s feeding time.


Chapter 3

I like this. There’s a lot of high impact contact in this manga, and it’s done quite well. If I was to take a shot at this series in any way, it would probably be the lack of any story so far, or depth with the characters. We really just get a lot of really strong girls with athletic talent going at each other. Which isn’t bad. It sets a great example, and is a welcome change of pace from other portrayals of female power. There’s pretty much no sexuality in this manga, instead focusing on the female characters and their goals.   I there was an all-female Street Fighter comic, then I’d imagine it would be like this. The problem I’m addressing, is an implied one.  Will this get deeper?  Will this dive not just into the psyche of fighters in combat, but into their minds and motivation in life as well.  I don’t want to be a wet blanket on what is a very well illustrated and exhilarating piece of work.  I’m just stating that I have put high hopes on this manga, and I want it to meet them. Putting that aside, this was another painful to read chapter!  I like how we see that Natsuo isn’t just some unstoppable monster, in the MMA arena (so to speak), she’s absolutely no match for a serious and seasoned opponent, going down (literally) in seconds.  It appears right now that gains her entry into this world, no more.  Her talent and size cannot make up for ignorance, lack of conditioning and arrogance.  So I imagine we’ll see quite a bit of training before she gets into a real match, or that upcoming tournament.  The good thing is that she has at least two shining examples to look at for MMA.  Yuzuko seems to be quite the talented little Japanese prodigy, being quite skilled at takedowns and the “ground and pound” style of combat.  She got Natsuo on to the ground and in to an armbar in no time flat.  Then there’s Ringi, the Brazilian prodigy that is likely the strongest female MMA fighter her age in the world.  She’s openly admitted to not having a great ground game, and knocked out a grown man who was also a seasoned fighter in two strikes.  Clearly, she is a beast at striking.  If Natsuo can’t thrive in this environment, then it just wasn’t meant to be. To further add pressure, her old childhood friend and captain of the karate club, Sanae, is furious with Natsuo for coming into her club while she was away, and beating up one of her fellow students.  Natsuo will not only need to thrive, but need to thrive quickly to not get drowned in this wave of talented feminine fighters. plot-plot-plot

  1. January 24, 2014 at 21:07

    Re: your last 3 sentences for Pupa – that’s it exactly. Even aside from its numerous and profound technical faults, I feel like there’s no love put into this series. I’ve watched far worse shows yet still felt like the creators genuinely cared for it, but with Pupa, it’s like a giant black hole of nothingness as far as that aspect is concerned. I wonder if the censorship battles and doubtless other issues prior to its release finally just made them go, “You know what, fine – here, take it, we don’t give a damn anymore.”

    • January 24, 2014 at 21:15

      It seems sadly, sadly true. And the thing is, even with my dislike for gore on this level, I’d still be able to appreciate this show if it didn’t seem like some pet project by the animators. No – that’s inaccurate, a pet project would have much more love and passion in it than this.

      • January 24, 2014 at 21:40

        It’s more like an ex-pet project. A pet that got sadly dumped and left on the side of the road. Guess it just wasn’t cute enough.

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