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Check-in Station: World Conquest Zvezda Plot ep1 (Good golly, look at that godly loli!)

What in the hell did I just watch?! I can’t even muster a synopsis for this show! It starts off completely mundane and jumps right into bat sh*t nuts! And worst of all, I have to swallow another show with some impossible loli doing impossible things.  Geez, I can’t take this.

Let’s see if I can encapsulate what I just saw.  Asuta Jimon, homeless junior high loser is wandering around some mega city, near starvation.  Runs across a friend from school, she’s super cute and seems to have a familiar voice actress.  Even though she’s only in the episode for about a minute, you can bet we’ll be seeing her again for sure.  Before leaving she  does remind him that there is a curfew and martial law, and in true cartoon style, it takes effect almost immediately upon her disappearance.  Asuta is able to scrounge together some food before  he’s completely screwed though, and wanders the streets as if he’s forgotten about the military enforced curfew.  That is until several APCs (armored personnel carriers) show up  and he’s forced to hide in an alleyway.  That’s when he comes across THAT girl.  You know the one.  The girl that changes everything for that character, his Haruhi if you will.

The poor silver-haired girl seems to have collapsed under the weight of her own hunger, and Asuta selflessly  offers her a choice of one of his meat buns.  ONE!  The girl comes to life, stealing both and then starts babbling nonsense to him about his potential, being the leader of some secret organization named Zvezda (cant’ even pronounce that in my head) and world conquest.  Asuta justifiably thinks her insane, and says as much, too.

They travel for a bit with her again repeating what she said before about being the leader of a secret organization and world conquest being part of her grandest of schemes.  This goes on as the military is off fighting some giant monster in the distance.  Asuta finally accepts her offer upon the promise of conquest and his choice of snacks (funny how she had food on her all along).  The whole time they’re talking and walking though, they’re being watched.

Things turn sour when Asuta hurts insults the girl (who we now know as Kate Hoshimiya) by talking harshly about her goals of world conquest, and about her being a spoiled little girl living in her own little world.  She punches him and takes off, which is only more of a problem for him now.  In his chase to catch up to her (she’s surprisingly fast for a little girl on a tiny bike with training wheels), he’s almost run over by an APC before being saved by some freakishly strong girl dressed up in a mask with a hard hat, trench coat and large katana.  He’s hardly saved though, as she interrogates him for the whereabouts of Kate before he slips away when she turns to greet some other freakishly strong, freakish looking teammate of hers.

Asuta flees through the park, only to run into more trouble.  Attack choppers and tanks converge on the giant monster in the very same park.  And soon its defeated and he finds himself surrounded by the very same soldiers, apparently the little creepy stuffed animal that popped out of the monster is its control device, and he’s holding it.  He runs into another guy who carries the very same gas mask that Kate gave him, but he’s no ally and only wants to flee at any cost.

In the end, it’s Kate who shows up to retrieve her stuffed animal (the whole reason for this ridiculous fiasco) and ends up giving one hell of a crazy speech to the tank soldiers, before transforming into some pint-sized, half-dressed little hero who completely decimates them!

With the military unit before them utterly conquered (“conquer” seems to be a very important word in this series), we see that the freaks spying on them and looking for them are Kate’s allies and subjects.  And the cowardly jerk in the gas mask is to blame for Kate’s stuffed animal romping through the city and causing this chaos.  It looks like they’re resigned to kill him, before turning to Kate who decides it’s best that he go without dinner for the rest of the week.  After that, she turns everyone’s attention to Asuta and introduces him as the newest member of their group.

End of episode.


This ends up being one of the more ridiculous opening episodes I can remember for an anime.  And there are a lot of shows that like to start things with a bang.  The problem is that while it functions as a an opening episode and gets some basic stuff done, I still don’t know sh*t about what’s going on or why!  Worst of all, I don’t even know why I should care!  The world doesn’t necessarily look like it needs conquest.  I don’t see any twisted world, or corruption or chaos either.  It’s literally just things happening, and I’m supposed to find it cool and interesting and want to tune in for the next upcoming episode.  The problem is that I don’t want to see half-dressed lolis conquer the world, or another boring male lead flop and stumble his way through some crazy narrative.

I will be fair to this show in my observations though.  I see the potential in this show.  Some really crazy and creative action could be taking place in this series.  And despite the characters who ally with Kate looking utterly retarded, they do look kinda badass, too.  The music didn’t really catch my ear in any way, but the production for this show is pretty good.  It’s animated quite smoothly and cleanly.  And I do like the character designs even on a generic level.  It’s just that this show strikes me too easily as a show that’s trying too hard.  All I see so far is another over-the-top, wannabe cool action series.  Pardon me for this comparison, but I fell this could be another Asura Cryin.  Just being crazy for crazy’s sake.

This is only one episode though, so I will give it more of a chance.  But every moment I watch this, I’m thinking that I may be better served spending that time finishing Kyousogiga or some other bombastic series that I like aside from this one.

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