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Space Battleship Yamato 2199 ep3: I feel a cross-breeze on the surface of Jupiter

Heh, I couldn’t be happier to see this show take its first steps into space. The animation, the music, the sci-fi; it all speaks to me so clearly and loudly to me.

With the Yamato now in space, basic steps need to be taken, and taken quickly. Humanity has Pandora’s Box in their hands at the moment, and it can’t waste anytime finding out what’s inside. With humanity’s extinction literally on a timer, the decision is made to test out the Wave Motion Engine and its travel and defense capabilities.

The first order of business is to see if the new alien engine can even help them achieve their goal in the first place. With the alien destination so far away, the proposed use of the engine to achieve warp travel is humanities only hope for salvation. If it fails, humanity will merely be forced to live out its last days on the Yamato, as it dies out. And that’s if the aggressive aliens don’t destroy the space battleship their selves. The crew quickly preps for their first short warp travel flight. No one has time to complain about them playing with fire.

The test works and malfunctions at the same time, as the ship achieves warp travel safely, but inexplicably ends up dangerously close to Jupiter. The ship is quickly dragged in its weakened and drained state into the planet itself. On the way down, the crew spy a floating continent and make a controlled crash landing into it. The crew is quickly put to work getting the wave motion engine back online, while also taking stock of their situation on this strange floating continent.

It doesn’t take long for the their nemesis army to take note of their location and send in several ships to blow it away.  While the aliens find it strange that the Yamato was able to pop up on Jupiter the way they did, they don’t have any fear that the “primitive” ship will be able to hurt them.  They couldn’t be more wrong, as the Yamato is able to easily rip through all of their ships.

With the battle quickly over, Captain Okita now commands the crew to prepare the Wave Motion Gun for fire.  While some object, it’s unmistakable truth that firing on the enemy base would be the perfect test for the massive weapon.  The ship is quickly prepped for another massive test as it gets a safe distance away from the floating continent and fires.  The base and the continent is utter decimated, leaving nothing behind.  There’s nothing left for the crew to do now but ponder the destructive power of what they now possess.  Is it a good thing that they are given this much destructive power?  There isn’t time to ponder that really.  There’s only a year left to meet their goal.  They’ll just have to keep moving.

End of episode.

I’m just in a joyous mood after watching that very simple episode.  There’s been no dip in quality whatsoever.  I can hardly muster a complaint, as I’m left just wanting more and deeper content.  If there’s any flaws, it’s in the enemy alien’s complacency.  While I am disappointed to see how human they look, it at least isn’t hard to identify with them.  It appears that they’re so close to total victory that they don’t care much for human threats.  And they have every reason to feel that way.  The Yamato is a colossal and impossible jump for humanity to make alone and in secret.  This surprise advantage is sure to fade away now that the Yamato has shown itself capable of at least limited warp travel, downing their ships and vaporizing a continent.  If the Yamato isn’t the biggest, most pressing priority for these aliens by the next episode then I will be shocked.

On the human side, everything is still progressing in a very general direction.  This large cast of characters really hasn’t gotten a chance for their own individual moments yet.  We’re honestly still deep into the introductory phase with them right now.  Though I imagine it won’t be long before we move past that point to something more intimate as individual missions and goals will start to pop up on this long  and dangerous journey.

This is again another good episode and step forward.  I’m impressed by the visuals for this show.  The test of warp travel just looked serene, yet spectacular at the same time.  And it was just awe-inspiring to see the Yamato dip into the atmosphere of Jupiter.  I’m a pretty big geek for space, so seeing the Yamato travel to different planets is the “bee’s knees” for me.  The more science they give me in my scifi the better.

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