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Space Battleship Yamato 2199 ep2: leaving a hopeless past for a hopeful future

Cool. I’m glad I understand the purpose of so much of the material seen in the first episode. It looks like in this case that humanity has to deal with antagonistic aliens along with a separate race or factions of alien benefactors. Though it appears that the only thing they could do to help the humans is give them a piece of compatible equipment to allow them interstellar travel and some directions for a meetup on their home world.

The purpose of the mission will now be to a massive ship (the titular Yamato) with its crew of 360,000 crew the many light years to the alien home world. No doubt, they’ll be fighting their way there the whole time. While that goes on, we’ll have plenty of interpersonal drama I’m sure. The cast will learn to loathe each other in the most subtle ways on this long voyage, I’m sure. And it’s a given to anyone who has watched a decent space opera series that everyone won’t be returning. Hell, even the captain already has a terminal condition.

All I have to worry about now is keeping track of this soon to be massive cast of well animated characters. My god the women in this show are so hot! Yuki and Akira are stunners! Dude! *ahem*

Then there’s best buds Daisuke and Susumu; Susumu surely having a lot of hang ups and personnel problems with him being such a young high ranking officer.  Not to mention his brother being the hero and captain of the ship that saved most of Earth’s remaining fleet last episode.

Something that I am really appreciating so far in this show too, is a real adult sense of subtlety.  It’s clear that Saburo punched Susumu and Daisuke, but they only show the after affects of that confrontation.  I want a show to speak to me like this.  Show me just enough that I get something if I pay attention.  You as a storyteller don’t have to take the narrative of route of asking me if I got something after every event.  Have the emotions come across and move on.  If anything lingers, let it be the character’s attitude and emotions, not the actual event itself.

All that said, I can’t wait for this show to move on to more bad ass space combat.  The dire situation mixed with this show’s stellar production values really seem to be up my alley.  I’ll happily be making this a weekly posting on AniFriday.  Look for the rest of my posts on that show there for the foreseeable future, starting with this Friday.

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