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Chu2koi ep6: the importance of a man’s feelings versus the importance of his responsibilities

I had completely forgotten how plain good and funny this show was. It makes it all the more embarrassing that I would put this show down for as long as I did. Couple that with how gorgeous the show looks, and it should be easy to finish this series and catch up with its sequel.

The set up for this episode is pretty simple and has a huge pay off.  Along with the usual shenanigans of the club, Yuuta now has to deal with his buddy Makoto. Apparently, the guitar playing fool has gotten himself a secret admirer. He approaches Yuuta with the love letter, asking for his advice. Yuuta responds with a very cynical and warranted set of questions. He wants to make sure his friend isn’t getting set up for massive embarrassment. And when it appears that he’s in the clear, he makes up his mind to prepare for the proposed rendezvous that upcoming Saturday. Too bad his youthful exuberance lead him to dropping a notebook at the train station that had the beauty rankings of all the girls in class in it. Those contents are found and quickly brought to the attention of the class the next day. This brings about a massive crisis for the boys of the class, as it’s implied (and probably true) that they all had a hand in creating it.  Of course, Shinka is right there to lead the hunt for the culprits responsible.

For some insane reason, Makoto decides to “fall on the sword” for the rest of the guys, and confesses to solely putting together the ranking of girls. He even states that he’ll take responsibility and punish himself for the transgression by shaving his head bald. This is highly overdramatic, and it’s no surprise that even the teacher finds this to be going too far. Makoto tries to weasel out of it saying that he was just stating that he was willing to perform the act, so he shouldn’t have to actually do it. Shinka steps in though and tells him that that’s not the case at all. The girls don’t believe his words, and will look down on him for backing out of it. Makoto is now forced into a very hard spot, as he’s cherished his hair ever since he grew it out. In the end, Makoto tearfully has no choice and is shaved bald, to the great laughter and entertainment of all that see him. Even after Yuuta personally shaves him and tells everyone not to laugh.

The day of Makoto’s rendezvous finally arrives, but the girl who sent him the letter never arrives. Instead, Makoto is stampeded by the entire male class, as they revere him and lift him up high, much to his bittersweet and tearful joy. Makoto can’t help by cry inside at the great irony of gaining the respect and love of his guy friends, at the expense of meeting one girl who genuinely liked him. It’s very much like finding mounds of food, when you were really hoping for gold. This may be better for him in the long run, but he’ll never realize that. Things do take an upbeat turn though, as he sits by Shinka at school the next week wondering if she knew who actually sent the letter. The nap queen herself, Kumin comes around, unable to resist touching his smooth, clean bald head. I fear Makoto may never grow his hair out again.

End of episode.

What a fun and funny episode!  It perfectly brought me back into this show’s world!  On top of Makoto’s hilarious situation, we see Shinka again being haunted and taunted by Sanae; who still doesn’t believe she’s the real Mori Summers.  If I had a chance to make an end of year list, I surely would have given Shinka a nomination for villain of the year.  She’s so two-faced, ruthless and embittered that every scene of her becomes instantly entertaining.  To have a complete idiot like Sanae opposing and at times besting her actually makes me giddy with joy.  Their relationship is the stuff that made Looney Tunes shorts so good.

Getting back to Makoto’s situation, it’s the stuff parables are made of.  Here we see the shallow and clueless Makoto going nuts in the beginning because of his pure happiness over having a female admirer.  And it’s completely understandable as a guy, too.  Something like that can make your day or even your year in school.  It’s the true embodiment of potential in youth.  A love letter symbolizes unlimited possibilities to the person sending it and receiving it.  Though the experience is usually far more positive for the recipient than the writer.  The writer has to worry about rejection and exposure.  They have to worry about the person they admire not accepting them based on looks or reputation, or in the worst case scenario they have to worry about that person taking their heartfelt feelings and making fun of them to the world at large.

This vulnerable position is why people are so love shy, or pessimistic towards the idea.  People get burned badly in these situations.  That’s why I found it amazingly realistic and prudent for Yuuta to ask Makoto those critical questions.  I’ve actually been on both ends of this situation.  And I’ve been burned badly, in the case where the rouse was perpetuated by a guy and a girl working together.  I got over it, even though a friend of mine wanting me to let him find someone to beat them up.  I may have been the bigger man in that moment, but I do hope both of them are dead or at least have herpes right now.  Yeah, bitter youthful memories die hard.  Moving on, I love how this episode took those feelings that Makoto had and played with them, but in not too harsh a way.  I like that this episode had a unexpectedly positive ending.  Makoto may have gone into the crisis with incredibly selfish and egotistical feelings and motivations, but he did end up doing a great thing for his friends while still getting some of that female attention he so desperately craves.

What a fun time this episode was.  It really gave me a lot to talk and think about.  I rarely say this, but this episode was so good, that I think I would recommend it “cold” to someone to watch.  That’s right, I would take this strange and embarrassing show and have someone who doesn’t watch much anime, or any and try it on them.  It’s that much fun.  I’m worried that I won’t be able to catch up to the second season of Chu2koi in time if I keep being this much of a chatterbox about the show.  Expect the rest of these posts to be on AniFriday posts from now on.  That is if I don’t make most of them long and involved like this one.  No guarantees on that though.

Note: as an aside, I never understood what the big deal was with the ranking of girls anyway.  Can’t the guy just get scolded by the girls and they move on?  This whole situation seemed way too dramatic to me.  Maybe it’s a cultural thing that I’m overlooking.

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