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DKJ’s 2014 Resolutions

It’s rare that I do posts that are personal. Generally, I feel that my “writer’s voice” should give you enough of an insight into what I feel and how I am as a person. But I also can’t deny that getting a little personal can add to the intimacy and entertainment. So here I am, committing to something before all of you now. I’m giving you my New Year’s Resolutions for 2014. Now what I’m writing isn’t just a bunch of the generic “must lose weight/stop smoking/stop telling others to f*ck off” garbage. And some of this will be properly filled with anime related material. I really do jump into the new year with high hopes for myself and those around me.

Now I did consider adding some incentive to these tasks by making a pact with Satan to give me the proper discipline and motivation to complete all these tasks, or I’d have to give up my first born, or promising baby Jesus that I’d give up the hot black lesbian pr0n to guarantee my success. But in the end I said f*ck it. I’m a man! And a man has to gather his own faculties and guts to complete his own tasks and handle his problems. Besides, this works better for my sex life and the health and safety of my daughter’s soul as well. And also I figured that all of this would be well worth it if in a year I came back and said I f*cked up, just to give you guys a chance to laugh at me.

Anyway, without further faffing about – here are my resolutions!

1. Be less of a racist a-hole.

Hmmmm, I thought about this one and said never mind. I can’t imagine going through life without making fun of white people (I called someone’s choice of Christmas songs this year “creamy white”); Mexicans (I once said they were mad at Tex-Mex for having tasty cheese on their food, while they seasoned theirs with peppers and dirt); black people (still don’t trust them with money or housing); Puerto Ricans (they learn to shank the moment they’re born); the Japanese (for their love of weird comedy AND pr0n); and anyone else. It’s just the way I am, it’s just the way I roll. It would be like telling me I can’t put Tabasco sauce on my food. I don’t want life without the spice.

2. Catch up on unfortunately left behind anime.

OK, I’m gonna be fair here and give you a list of what I plan on knocking out of my massive backlog in 2014.

  • Silver Spoon: I feel like such a flaming liar, especially for this show.  I’ve said since the end of FULLMETAL ALCHEMIST: BROTHERHOOD that I would watch anything else that Arakawa made.  She’s earned it!  Yet here I am, a total sh*t lord who has not yet watched f*cking Silver Spoon!  Why?  I don’t kn0w!  Every time I think about it, I scream “WHY?!?!?!” up to the heavens myself!  It may be because the Summer season that it debuted in was so unexpectedly packed with awesome, fun anime that it just got buried in the shuffle.  Early on, I heard quite a few people talk negatively, or ambivalently about the show and its setting.  I let that affect me, and I hesitated long enough that by the time I had an opening to really watch it, it was already painfully too far in the season for me to catch up.  Have mercy on me anime world – I WILL MAKE UP FOR THIS!
  • Railgun S: it’s not like I didn’t try to watch this show, I did and I loved what I saw.  I watched half the show – again, the quality of anime was so unexpectedly high this year, another quality show that I personally had a lot of investment in got lost.  This is one of the drawbacks to my blogging habit that I’ve picked up.  Instead of marathoning a sh*t load of episodes to catch up with any and everything like I used to, feel like every episode needs in depth analysis and a keen eye.  NO!  This is f*cking Railgun!  I watch this to see cute girls fight in a f*cked up X-Men like world where cool things like magic and science literally collide!  There’s nothing terribly deep about this show, and if there is Index will ruin it!  Speaking of which, I really need to watch Index II…
  • Chihayafuru: I barely even know what this show is about!  In my head I think it’s a cross between Yu-Gi-Oh and some high school sports drama.  For some reason, it’s held in extremely high acclaim on the levels of other series that I’ve been told I have to watch or finish watching.  The praise cannot be ignored.  And since my creed as an anime fan, and in life in general, has been to strive for diversity and variety, I’m choosing this series as my challenge in that regard.  And hopefully when I finally do tackle this show, I’ll be far stronger an anime fan for it.
  • The World God Only Knows S3: again!  Another series that I say I love, but don’t take the time to watch.  When I first read Kami Nomi (as it’s popularly nicknamed), I fell in love with the combination of romance, nerd humor, somewhat biblical fantasy, and the mystery behind it.  It’s one of my favorite manga, so when the anime was announced a few years back  I thought it was a dream come true.  Unfortunately, my viewings of the anime have been a sporadic thing that I usually undertake in long marathon sessions with my wife.  For me it’s just a good couples watch (if you can find a woman/dude willing to sit through it with you).  I don’t much cover Kami Nomi on my blog, but I’m going to watch it with tears of joy at some point.
  • Kyousougiga: like Gatchaman Crowds and Tamako Market, this is one of those shows that the aniblog community just loved this year.  And after watching the first episode I can see why.  This show is just bursting with energy, beauty, creativity and it seems to be something dense with imagery and hidden meaning.  I’m hoping this show can not only be covered on this blog, but that I can get my wife hopefully to watch it with me, despite our busy and opposing schedules.  What can I say?  I see magic in this one.
  • Chuunibyou demo Koi ga Shitai! & Binbougami-ga!: I had really high hopes for Binbougami-ga!, yet I don’t know why things stopped.  Perhaps it was my busy schedule, or the massive amounts of anime I started covering episodically in the Spring and Summer seasons.  Regardless, that and Chu2koi got stopped hard when it came to my coverage of them.  Binbougami-ga! was a legacy watch from the start, it had long been completed long ago, Chu2koi was a recent finish.  I found both series entertaining and going in interesting directions, so I sincerely hope they don’t disappoint when I get back to them.
  • Samurai Flamenco:  hmmm, this show was already Noitamina darling among anibloggers and fans from the beginning of this season, and like Psycho Pass earlier in 2013, it has taken an unexpected and thought-provoking turn.  I’m just hoping that by the time I get around to watching this, it hasn’t completely deflated in hype or quality.
  • Vividred Operation, Senran Kagura, Samurai Bride and Free!: some of my favorite and more popular posts here are my pervy posts, and those sorts of posts have been declining quite a bit with time.  Mind you, I don’t do these for click bait.  I genuinely like to cover these types of shows not just from a visual aspect, but I do think these shows need real analytical coverage, and can produce some unexpected gems.Vividred Operation seemed to be a quality and exciting mahou shoujo series, that I wish I could have finished proper before I was forced to trim my viewing queue.  Senran Kagura is utter crap, and I doubt the show improved one damn bit since I dropped it three episodes in, yet it still does have some impressive animation, plus I’m sure I could have a hell of a lot of fun poking fun at it.  Sometimes people enjoy a good mean tear down of a property, too.  Samurai Bride is another crap show with amazing visuals.  There’s also the problem that I love the character designs way too much to just ignore the show or its prequels.  Unlike Queen’s Blade, I think there’s actually a small chance I could finish this series if I buckle down.  Free! is such a unique property and success from a studio that anime community loves and hates passionately.  If I’m going to have something pervy on my blog, I wish it to be for everyone, the men, the women, the straights and the gays.  And who knows, maybe there will be a quality show under- NO!  NO!  NO!  Even I can’t trick myself into believe this at its very best is going to be nothing more than forgettable fluff!  What the hell have I committed myself to?  This is going to kill me!It’s my sincerest hope that like AniFriday, I can dedicate a weekly – maybe monthly post to pervy anime and manga.  It’d only be fair.  Plus I’m sure people wouldn’t mind if the Pervy Images of the Week came back.
  • Yamato 2199 & JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure:  before you leap through my wall and scream at me about how I’m a moron for ignoring two of the best properties of 2013 (arguably of course), know that I have watched a couple episode of 2199, and I have wave watched up to episode 14 of JoJo’s!  I’m not ignoring them!  And I really do want to watch them!  I have no excuse!  Just give me time!  Marathoning Hunter X Hunter on Mondays doesn’t leave me a lot of time to watch other sh*t!  And I dare one of you bastards to tell me put down Hunter X Hunter!  You will be murdered!  Not by me, by the rest of the rabid fanbase that has suffered through this franchises many hard times.

3. Get more involved in the aniblog community.

I know I’ve been invited by JoeAnimated to visit his podcast, and I feel like a sh*t for never going.  My work schedule however, does not make it easy for me to work with others.  The fact that I have a weird work schedule, two very active and demanding kids and WAY too many hobbies makes it hard for me to not be selfish and merely focus on me and my priorities.  I’ve made it a goal to try and get on a podcast ONCE this year.  This is probably one of my most timid resolutions, but it’s only because it’s so hard and far out of my control.  Also, if I could get a guest or assistant blogger to come in from time to time that would be awesome too.  I’ve tried reaching out to some talented friends, but unfortunately they don’t see the value in it.

It’s sad because I really love the idea of collaborating or helping someone.  It’s too bad that it’s the biggest hurdle I have in aniblogging.  I just sit back and wonder sometimes about how awesome it would be if I just had to worry about one or two posts for myself a week, and then I would just worry about getting the screenshots and doing all the presentation for everyone else’s material after that.

Yeah, if this resolution would come true, it’d be pretty satisfying.

4.  Work on my tea game.

And by “tea game”, I don’t mean an actual game about tea.  I mean work on my mastery of making and tasting tea.  2013 was the year where I decided to dial back heavily on the coffee, especially late at night.  What happened was when I would drink coffee early in the morning at my job, I would feel like absolute death later in the day.  Coupled with my ongoing health problem, I figured it’d be best if lowered my caffeine intake significantly.  So ever since I discovered quality loose leaf tea, and my awesome new little tea pots, I’ve been happily enjoying tea at home and at work.  It’s also a pretty cool coincidence that my super health conscious sister is also up on her tea game.  It may behoove me to get her advice on this subject.

Regardless, I’ve bought a book on tea, been trying and logging different teas and ways of preparing them, and I’ve even convinced other family to join me.  I’ve even considered adding tea to this blog.  Considering my love of anime and Japanese culture, and their love of tea also, it’d seem only natural.

5.  Start playing all the Zelda games with my wife.

When I mean all, I do mean only the major and good ones.  My wife and I have had an ongoing debate about what the best Zelda games are for awhile.  Also, for the past few Zelda games, my wife has had a habit of beating those game before me – royally pissing me off in the process.  She’s a huge fan of Wind Waker, a Link to the Past, Twilight Princess, Four Swords and even Skyward Sword.  I have a almost religious love of Ocarina of Time and Twilight Princess.  I cannot stand Skyward Sword, was one of those fans who loathed Wind Waker’s art style (though my opinion has changed completely over time).  About the only thing we see eye to eye on totally is Twilight Princess ( I miss Midna).

Our hope is to start playing Ocarina of Time together, and then working our way through the other Zelda games until we get A Link Between Worlds (which I really, really want to play).  A Link to the Past isn’t on the list, but we do have it on virtual console, so we may try it.  I am NEVER playing Zelda II again though.  Too many bad memories from my childhood.  Whoa!

6.  Brony harder!

I don’t know exactly when it happened, but for a long time I just have not given a f*ck about what other people think of me.  I suppose I’ve mentally blocked out the trauma that caused this way of thinking.  So once I finally accepted My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic as a good show, I couldn’t stop loving it.  To be honest, I would already have MLP on this blog if I didn’t know that there was already so much coverage of this show in blog and vlog form.

As for what bronying harder actual means, I don’t know.  Maybe it just means leaving a Pinkie Pie (best pony) vinyl figure on my desk at work or some other crazy thing.

7.  Learn to Run.

Coupled with my health problems and my inconvenient work schedule,  my cardio aint’ so great.  I’ve always hated running, I’ve never been good at it in any form at any time.  But there was a time when I could do 2 to 5 miles, at least.  I need to take my health more seriously.  And mastering this is the biggest step to doing so.  I owe it to myself and my family.

8.  Pay off college loans.

Anyone out of college can understand this is they weren’t given a full ride in scholarships or had a trust fun.  Money must be paid back, and I am almost done doing it!  And when that happens, best believe I’m going to lose my f*cking mind and drink enough Crown Royale to float a boat!

9.  Be a better writer.

Vague as hell, huh?

Like many of you bloggers, I’ve written fiction.  And like many of you, those works will never see the light of day, literally.  And they sure as hell won’t be brought to human eyes other than my own.  And while we’re on the subject, if I died today I’d make sure my wife would burn all that material immediately.  If I’m going to progress as a writer, it won’t be with that crap.  It will be done where I’m most comfortable here.  Yes here, a nonsensically public place.  And where does this idiotic train of thought come from?  This goes back to me buying and reading books.  I have a book on grammar at home right now that I’ve read like three chapters of.  And though I’ve not finished this book yet, if someone were to look carefully they’d see very subtle changes to how I’ve done things.  I’m sure there are still plenty of mistakes, but the point is that I want to learn, and am trying to learn.  I want to progress not just physically, but mentally and creatively.  I wish to do this to keep my mind active and growing.  I do this to keep the love, passion and knowledge of anime alive.  And I do this because it makes me happy.  And hopefully I’ll be accomplishing those goals in 2014.  Thanks for reading!

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  1. December 28, 2013 at 09:39

    I completely understand the whole time thing. This fall has been brutal for me at work. And when I get home after being gone for 2 or 3 weeks, I barely have time beyond just spending it with the wife and kids. But the offer still stands. When things settle down for me, and you get some time, we’ll do a podcast together and make some magic happen!

    • December 29, 2013 at 03:52

      oh yeah, I’ve read your tweets. Glad to hear that you’re getting back on the horse. I’ll be trying my best to check out and participate in the podcasts. And I’m looking forward to us finally working something out.

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