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I implore you guys to check my associate, Predederva’s anime review of Spiral, an under-rated and mostly forgotten TV series from the early 2000’s. He does an excellent job of pointing out the benefits of looking past the curse of a production with crap animation to find an interesting, thoughtful and entertaining series.

Prede's Anime Reviews

Some anime skimp out on the plot, characters, and themes and try to get away with just spending all their money on top notch animation and beautiful artwork. The powers that be think they can get away with this, perhaps only by the skin of their teeth, if at least the production values shine. They hope that audience will be so enticed and overwhelmed that they won’t notice the anime is missing key components. Sometimes they do succeed with this underhanded technique. The opposite is also true; there are dozens of examples of anime with brilliant ideas, characters, or concepts that just can’t seem to get a good budget. These anime sadly end up looking very unpolished, but still manage to tell an excellent story. Spiral is one such example.  Looks are not everything; in fact I’d argue they’re one of the least important aspects to telling a good story.

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  1. December 14, 2013 at 12:29

    Thank you so very very much for both your kind words, and your advertising of my review on your site! You’re the man!

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