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Wanna Be The Strongest ep10: b*tch you coming home!

Sakura just can’t stop being a target, or the center of attention. Her upcoming match with Blue Panther catching all the highlights in the Japanese wrestling world (of women). The reporters are in such a fevered pitch, that they don’t even care to ask about Moe’s debut match against her mentor. They may have been missing out on a great story though, because Moe has shown that she has a lot of talent. How will she fair in her rookie debut?

Well at first glance, she’s doing really well! She goes right into form, pummeling Sakura with single strikes, demonstrating her well known karate prowess. And then she goes right into an octopus hold, a signature hold of her grandfather’s. It seems that she’s already melding her skills together quite well. Meanwhile, Sakura looks to be falling back into her loser tendencies, and seems to have a hard time adjusting to her apprentice’s style and ferocity.

During this pummeling, Sakura remembers a conversation she and Moe were having while the reporters were around. Moe expressed some hesitance and fear about her pro debut, knowing that once she does so, she’ll be officially leaving the world of karate for good. She wants to know if Sakura ever regretted leaving her idol lifestyle. Though in keeping with how their relationship has been going, Moe answers her own question before Sakura can say anything. It really makes me wonder what the hell was the point of Moe bringing up this conversation in the first place.

Getting back to the match, Sakura begins to notice that Moe’s breakneck pace has started to wear her down. This allows Sakura to go on the offensive, tackling Moe and running her through with a series of painful holds and slams. Moe’s stamina isn’t nearly enough to threaten Sakura now, and she looks to be done for. But each time she’s pinned, Moe defiantly breaks free. Sakura figures this is time to finish her off, but hesitates due to her fear of using such a strong move as the Sakura Special on a complete rookie. But her hesitance allows Moe the opportunity to gather herself and mount a vicious counter counter attack. All that is halted though when Sakura does finally unleash her special move.

Match. Over.

The next day it’s back to training as the other members of Berserk do their best to help Sakura prepare for her all or nothing match against Blue Panther. Toyoda has already given everyone the scouting report on Blue Panther, her actual identity and ranking. It seems when Blue Panther wrestled under her real name or Juri, she was ranked even higher than Toyoda. They even started at the same gym. Toyoda even goes as far as to call her her greatest rival. It’s all certainly not something that eases Sakura’s mind, but she stays steadfastly mentally prepared. After all, all she can do is do her best.

Events then transition over to the idol world, as we see Sweet Diva is taking off in popularity and success and is about to go on a world tour.  Still, Elena, Sweet Diva’s center vocalist is not happy.  Despite her success, she clearly misses having Sakura around, even if she was her biggest rival and roadblock.

*cue training montage!*

The day of the match finally arrives.  And though Sakura doesn’t show it, everyone else at least is nervous for her.  After all, the loser of this next match retires from wrestling for good!  And at this point, I’m personally puzzled and trying to figure out how Sakura possibly escapes from this situation.  But with the entrance of Blue Panther into the ring, we quickly learn what everything is all about.  Blue Panther actually walks up to Sakura before the match begins and unmasks.  The person under the mask isn’t Juri!  It’s ELENA!!

End of episode.

Ah hahahahahaaa!  I don’t believe it!  I can’t believe it!  This pitiful little show actually managed to pull off a good surprise twist!  And I can’t even say it’s crazy or doesn’t make any sense!  The clues were oh so subtly there, I just didn’t see it until the very very moment it happened.  The whole time Elena had been leading her idol group AND training to beat Sakura.  This was the whole reason she was attacking other young Berserk wrestlers, and the reason Blue Panther so was so very adamant about kicking Sakura out of wrestling.  All she wanted to do was force Sakura back into the idol world.  It’s adorable!  Elena just wants her friend back!  I gotta give her credit for not giving up on her now creepy obsession.  Elena’s all like,


All teasing aside, this makes sense (sort of) and I’m impressed at how well hidden this was.  Everyone was fooled by Juri’s lie that she was Blue Panther.  The only reason Blue Panther reminded Toyoda of Juri was because Juri trained Elena.  I will admit, the end of this episode left me thoroughly entertained!  *claps slowly*

As for the rest of the episode, which was basically Sakura’s fight with Moe, it wasn’t bad.  I liked how we saw the drawbacks of being an unseasoned rookie wrestler, and we see how Sakura has progressed after all these months, weathering Moe’s attacks and using her own energy against her.  It was solid storytelling, mixed with wrestling that wasn’t horrible.

Damn!  Another interesting episode under its belt, this show is really surprising me.  All the terrible pacing, awkward moaning and sexual positioning have really been toned down.  And the show genuinely looks interested in being an entertaining show I’m a bit taken aback.  This is still a pervy, gropey ecchi fest, but at least it’s adding substance to what before seemed like a cake made almost solely of frosting, bland frosting at that.

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