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Wanna Be The Strongest ep8: the art of spotting, selling and entertaining the f*ck out of your audience!

I’m impressed. Someone in this show actually knows how to sell! They know the value of entertainment in the profession of professional wrestling. And through Jackal we got a glimpse of what this shows might be capable of. Also – BUTTS! And lots of them!

No time is wasted here, as we see but a few moments from the last episode explaining how Sakura was able to face off against the world renowned wrestler named Jackal, in place of her mentor Misaki.  We’re then thrown right into the stadium and the ring to see Sakura enter the ring to the cheers of her fans.  We then get to see Jackal show up, looking sexy and strong in her cowboy outfit.  There’s a decent amount of hype and excitement coming from the crowd, though the show’s crap sound design kinda makes everything sound a bit muted.

The match quickly gets off to a start, as we see Sakura has to raise her game to compete with Jackal on even a basic level.  Her attempts at a dropkick are literally swatted away until Sakura can really muster up a good one.  The problem pops up when Sakura lets her guard down after a quick pin attempt and Jackal locks her in for a world of pain!  Sakura is locked into one painful hold after another, guided by the world champ through a carousel of vicious holds, and thankfully not lingering on that DAMNED BOSTON CRAB!  Also, the show doesn’t skimp on the lewd camera angles either, as we see a diverse array of shots ranging from crotch shots to boob ones.  One angle and area of focus that caught me off guard was the seemingly out-of-nowhere focus on shots from behind and below on the buttocks.  As plenty of even the usual crotch shots got integrated with a little booty in them as well.  Butts were even liberally included in the moves, as we even saw Sakura shove her rookie rump in the champs face for a knockdown!  (Nice.)

The pace did bog down for a bit as for several minutes Sakura was just tortured under Jackal’s care.  But it seems that Jackal likes to play with her food, and several times allowed Sakura some wiggling room, even though the match should have long been over.  This did allow the rookie the opportunity and the confidence to mount a counterattack that eventually climaxed with a series of FOUR special moves on the champ!  Unfortunately, Jackal couldn’t even be brought down by a new and fearsome slam developed by Misaki and passed down to Sakura.

With Sakura all but completely out of ideas and energy, Jackal powers through her with a couple of her own brutal special moves and finishes the hopeful prodigy off.  The crowd is completely pumped for the exciting match and finally.  And after thanking Japan for their enthusiasm and a chance to wrestle there, Jackal gives  Sakura the mic and allows her a few words.   And a couple of the words are,


With the episode concluding, Jackal leaves the ring and meets Misaki in the hallway to her locker.  She tells Misaki that Sakura has a lot of promise, and may one day surpass both of them.  Outside the stadium, we see some new girl freaking out over the amazing match she just saw and declaring her love of wrestling.  A new recurring character perhaps?

End of episode.

Let me say bravo to Wanna Be the Strongest in the World.  This episode was an even better all-action episode than the one between Sakura and Rio.  I was also impressed with just the amount of wrestling and the feel of the match presented to us.  Like I said, Jackal really knows how to “sell” and play to the crowd.  And she even gave Sakura a lesson on doing “spots” and putting on a “spotfest” (though that last one seemed initiated by Sakura inadvertently).  In the end, it was this show’s first proper pro wrestling match.  A match that didn’t involve a ton of submissions and rest holds, though there were still quite a bit of those during Jackal’s clinic of wrestling holds.  I still think this show focuses far too much on the orgasmic, feminine whimpers and the holds that cause them for this show to look like it knows what the f*ck it’s doing in regards to the actual art of wrestling.  But at least this show looks like it can do it if it really, really tries.

As for the production, it’s still sh*t.  I couldn’t believe how bad the sound was in this episode.  It’s a shame that this show rarely knows how to use some the sound to build up its presentation.  This is a huge missed opportunity, because I believe could easily marry two different forms of entertainment if they’d just do the wrestler’s introduction properly.  The intros for featured wrestlers should be treated like magical girl transformations, complete with their own theme music, unique light show and entrance routines.  The entrances for these girls are far too quick and muted to be fitting with the “art of wrestling”.  It’s a missed opportunity that stunts this mediocre show’s growth.  The only good bit of sound design I heard was when Jackal was pounding away at Sakura’s legs with her Indian Death Lock holds, moves that involve her falling to the mat with a loud thud, in order to apply sudden, biting pain to her opponents lower joints.

The other bright spot I can point out with this episode are the pervy camera angles.  I know- I know!  I’ve been complaining about such a thing for this show’s entire run, but hear me out!  My complaint had to do with the lazy cinematography, and a lack of variety in the visual department.  Too often this show would just cut away in the middle of a match and zoom in on Sakura’s crotch or boobs while she screamed in pain and just STAY there!  It was like the show was telling you to look at what they were showing and pretend it was a woman in pleasure.  Not so this time around.  The pervy angles stayed only for as long as you got a chance to notice and then focus on them for a moment before moving on (for the most part).  Like when I was talking about the emphasis on butts, the show seemed to show all pervy angles possible, but in the midst of combat, as things were busy and moving.  Instead, this episode it seemed like we were being shown a little extra eye candy while we enjoyed this wrestling match.  It was much more comfortable, tasteful and thought out compared to the matches where the director just seemed to be screaming, “FAT CROTCH” as he was planning out the scenes on the storyboard.  I appreciate this change as much as any of the others in this episode.  Now I only hope they can keep up this modest uptick in quality in the next episode.  Though I worry about it about that with a new character showing up who looks like a walking upskirt machine….

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  • In case you don’t have a long history of watching and studying pro wrestling like me, and don’t know what in the f*ck I’m talking about when it comes “selling”, “kayfabe” or any of that other jargon, check out this link.  I’m greatly hoping I’ll get a chance to use more of this slang as the show and its wrestling hopefully improve from now on.  Wrestling slang

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