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Valvrave ep15: because my problems are more important than your’s

I don’t know why I’m such a stickler for military discipline in my anime, especially when the medium thrives on stupid kids not following orders. But it still irks me when the writers decide to strip a character of any sense to drive home a dramatic point. Oh wait, we’re talking about Haruto here. He’s never had any sense to begin with!

What I’m speaking about is the confrontation between Haruto and the perpetual amnesiac, Marie.  She’s upset with Haruto over – actually I don’t know why she’s upset.  It’s not like it’s his fault that she can’t remember d*ck past two years ago.  And he really is under no obligation to tell her that he’s been turned into an alien vampire body-snatcher either.  But since Haruto has no backbone, he of course feels super guilty and sad that he has super powers, forgets that he has an important mission that people’s lives depend on to solve this problem that can totally wait!  And in the end, this is all a set up for L-Elf to solve the problem by merely blowing a hole in Marie’s forehead, only clarifying the fact that Marie is also an alien vampire body-snatcher.  And in this situation, I’m pretty sure L-Elf wanted to shoot Haruto more, but knew that wouldn’t do anything buy literally waste a bullet.

I did have a few laughs this episode though, like when L-Elf was leading Saki and Akira down a path towards a village and they come across two little kids.  Saki tries to talk to them and the boy immediately draws a gun and shoots her.  THANKS L-ELF!  YOU THINK OF EVERYTHING, BUT YOU CAN’T TELL THE PEOPLE YOU’RE WITH THAT THEY’RE ABOUT TO WANDER INTO A VILLAGE OF MURDER CHILDREN?  Oh my head.

There’s almost nothing else I want to talk about.  There was another one of those flashforward sequences, this time with Saki, a little boy and Akira’s crappy brother.  I’m not touching that.  And in this episode we see once again how most everyone is completely useless without L-Elf’s guidance.  Sure there are times when even his schemes can’t win the day, and the situation can only be solved by Haruto’s special brand of stupid.  But this time it was a simple matter of reading the instructions and showing up on time!

*sigh*  I’m tired and phoning this one in.  It took fifteen episodes, but I’m not f*cking with this one.

Note:  I’m demoting this show to AniWednesdays until further notice.

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  1. zztop
    October 27, 2013 at 22:16

    Strange you’d see this ep negatively, cause I heard another blogger really liked the development in here.

    How do you find the new ED for Valvrave? Given the combination of rock, opera and classic, I’m guessing the composers were going for the ‘gothic vampire’ atmosphere in the song…

    Who do you personally think the little Prince is? L-11’s direct descendant? Or something crazier?

    • October 27, 2013 at 22:23

      Hmm, at this point the young L is still too much of an enigma. It very well could be a direct decendant, thought at this point he barely has emotions outside of anger (Haruto), disgust (Haruto) and “my god what is going on?”

      But if he does end up banging some love of his life (the princess perhaps) and their line carries on, then I find that to be a good development.

      As for the episode itself, Marie does add an additional angle and insight into the alien beings inside the two main Valvraves. It looks like she was Haruto before Haruto five years ago. And maybe if she gets her memories back, we’ll understand more about how JIOR got their hands on this alien vampire cult technology. But for now, she’s just another character that can’t easily be killed

      The ED isn’t necessarily my kinda thing, so I’m somewhat ambivalent towards it. But it does get pretty hype near the end.

  1. November 7, 2013 at 23:01

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