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Wanna Be the Strongest ep3: the next person I see in a Boston Crab is getting lit on fire

Well this is a pitiful state of affairs. This show is bad, I don’t know how much I can bear if its main character just plain sucks, too. The “eternal lead” Sakura is just awash in fail and quit as she gets tapped out of all of her matches since turning pro. It’s utterly ridiculous how she just gets taken out over and over again with the same strategy. A strategy that of course allows us to see her crotch stretched out in front of us. Geez! What lazy cinematography, even when the show thinks its winning it’s losing.


On top of this pitiful spectacle, there’s the additional punch of her being such a sorry display that her own rabid fans from her idol career can’t even bear to watch her.  This streak continues on and on again until Sakura has accumulated a MASSIVE 45 losses in a row.  That’s right!  She has a record of zero and forty five!  And it becomes forty six the next night as she fights in an undercard match before her senior, the Berserk gym’s ace, Misaki defends her championship.

Now the championship match between Misaki and the heel brute, Yumbo is real pro wrestling, as members of Yumbo’s gym accompany her to the ring and even help her cheat and beat down the champ.  But not once does the champ ever show any signs of giving up.  In fact, with help from her Sakura and her gym, she’s able to break free of the cheating and take down Yumbo with her special move – the Misaki Special.  Man, this show is really lacking for any sort of creativity.  *sigh*  Misaki sees all this, and gets new found inspiration.  Does this translate into guts and then transform into wins though?


Her losses continue to balloon as she hits the un-magical streak of FIFTY LOSSES!  And while she’s on this slide, her old idol group, Sweet Diva is exploding in success and popularity.  As they’re showered with cheers and adoration; she’s showered with boos and trash.  It’s got to be an all-time low for Sakura.  After all, she’s pretty much stuck in her situation.  She can’t figure out how to be competitive to save her life and is starting to develop a phobia about being in the ring and being humiliated further, but if she quits in the state she’s in now, she fears she won’t even be taken back by her old group, let alone get her spot back.

The next day, Sakura makes up her mind to go to the gym’s manager and put in her resignation.  But just before Sakura goes in, she runs into Misaki who notices the letter and asks her to spar.  In the ring alone with the champ, she’s just as ineffectual as ever.  Nothing works and she’s getting pounded every step of the way until – yes, she’s once again put in the dreaded Boston Crab.  She attempts to give up, but that won’t work here.  As Misaki clearly states, it’s just the two of them and no ref.  Sakura’s just going to have to figure out how to get out of this one on her own.

End of episode.

Good lord this show sucks!  I didn’t expect this show to know much of anything about pro wrestling, but I still can’t believe how bored I am watching these matches, ESPECIALLY Sakura’s.  It feels like 90% of this anime is just Sakura having her boobs smooshed into the mat as some wrestling bimbo sits on her spinal column and crushes the life out of her in an extended Boston Crab.  As the show itself states, it’s the most boring thing in the world to watch, so why does it still force us to do it?!  On top of that, I have to continually hear Sakura’s screams of “pain”, which are obviously just there to give guys viewing a boner.  It’s not even an awkward boner either, everyone knows where that boner is coming from, and why.  And what really frustrates me is how the same scene is played over and over again, but no one acknowledges the glaring flaw.  The flaw I’m speaking about is how the hold is supposed to be broken when Sakura grabs the ropes, but the ref never breaks it and Sakura’s just dragged back to the center of the ring in a half Boston Crab to be put back into a full Boston Crab and tapped out.  The problem isn’t just Sakura’s pitifully low pain threshold or the fact that the world knows the blueprint for beating her.  The problem is also that the ref isn’t doing her damn job!  Ugh!  This stupid show!

I also don’t understand why it has taken FIFTY LOSSES for anyone in her gym to give her any assistance with dealing with submission holds or her sh*tty wrestling in general.  Everyone at the gym has to know what’s happening, are you telling me that no one cares?  Even Ryo, the chick who initially trained her and had such high hopes?  This whole time she couldn’t take time out of her schedule to say, “hey, stop being a pussy and grab on hard to those ropes.”  I doubt that.  It really does feel like nobody at the gym actually gives a sh*t about her career.

And I’m not even getting into the lazy ecchi fanservice or the lazy ass directing, animation and cinematography.  None of that is likely to change even slightly, as this whole project just seems uninspired.  I know this show is light years away from a quality sports anime/manga like Hajime no Ippo, but I would still like to see some sort of extended wrestling match with actual moves, strategy and wrestling hype.  I know this is just a sh*tty all-female pro wrestling league in Japan that probably gets less attention and respect than the WNBA, but this is an ANIME!  I need to see some hype!  I need some g0d damn showmanship!  I need to feel the blows like I’m watching someone play Tekken!  All I get in his show are poor crotch shots, women moaning badly and the f*cking Boston Crab!  I swear, if I see one more Boston Crab I’m going to rip someone’s throat out!  Honestly, if this show can’t even give me any inspired perviness or action, then it may as well kill itself, because this show is damn near pointless.

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