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Symphogear G ep12: you can’t fly with just one wing

First of all, the Moon is a device to keep people from communicating with each other?  What?!  How deep is your bag ridiculousness Symphogear G? Also, when did this show turn into just a series of misunderstandings? This is almost like a bunch of Gundam fights, where people are lamenting humanity’s inability to communicate with each other.  Oh man!  What utter nonsense!  That said, let’s get down to the important business of watching little girls try to kill each other while singing and wearing (or not wearing) the most ridiculous clothing.  

Episode twelve wastes no time with the usual Symphogear bullsh*t, with the old hag and Maria Cadenzavuna Eve talking about the Moon, its special powers and functions, and Maria Cadenzavuna Eve’s special ability to possibly force it back into orbit.  Oh yeah, and the old hag vomits more blood every where again.  Nice.

On the exterior of Frontier, we see mad idiot Dr. Ver giggling with glee as he watches the Gear users rumble with each other.  Each match, an intimate battle between comrades.  Former best buds, Kirika and Shirabe are fighting tooth and nail to defeat the other, while simultaneously declaring how much they love the friend they’re on the verge of killing.  In any other medium, I feel this set up would be utterly ridiculous and hilarious.  But in anime, it’s still utterly ridiculous and hilarious, but it’s also par for the course.  The melodrama is so thick here.  Kirika decides that after all their talking, that they’ll have to settle things with their swan songs.  They both inject each other with LiNKER and go at it full bore.  Kirika wins, but through this battle we learn that it is not Kirika who houses Fine, but Shirabe.  The shock crushes Kirika who is resigned to killing herself, but Shirabe gets in the way, taking a giant scythe to her spine.

Meanwhile, Chris and Tsubasa are going at it heavy and hard, both knowing the other’s moves so well that they actually have a hard time connecting despite their impressive offensive abilities.  Tsubasa is insistent on knowing why Chris is betraying her friends, but Chris remains silent.  Dr. Ver isn’t happy with Chris’s lack of progress and warns her to finish the job soon, or she’ll not get the prize see seeks.  That prize likely being Solomon’s Cane.  Though I don’t the slimeball would hold up his end of the bargain anyway.  The bastard loves power too much, why would he ever give any of it up?

Chris decides to end it all with one special combination she’s been practicing, and she warns Tsubasa to be ready.  They exchange a series of attacks that appears to blow both of them away.

Man, this is starting to look a little dark.

In the meantime, we see Hibiki continuing to scale Frontier’s rocky exterior until she finds an entrance.  What this little girl thinks she can accomplish without her relic is beyond me.  But it would be weird for her not to go all out at this point.

Moving the focus back to the interior of Frontier, we see Maria Cadenzavuna Eve addressing the world through a broadcast.  She tries to plead her case to the world and admits to faking the role of Fine.  And then she shows them her attempt to push the Moon back into orbit using the power of her song through Frontier, but she doesn’t have nearly the power to accomplish this.  And merely shows herself to be a warn out failure to the world.

When then see Dr. Ver scurrying about the interior of Frontier (WHY?), and he comes across Chris standing over Tsubasa’s fallen body.  Chris turns around and demands Solomon’s Cane from Dr. Ver, per their agreement.  Of course, with Dr. Ver being the biggest scumbag imaginable, he renigs on the offer and immediately attempts to blow her up using the collar he’s attached to her neck.  It’s a failure though, as the collar was damaged in the fight with Tsubasa.  Ver still doesn’t give up and uses Solomon’s cane to summon a bunch of Noise.  Chris is annoyed, but is then in shock when her Gear fails her.  Ver has snuck anti-LiNKER gas into the area (the bane of Chris’s existence).  This doesn’t stop Chris though as she blows her own Gear off her body, using it to kill the Noise around her.  And now we get the joy of a completely naked Chris running around fighting in this episode.


Unfortunately, her efforts weren’t enough to fend off the Noise that now surrounded her.  Just as she’s about to be wiped from existence, Tsubasa pops up (I knew she was faking the whole time) and wipes out the Noise.  Ver can’t believe it.  But I can!  This is Symphogear baby!  There’s an explanation for why the anti-LiNKER doesn’t affect Tsubasa as badly as Chris, but I’m not explaining it.  She’s a badass, and that’s all we needed to know.  And it turns out that Tsubasa was in on the deception from the moment Chris talked about doing her special combo.  That poison Ver is knocked back, and Chris has finally retrieved Solomon’s cane.  Apologies are made and a friendship is strengthened, but not too much time is wasted before they have to move on, their’s still a war to wage.  After all, Ver has escaped again, furious over the loss of Solomon’s cane, he fully plans to send Maria Cadenzavuna Eve after them.

Back on the exterior of Frontier, things are about to get very serious for Kirika and Shirabe.  Kirika is holding her friend, as she slips ever closer to Death’s door.  It is then that Fine shows up, and just as I’m expecting the evil b*tch to rise up and take over Shirabe’s body, she actually does a noble thing.  She takes the blow for Shirabe, healing her, and resigning not to resurrect in this age.  I can’t believe it!  What a twist among twists.  Shirabe’s alive.  Oh yeah,  Shirabe’s alive.  Yeesh.  That doesn’t sound so good now that I think about it.  Fudge.

And now we come to THAT scene.  The scene where two characters die.

As Dr. Ver returns to the central hub for Frontier, he sees Maria Cadenzavuna Eve attempting to stop the Moon’s descent and promptly backhands her ass to the ground.  AAARGH!  Scenes like this are so frustrating to watch!  He realizes this is all the old hag’s idea and prompts Frontier to launch her section of the structure into the Moon itself!  I couldn’t stop laughing at this part!  It was so childishly vindictive, and still so ridiculous!  You’d figure that the old woman would die covered in her own vomit blood in a bed or her wheelchair, but instead she’s launched right into the Moon like a Looney Toons character!  This action understandably sends Maria Cadenzavuna Eve into a rage, she’s fully prepared to murder Dr. Ver, but before she can – none other than Hibiki shows up to stop her.  On top of that, when Maria Cadenzavuna Eve attacks anyway, she grabs her spear, sings and STEALS HER GEAR!  That’s right!  Gungnir is now back in Hibiki’s hands!  And through that, the useless Maria Cadenzavuna Eve is essentially dead.  The pompous, arrogant, mostly disappointing diva is dead as a character to me.

Note:  in this scene we actually get both Maria Cadenzavuna Eve and Hibiki naked for a little bit.  I’m really liking this episode!

End of episode!

Ha ha ha ha ha!  This show has only know one speed since its second season started, and that’s HARDER AND FASTER.  We manage to see two duels come to a conclusion this episode.  I get the joy of seeing the annoying old hag launched into space.  And I even get to see the problem of formerly cool character, turned useless fraud utterly annihilated.  This show has remained a strange combination of satisfying, unpredictable and almost bad.

I fee like I’m giving Symphogear G a pass.  Short of GAINAX shows like Gurren Lagann, FLCL and Panty & Stocking, I can’t think of any other shows that I’ve let off the hook for being so utterly stupid and relentless.  Yet, as I’ve said all along, this show is doing exactly what it’s expected to do, excellently.  I’m thoroughly entertained.

Moving past my disbelief and excitement, I’m interested to see where this last episode will go.  This show has done and outstanding job at being unpredictable.  Though I will say that I could see Hibiki getting Gungnir back through Maria Cadenzavuna Eve somehow, the actual trip to that moment I did not see coming.  Nor did I expect Shirabe to be the one who actually carried Fine.  Nor did I suspect Fine would act benevolent and merciful, sparing the world from her presence and saving a little girl.  So while I want to say that Ver will turn into a giant hideous monster with the power of the nephilim’s heart, and that the girl will have to work together to not only kill him, but push the Moon back into orbit using the Lunar Ruins and the power of their song.  I get the strong feeling that there are one or two really big surprises still waiting for us.

Oh I can’t wait to see how Symphogear G tries to top the original’s insane, over-the-top final episode.

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