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Servant x Service Ep. 9: Where Apparently Everyone Should be a Mind Reader…

I really thought this was going to be a Chihaya episode, but quickly realized that this was going to highlight each of the main characters and one of the major issues in any relationship: COMMUNICATION.

Even before the opening credits, we see Lucy lamenting over the ridiculous bet she made to wear skirts and cosplay outfits. She wants to try and talk to Chihaya about it, but changes her mind when Chihaya seems too preoccupied. Failed communication attempt #1…..

Chihaya is preoccupied with thoughts of her own relationship with Ichimya. It was nice to see how they began, and to see where she came from. She apparently used to dress plainly, like Lucy. She fell in love with Ichimiya’s kindness and willingness to be there for others. I really should not have been surprised that she was the one that initiated things. And in true Ichimiya style, he tries to downplay himself as if he’s not worthy. She volunteered to be in the shadows with him so he could still focus on his needy, crazy little sister. It’s all kinda sweet…Fast forward to the present, and now it seems as if they can’t get it together. She wishes they could be more like a normal couple, more specifically going on dates and him being jealous of her skimpy cosplay clothes. Instead of just saying what is on her mind, she decides to act on her feelings. Actions speak louder than words, they say. I’m guessing KISS + SLAP = “I love you, but you piss me off”. And that is just my interpretation of things. Goodness knows what Ichimya was thinking it meant, as he said thank you after taking that lick. Being the overly understanding gent that he is, Ichimiya doesn’t complain about her clothes in exchange for her being so understanding of his responsibilities to his sister. Failed communications attempts #2 and #3…

Next comes our favorite trio: Chihaya, Lucy, and Hasebe. Hasebe attempts to take Lucy out again, but Chihaya already called dibs. The two ladies are going shopping for Lucy’s date wear. This proves to be disastrous due mainly to Lucy’s lack of confidence. Nothing is comfortable, not even full length skirts. Being a little tired of the childish display, Chihaya tells Lucy to stop looking down on herself so much. She also tells Lucy that it comes off rude, which I guess makes sense. That means the people you hang with are either just there because they pity you or they must also be losers. Lucy vows from then on to do her best instead of fearing for the worst. Message received…

The next day, after Hasebe is filled in on the shopping trip, we see Miyoshi once again being held hostage by Jyoji’s talkative grandmother. When she finally escapes, she talks to Lucy about her run in with Jyoji. She still blames herself for the incident and holds a special grudge towards him for it. Kaoru appears at the office and invites Lucy out to eat. Miyoshi tags along. Kaoru runs through the relationship between her brother Hasebe and Jyoji. It is a rivalry, base off of strong admiration. Hasebe is great at everything without much effort and Jyoji wants to be at least good enough to be in the same circle as him. Kaoru tells the girls how Jyoji would come to her with his friendship woes. He figures the best way to prove that he is as much of a man as Hasebe is to actually get a girlfriend before he does. Why not talk to your best friend and tell him how you feel, you moron?…Sorry, that was a bit strong…Failed communication attempt #4…

The next section is probably the most hilarious and most pitiful. Miyoshi speaks to Hasebe, partly for work and partly to congratualate him on his sister’s pending wedding. Someone yelled over her in mid-sentence, so Hasebe thinks it’s LUCY getting married. Really, Hasebe??? (Failed communication attempt #5)…What follows is this pitiful display of depression that is borderline cute. He is so upset over the thought of someone else snatching up Lucy that he is physically crippled. He looks like a zombie, which is funny considering how lazy he usually is. One reason I have come to like Hasebe is because he is not afraid to say what is on his mind for the most part. After wallowing in sorrow for a bit, he decides to speak to Lucy about what he’s heard. She does seem happier than normal, which only stokes his fears. He asks round-about questions in order to get to the truth (Failed communication attempt #6). She soon reveals who is really getting married and that she is happy that she won some really valuable trading card. Or something. Now overwhelmed with embarrasement, he slams his phone to the ground and starts babbling about how he was going to buy a new phone and take out all the girls’ contact info. Lucy doesn’t catch the hint, so Hasebe makes it plain:

“It means I don’t need any girl other than you, Lucy.”


Why can’t the rest of you knuckleheads be more like Hasebe? Yeah, he’s a bit of a perv and a player, but at least he’ll speak up! No one can read minds, and they shouldn’t be expected to do so.

I can’t wait to see what becomes of this little confession…

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