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Watamote ep11: she’s very good – at cutting up!

The episode, and Tomoko’s day start off with her trying to avoid work as much as possible. With the festival right around the corner, her class, just like everyone else’s, is hard at work building and crafting what they need for respective attractions. Tomoko rangles up the duty of cutting up a few flyers, with the plan of avoiding as much work as possible by padding out this one simple activity. Unfortunately, her plans are ruined twice, once by a pair of guys assigned to help her. And then when she becomes distracted by another one of her delusions and slices her hand with a box cutter. In her panic to get to the nurse’s office she slames right into another student, who then escorts her to the nurse’s office once she sees all the blood. Thankfully, this incident exempts her from work (unnecessarily in my opinion), allowing her to wander about, taking in the festivities.

Tomoko does take a moment for her delusions, giving us a pair of short parodies of the famous band scene from Haruhi, and a scene somewhat reminiscent of K-ON!    And when she wakes up from that, she heeds the call to help set up chairs in the gym, despite being hurt.  The same girl who helped her to the nurse’s office is there too, she is a member of the fair committee after all.  So I guess everything is her business.

Tomoko then takes the opportunity to slip back to her class, where everything has already been done and set up.  Her class is doing a cosplay cafe after all, so there’s a rack of clothes there that have been catching her attention all day.  On the way home, she slips into a costume store and pics of a goofy maid outfit (or maybe it only looks goofy on her).  She takes a picture, sending it to Yuu, anxiously awaiting her response.  What ends up happening is that ends up making plans to see her at the festival, though it will be on the second day, since Tomoko stated that she didn’t have anything to do until then.

On the first day of the festival, Tomoko really has nothing to do, so she wonders around taking in the usual amusements. Enjoying some octopus balls from a cute boy, then going to take in the performance of the woodwind instrument performers.  Unfortunately, her dawdling allowed her to get stuck in the ruckus Light Music Club performance, and her weak constitution ended up vomiting up the octopus balls she’d recently eaten.  As she sits in a stairwell, lamenting her situation, the same girl from the fair committe runs into her again and asks how she’s doing.  Tomoko timidly tells her she’s fine and runs off.  I sense a pattern.

On the second day, Tomoko is super excited to see her buddy Yuu (who she still refers to as a slut).  When you finally does catch up with her, she gives Tomoko a huge hug.  And for some reason Tomok (who I thought was straight) sees this as some opportunity to cop a cheap feel.  Luckily she’s too slow and misses her chance.  As they walk around the school, Tomoko starts longing for another one of those big-boobed hugs.  For her, it helps her forget about the loneliness.  So sad.  To add some excitement to their meeting, she proposes that they go into a haunted house attraction that they so happened to be passing.  And Yuu is all for it.  Tomoko’s true motive though is to use the confusion and jump scares to cop a feel.

Meanwhile, the girl from the fair committee stops by her classroom to see if she’s there…

The haunted house attraction was woefully short on scares, ruining another one of Tomoko’s plans.  And her attempt to bribe Yuu into hugging her with food is also foiled.  But in the end, things finally come around and they both have a ton of fun together.  But the day does eventually have to come to an end.  And despite having the most fun she’s had all year, Tomoko still has to come to terms with the fact that this is only a temporary thing.  As Yuu leaves, so does her only friend.  But as she slinks through the remainder of the day, caked in the colors of the setting sun, she comes across the elephant mascot that’s been handing out balloons all day.  It snatches her up, giving her a bit hug and a red balloon and walks off.  The person in the suit not actually being the original girl, but the girl from the fair committee that’s been looking for Tomoko all day.

End of episode.

AH!  I love this show!  I love these FEELS!  The subtitle for this show should be Sweet & Sour, because it encompasses both of those things perfectly.  There’s always just enough comedy and sweetness to offset the soul-crushing loneliness.  And it felt really, really nice to see her get to soak in some happiness and friendship.

The only thing that lost me was her attitude towards Yuu.  It just struck me as weird that she would act like a pervy guy around her friend.  Then again, maybe I’m misreading things, and she was just trying to be funny.  I stopped trying to guess or make characters gay a long time ago.  Over thinking this will just send me way off in the wrong direction.

I’ll keep saying this to drill it hope home, and to make myself clear on this.  Attack on Titan has some really nice cinematography, Majestic Prince does CG animation and battles really well, and Servant X Service has the best OP this seasn, but Watamote for me stands out so much for its direction.  It’s all so subtle, and artful.  You get the warm feelings from this show at just right time.  The images shown, are deliberate, but not overbearing, and portray Tomoko’s loneliness so well.  It really, really has been a treat to watch this show up to this point.  And with it looking like Tomoko really may get her first real friend in high school, the show really is warming my heart.  I want to hold this series and not let go, but the last episode is next week, so I have to brace for it.  I just hope they don’t play a whole lot soft piano music.  I don’t think I could handle the emotions.

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  1. September 23, 2013 at 07:18

    Tomoko’s fixation with copping a feel struck me as weird too, but then I thought about it some more and it made more sense. I mean, I can really emphasise with the fact that sometimes, all you really want is a bit of friendly physical contact to let you know you’re not alone. Left to her own devices though, Tomoko would of course never be able to ask for such a simple thing as a hug – that’s assuming she’s even able to consciously recognise that she wants such a thing to begin with. So I’m guessing that the reason Tomoko wanted to grope!hug her friend is because although all she may have wanted was a simple hug, she was unable to admit this to herself without rationalising it as something else – in this case, the chance to feel up Yuu-chan’s boobs.

    • September 23, 2013 at 11:24

      And this is why I held back from saying that she was acting gay. In the context you put it in, such an assumption sounds really off-base and silly. What you said makes much more sense. It also makes the situation much more pitiful, too.

  1. May 1, 2015 at 11:06

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