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Attack on Titan ep24: it’s a cruel world out there

What do you do when one of your buddies turns into a giant that’s willing to kill everyone, and anyone in the pursuit of your abduction? You run like hell! With Annie exposed and in titan form, it’s become a mad rush to get some space and mount a counterattack.  Unfortunately, it looks like Annie is willing to risk killing Eren in pursuit of his death, on the other hand, Eren is much less enthusiastic about fighting her again.  I can imagine that’s for the reasons of not wanting to kill someone he knows, and she did kick his ass in the first fight.  Mikasa has clearly noticed this, and questions Eren’s motives.  There’s no denying the truth now.

There’s no time for all this philosophical talk though, and Armin comes up with a plan to get at least two of them free.  Telling Mikasa to don her hood and take off in the opposite direction he flees to, Eren is then to make his escape when she goes to follow one of them.  As they take off, Eren is still left alone, fighting with himself over fighting Annie.  He screams out to them, asking how they can still fight.  Mikasa stops for just a moment to state that they don’t have a choice when it comes to fighting.  It’s a cruel world out there.  Eren doesn’t have long to contemplate those words though before he smashed Annie’s foot (damn she’s good).

Mikasa and other Recon Corps soldiers begin engaging the Annie.  Some are like Mikasa and actually try to kill or injure her, some are far more realistic and only try to distract her.  Either way, most of the soldiers are quickly and easily killed.  Annie after all is much smarter and more physically adept than any of the other titans.  She’s also very familiar with Maneuver Gear and how it works.  Everyone’s just fodder to her right now.

In another part of town, Erwin, Levi and the rest of the garrison have taken notice of the explosion, and they know it’s time to step into action.  The ruse is quickly called off and everyone gears up.  But the head of the Military Police is there, too.  And he begins acting like an idiot  when he sees the fake Eren, and then sees Erwin about to take off.  Despite what he’s been told, plus the giant explosion, he still holds Erwin at gunpoint, demanding that he stands down.  Looks like we got ourselves a standoff!

Back on the battlefield, Annie is continuing her rampage through the Corps.  Jean has just shown up after cursing at the Military Police for comparing him to Eren, and he’s just as angry to find Eren just laying under a pile of rubble, just bleeding there like an injured pig.  Armin’s been trying to pull Eren out of the rubble, but for all his effort Eren’s still stuck there, still unable to transform.  In the end, it’s Armin’s words as they both have to leave join in the fight, that jolts Eren to life, and to his titan form.

End of episode.

I was a little worried at first about much time was going to be dedicated to Eren’s troubles and the flashback, but none of it seemed to last too long.  Everything is coming to a head fast and hard now.  In a moment I skipped talking about because it didn’t ultimately change anything, I loved-loved-loved seeing Hanji again!  I don’t know what it is about female characters in most action anime, but I either love them or hate them.  And I love that strange, creepy obsession that Hanji has with the titans.  I probably talked about this way back when she was talking about the captured titans, but she seems to be the only person in the show not blinded by terror or hate towards the titans.  She’s the only one who truly appreciates the impossible wonder they are.  It may also have been people just like her that created the titans in the first place.

I’m amazed at how well this was all set-up.  I never dreamed that such a simple meeting so early in the show would pay such huge, exciting dividends now.  I think that I’m understanding now more than ever, why this series is so popular and why it got greenlit.  Early on, this show seemed like nothing but  soul-crushing sadness and hopelessness permeated with only a bit of hope.  But not that we’ve gotten down to the end of this series, it’s become downright exciting!  Forget all the stuff about the walls, the tiny human populace remaining on this island or the secrets that still await to be discovered.  At the heart of everything right now, we have two titans slugging it out in the middle of humanity’s last sanctuary.  The cloud has lifted from this show and it’s just downright entertaining.  I can’t wait to talk about this series one last time next week.

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  1. September 23, 2013 at 04:29

    I’m also glad the flashback in this episode didn’t last too long. It clearly needed to take place because otherwise the events of last episode would have felt stilted and almost nonsensical with nothing to really base them on, but I was worried the flashback would take up the majority of the screen time. Thankfully, it was short but sweet and we could focus mostly on the action, which I think is where Attack on Titan best excels.

    • September 23, 2013 at 11:31

      I’m glad things were explained, though personally I could have lived with the explanation they gave in the previous episode as enough. Regardless, I’m still glad they did episode 23 the way they did. It just lead to a brilliant climactic conclusion in my eyes.

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