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#Naruto ch646: I think this safely counts as the series’ darkest hour. #manga

So that’s the reason Uchiha have been going insane for generations?  Because that damn stone tablet has been telling them that chakra was stolen from a tree that so happened to be a huge d*ck?

Seriously, if The Shinju isn’t world’s god, then I don’t know what else could be.  And what’s up with forbidden fruit and men?  I blame the tree!  Yeah! That’s right. I’m blame their god! Why even drop the fruit if you don’t want anyone to pick it up and eat it. I think the tree was just asking for a fight! What a bag of d*cks!

That said, I wonder how they get out of this now? I also wonder how Madara’s so sure that he’s going to be the one who initiates the Infinite Tsukyomi when Obito is so in control of the entire situation?

Really good chapter regardless. I still think the Infinite Tsukyomi plan is completely stupid and pointless emo crap. And I still wish that this final arc focused more on the shinobi of this generation than the legends of the past. That seemed to be the point in the beginning of this war. But I’m still hugely entertained by seeing these dream team-ups. And I can’t complain about something like us getting so many key answers to the world’s makeup and past.

Now then, it looks like it’s almost time to see if my coworkers prediction will come true. He says that the series will end with Naruto as the new Sage of Six Paths, traveling the world with one or two companions and gathering the tailed beasts again. While Sasuke ends up becoming the new Hokage. I wonder if that’s even possible, since the series seems to be aiming squarely at the removal of chakra and the shinobi world and its strife. Though I do like his idea better, as opposed to a world that can only live in peace without the awesome abilities chakra has given humanity.

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