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Symphogear G ep10: what is happening?!

The Royal Rumble continues!

Wow! Not a moment of slow down in this episode! I don’t even know how to describe what went down aside from calling it chaos.

Amazing how the simple decision to attack a carrier fleet has brought the show one step short of Armeggedon. With Miku now on center stage, we see her face off with Chris, which really isn’t a fair fight. Chris pounds her to near defeat until Miku unleashes her trump card, a mega death ray, which acts like a giant purity cannon for relics. Chris and Tsubasa’s combined efforts aren’t enough to stop it, only escape it. And there seems to be no solution to that technique once she deploys it.

Dr. Ver, a man not afraid to shake things up, plays the spoiler agaiin by unleashing Solomon’s Cane on the remainder of the naval fleet. This forces Chris to take off and start sniping Noise, while Tsubasa is forced to simultaneously try to save the soldiers while fending off a very crazed Kirika. With no one left to contest Miku, Hibiki steps up to the task, and is allowed to go with the blessing of the crew. Though she’s only got two minutes and forty seconds to do her job.

Hibiki tries to talk Miku down to no avail.  This leads to the battle as these two best friends ironically fight each other, in order to stop the other from fighting.  As this goes on, Dr. Ver and Maria Cadenzavuna Eve have already figured out that Miku beam may actually have enough power to break Frontier’s barrier.  The fight culminates with Miku and Hibiki both getting blasted as the Sheshou Jing is fired.  The tactic worked, as Frontier now rises from the bottom of the ocean.  Meanwhile, as everyone looks on in amazement, Chris shoots Tsubasa in the back.


End of episode.

Where do I even start?  This episode was batsh*t crazy.  From seeing Ogawa run on water, to Hibiki’s line about making it back from battle alive, even if it kills her, to Chris’s heel turn; this episode has just been a roller coaster perpetually going through high-speed loops.  After watching it, I’m tired and don’t know which way is up at all.  I will give Dr. Ver credit for efficiently using everything at his disposal.  Once he got his hands on Miku, he wasted no time turning her into a weapon of pure destruction, and the key to Frontier.  And despite his over the top demeanor, he’s managed to manipulate everyone almost flawlessly.

I’m now left wondering a few things, the first is when Maria Cadenzavuna Eve will turn on him, because he’s a massive slimeball who has corrupted everyone.  I’m wondering how long it’s going to take for Fine to appear in Kirika, because the way she’s acting, he could be any moment.  And I’m wondering just what happened to Miku and Hibiki.  My guess is that they’ve both been purged, at least somewhat, of their Gears.  The blast from the Sheshou Jing (these stupid names) can be thanked for that.  I’m not even going to attempt to address what Chris did at the end of this episode.  I’m too tired to do so at this point.  With only three episodes left, and Frontier finally accessible, I have no doubt that this show won’t slow down for a moment  until it’s through.

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