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Watamote ep9: your desires should not equal your expectations

The home stretch! Tomoko is in the home stretch now. With summer nearing its end, she’s running out of chances to make an impression and lasting memories. Though looking back at her past two episodes, I wouldn’t say she’s accumulated much in the way of stories worth bragging about, nor positive memories. So I can’t totally blame her for falling into a few more delusions while the summer heat is still frying her less than common sense.

Tomoko was looking forward to a big upcoming “event” for her, with a scheduled date with her friend to go to the movies. Unfortunately, Yuu calls to cancel because she’s got a new responsibility to handle. Her father, who runs a fancy cafe needs her help filling in for the sick workers he’s accumulated. But this isn’t all bad news. Yuu invites her bestie to visit her at the cafe, something she does two days later.

Once at the cafe, Tomoko’s taken more than a little aback by the fancy cafe’s decor, food and drink, and the observation that almost everyone there is there with a date. I get the feeling she would have left if not for Yuu seeing her.

Tomoko’s intimidating visit to the cafe turns out to be the basis for her next delusion. As she watches the sweet and cute Yuu run around with her big jiggly boobs, in her cute outfit, meeting people and having a good time, she gets the idea that that’s the kind of life she needs. She figures that if she has a good job where she gets to meet people everyday, she’ll become popular at school just like Yuu has. So she runs home after her encounter and begs her mother to place her at a job that makes cakes. “Great!” Her mother says. Tomoko is supremely excited at the idea of having a job in a place like Yuu’s. Though what she gets isn’t quite the equivalent.

Let’s be honest. Tomoko’s new job is the complete opposite of Yuu’s. If Yuu was working in Care-A-Lot, then Tomoko has just started her stint in hell. The cake making job her mother found is an assembly job at a pastry factory, doing work that I’m surprised that hasn’t already been automated.

Profound. SADNESS!

Needless to say, it doesn’t take but a day for Tomoko to abandon her job and start looking down on people again. Though she can’t soak in that arrogance for long. Her mother has taken notice of her in the house and ordered her to clean the bathroom. Begrudgingly, Tomoko completes her task, but then is intercepted right after by her mom, who tells her to start cleaning the windows. Tomoko gets smart with her mom (which we learned in the last episode was a dumb idea) and asks why they’re cleaning the house when it’s so damn hot. She doesn’t see the point when it’s not even New Year’s Eve. This understandably (especially if you’re a parent) sends her mom into an absolute fit! She chastises Tomoko for not being half as responsible or tentative as her little brother, who has been doing what he’s supposed to do for over a year. While Tomoko, the older sibling simply wastes away, without even half the drive or excuses her brother has. This in turn pisses Tomoko off, who runs up stares and yells at her brother for being so responsible and ruining things for her! She bluntly tells him to stop doing his work and let their mom handle it!


This whole confrontation ends with a little violence and her mother giving up on her, telling her to just stay out of the way and clean her own room, at least.


Her hatred of her brother festers while she cleans the attic, tossing one piece of nostalgic trash after another, until she comes across some juicy composition. It looks like her younger brother Tomoki’s composition notebook from when he was in grade school. Inside, he brags about how much he loves his sister, and all the nice things she does for him. I bet Tomoko feels like outright crap right now.

The summer is ending soon and it’s all she can think about. When she goes to find her brother, her mother informs her that he’s gone to watch a meteor shower with his friends. While Tomoko thinks he’s just used it as an excuse to put his hands and lips on a girl, she won’t stay inside either. She goes to a nearby convenience mart to pick up some instant ramen. The pain of sitting outside eating instant noodles by herself doesn’t escape her, and you can see the sadness taking over the scene and her face. But the meteor shower starts and Tomoko takes a moment to push back her sadness and wish for something.

I like to think that God has a sense of humour, and that when you wish for something, you shouldn’t expect the results to meet up with your imagination or intensions.

End of Episode.

This seems like a fitting end to the summer for this show. I swear this show wouldn’t be so damned depressing if Tomoko at least had a sassy, smartass pet to offset things like Charlie Brown does with snoopy. But Tomoko this whole time is just truly completely alone. It’s a good thing that she consistently makes a jackass out of herself, or else I’d feel pretty sad at the end of a lot of these episodes.

For this episode, I don’t think I laughed very much. Though I loved the twist where Tomoko ends up working in that horrible restaurant. I had a friend that worked one of those tough assembly line jobs, I’ve heard the horror stories. Those places are terrible! I couldn’t think of a more stark contrast in settings from a cafe and that place.

I have hope that at the end of this, Tomoko won’t end up a usual lonely woman in a house full of cats.  And by “this”, I mean her life not the series.  Right now, her life is going no where fast.

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