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DKJ’s Top 20 Hottest Anime Chicks pt4 (5-1)

So here we go!  My list of who I think are the five hottest women in anime.  Yes, I realize ahead of time that this likely will have some huge omissions for some of you.  But this is my damn list!  And my damn choices, tastes and rules!  If you have a problem with it, then send me a comment and tell me who I missed or who you’d prefer.  Or write your own damn blog post and send me a link.  Because from here, to the end of this blog post, it’s nothing but eye candy!  So shut up, and soak in the sexy!

#5 Mireille of Noir – oh Mireille, you weren’t the best assassin in the show, but you were the hottest.  Lets run down the list. FIRST, she’s a bad@$$! I believe in an old Newtype magazine of mine, they actually have a count of how many people her and Kirika killed. Its pretty big. And that was when they teamed up, she’d been killing for years before that. She’s hot.  She’s beautiful.  She’s got her sh*t together.  You forget how young she is because she’s so experienced at life, and does everything completely on her own.  I want her, I want her bad.  She’s so hot, she made me want to see more women on mopeds.  The fact that I never saw pantsu during the show’s run drove me crazy.  Good thing I found that AWESOME secret omake on the DVD.

#4 Subaru of .hack//SIGN – Subaru showed up before I knew what moe was, so I didn’t notice when the moe turned bad and I started thinking she was a HPC (Hot Player Character).  She had a beautiful character design, she carried a massive axe and was still as sweet and demure as possible and had those cute little wings on her back. A beautiful character with a gentle personality.  And it’s that gentle personality that made her standout, because she honestly had a very similar to design to other characters, but her words and that color scheme put

#3 Kallen of Code Geass – I think a diverse number of character archetypes have been represented. But of course there has to be a hot tsundere on the list. For Kallen they mixed cute, hot and vicious together well. And guess the one knock against her is that I didn’t think she was terribly bright. She was as good as any pilot out there and I’ll never forget her 3 shining moments. Her taking down Suzaku (>:-o “BOOOOOO!”), her in that bunny outfit (score!) and her kissing Lelouch.  Lelouch, you did take it like homo.  The forums were right.  You could’ve taken her somewhere and ravaged her.  Nothing in your plan required you dying as a virgin.  You moron!

#2 Yoko of Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann – “Her bathing suit covers more than her regular clothes.” Yeah, that’s awesome! And true. I don’t need to explain why Yoko is hot. LOOK AT HER! If you don’t like her looks, you’re either gay (male not female) or you like lolis too much! Sure she’s an awesome girl underneath, though she may have a slight touch of death underneath when it comes to GAR characters, but she looks AMAZING!


#1 Yoruichi of Bleach – Yoruichi – “the Goddess of Flash”, oh how I wish that were literal. Yoruichi! You are #1! You are hot! You are bad@$$! In a show that seems to be about “spirit samurai”, Yoruichi is a peerless ninja. And I like ninjas. You’re outfit is sexy as hell! I love the brown skin! You don’t mind walking around naked! I love those sexy, dangerous eyes! You’re butt is nice, too! Underneath all that yo have a cool laid back personality. Yeah! Hands down! Yoruichi is the winner! I claim her! There will be no fapping to her! The end!

Read more at http://myanimelist.net/blog.php?eid=31828#xLLT600vdLPDDQuV.99

Since this is a somewhat old list, I’m thinking of updating it.  Here are some of the characters that I think could make the list in the future.

The Fairy Tail trio – Erza, Lucy and Juvia, all of them are gorgeous character designs, and highly attractive females.  And best of all, they’re all completely unique personalities.  One of Fairy Tail’s key assets and strengths is it’s female cast.  Most shounen battle manga females aren’t drawn very well, are terrible personalities or are very similar looking to other females.  I love One Piece, but often the “attractive” females in that show look way too similar (to the point where I couldn’t tell some of them apart when I first started reading),  and generally they favor CLAMP designs in the worst way.  And by that, I mean they look like stick figures with boobs attached.  “New World” Nami is a hell of an example of that.  Boa Hancock may be that series’ one really good exception.  Sure, when it comes to Fairy Tail the breast sizes are often exaggerated, but generally they all appear to be generally healthy, shapely women.  And I can appreciate that.

Hinata Hyuuga – wow, did she fill out nicely over the course of Shippuuden.  I thought she was adorable in the original series, and I’ve shipped Naruto x Hinata from pretty close to the beginning of that possibility.  But now she’s just a full-on sexpot.  Plus she still has that adorable personality, but now with the skills to protect her friends.

Maoyuu Maou Yuusha – Demon King and Knight; for a pair of woman who are physical and mental opposites of each other, they both illustrate attractiveness pretty well.  Maou with her bulbous female flesh and Knight with her svelte athletic body, they both show how women can be very attractive in very different ways.  Now the question is if they made the list, which one would it be?

Sheryl Nome – she’s a full-on diva, and incredibly attractive to me. But it’s not just because of her gorgeous face and beautiful body, she’s got a very strong, persistent personality.  I’m so attached to her, I couldn’t bring myself to watch the second Macross Frontier movie even to this day.

The women of Bake/Nisemonogatari (Hitagi Senjougahara, Suruga Kanbaru) – the monogatari series have a well deserved reputation for the risque.  You can’t have that without these two women being at least somewhat involved.  Even if the series does love its lolis, grown women always have a place.  I’ll explain the hotness of these two women further in a future post.

Muginami – I don’t care much for Rinne no Lagrange, but Muginami’s sexy character design was right up my alley.  She’s kind of in the same boat as the Fairy Tail women, Hinata and others.  It’s a very “full figure” that gets her the attention she needs to get on this list.

Leonmitchelli – the hottest thing in Dog Days is a cat… or maybe it’d be more appropriate to call her a lion?  She’s got a gorgeous athletic body, and wears booty short jeans and a halter top into most battles.  This is also another case of a character have a strong and persistent personality.

Blue Rose – yeah, that outfit is pretty damn hot, even with the advertisements on it.  Plus it seems that she’s into older men.  I’m not much of a shipper, but I’m pulling for Tiger x Blue Rose, hard!

Gisen Yagyuu – I don’t know jack about this chick, and I’m not much of a Samurai Girls/Bride fan; but in a series full of hot women and character designs, her’s wins out.  Even over the series lead, Yagyuu Jubei.  She may even give one of my favorites, Ryomou Shimei a run for her money.  And that’s pretty good!

Nao Yorihime of Yosuga no Sora – not a rape!  I don’t care what people say, you can’t say the main character did not want to have sex with her.  And if he didn’t, if he really was saving himself for his sister, then he’s too mentally unstable to believe anyway.  That unpleasantness aside.  I thought she was a very attractive and thoughtful character.  And I can safely say that her appeal came from more than her sex scenes.

I apologize for making this post look like an article off of Sankaku Complex, but I thought a subject so based on looks should be as visually appealing as possible.  And I can’t imagine anyone reading this far having a problem with all the pics.

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