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Servant x Service, Episode 8: Sometimes extraordinary people just want ordinary lives

This is very heavy Hasebe/Lucy episode, which is alright. They are both interesting characters which makes their interactions all the more amusing. We open with Lucy apparently sucking at life, at least when it comes to her extraordinarily long name. In an attempt to cheer her up (and himself in the process), Hasebe invites her to dinner. The usual “I’m broke” speech comes up, but she accepts. From the banter at dinner, you can tell they are becoming more comfortable with each other. Hmm, could that be the start of…? Nah, let’s move on.

While this was happening, our good friend Tanaka shows up looking for Lucy. Miyoshi tells him that she is dining with Hasebe, at which point he appears agitated. How does he resolve this? By showing up again the next day, kidnapping Lucy, and treating her to dinner. You know, like gentleman always do. You find out a bit more about the relationship between Tanaka and Hasebe at this meal. Apparently, Tanaka sees Hasebe as a rival. The way he gushes about how extraordinary and special Hasebe was in school almost makes Tanaka sound like a closeted fan boy. School is way over, and he is still devoting his time and energy to trying to best Hasebe. And what better way to best your rival than to ask out the girl he likes before he has the chance to? Too bad for Tanaka, Hasebe puts a swift end to these shenanigans with a thunderous smack to the back of the head.

Once things die down, Hasebe and Lucy head home chatting along the way. He tells her his point of view on his relationship with Tanaka. Again the phrase “fan boy” comes to mind. Lucy tells Hasebe that Tanaka feels like he could’ve been anything. Something extraordinary. She responds with a moving speech on how he should feel satisfied as long as he’s living a life that seems fun to him and no one else. Oh my! Does she understand Hasebe and his motivations? He thinks so, which startles him so much that he decides to walk home from that point. Even if he is miles away.

At work, Hasebe is still reeling from the night before. He’s not himself, which puts [his senpai] on high alert. No, he’s not exactly sick, senpai. He’s just recovering from a gut punch right in the feels. [Senpai] even talks to his girlfriend, Chihaya about it. But she writes it off as Hasebe just fooling around like normal. He seems ok enough around Lucy, as they finally talk about all that’s been going on lately. Lucy, as usual, offers to pay Hasebe back for his kindness. And Hasebe, as usual, comes up with an awkward way for her to even the tally. This time it involves skirts and cosplaying with Chihaya (draw that picture however you want). They agree, and he walks away calmly. [Senpai] walks up behind Hasebe, who looks about 2 seconds away from collapsing right in the hallway. Come to find out, Hasebe was actually nervous to ask Lucy out!

Here’s hoping these two extraordinary characters can muster a perfectly ordinary relationship.

Note: this post was not actually written by me, but by Second Opinion.  Due to my recent bout with wrist strain I had to call in some help.  This is her first post, but not her last.  And most I’m most grateful for her support.

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