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Symphogear G ep7 & 8: Trouble’s her middle name!

Episode 7

This episode came to a hell of a conclusion, but let’s not get ahead of ourselves as this was a very Dragonball-Z type of episode.

What we get in the beginning is one hell of a confrontation, though I wouldn’t necessarily call it a fight. Hibiki’s rampage from the last episode has put her on the brink of defeating the Noise-spamming sociopath, Dr. Ver. It’s just too bad that near victory is just the start of a series of convenient coincidences, as the expressionless Shirabe and the genki Kirikia show up to stop her with their Gears. Their stand off leads to more insanity as Dr. Ver injects the girls with a drug called LiNKER that is supposed to raise their sync ratios substantially. Meanwhile, Hibiki’s relic is going nuts inside her body, producing ridiculous heat, and threatening to go critical. Kirika and Shirabe try to finish her off with their swan songs, which Dr. Ver says should be fine because of the reduced risk that comes with a higher sync ration. This never comes to fruition though as Hibiki is still able to use Gungnir’s ability to absorb and control energy to prevent them from using their swan songs. Potentially saving their sorry little lives. The confrontation ends with Dr. Ver and the agents of Fine escaping just as Tsubasa and Chris show up to cool Hibiki down.

In the aftermath of this confrontation, both sides are left to consider their situations, and the mortality of one of their members. With the organization barely able to save Hibiki’s life with emergency surgery, they resort to asking her best friend, Miku to watch over her as she is permanently taken off of combat duty, and left to try and lead a normal life.

As for Fine, the old hag still lives despite having another attack. And with the retrieved Nephilim heart back to normal capacity, it seems that whatever trick they have up their sleeves is still a viable option.  As Fine takes some R&R, some alone time between Maria Cadenzavuna Eve and the old hag reveal that Maria Cadenzavuna Eve is not the actually reincarnation of fine after all.  It seems she’s failed to resurrect at all.  But in a different location, an accident with Shirabe and Kirika reveals that Kirika may perhaps be Fine’s reincarnation after all.


End of episode.

Episode 8

Fine starts off the episode by attempting to unveil Frontier, a giant relic that they believe is the key to their plans.  This attempt fails and seems to leave everyone stunned, everyone except for the old hag.  It seems they’ll need more power than even one of their mystical relics can manage on its own.  In the downtime before their next move though, it seems like some of the girls are cracking under the pressure.  Maria Cadenzavuna Eve is still struggling with the news that she’s not the vessel for Fine at all, and she still wonders why she’s asked to take on the role when the old hag has told her it’s not necessary.  Also, Kirika is beginning to come to grips with the fact that she’s actually the vessel for the infamous Fine herself.  And she’s understandably worried about what will happen to her soul when the mythical woman finally takes over.  For the meantime, she hides her discovery.

Back on the side of the good guys, it seems like the change in the Moon’s orbit has been confirmed.  And that Fine was telling the truth while the American government was covering up that fact by feeding everyone the lie that it’s orbit would not be a problem for centuries.  Also Hibiki’s woken up after her surgery, and is given the news of her condition and her ban from combat.  Hibiki tries to take the news in stride, but Tsubasa takes the news that her best friend is on the verge of death very hard.

The old hag’s planned is revealed when Maria Cadenzavuna Eve escorts her into a large Space Needle like building to meet with American agents to negotiate a plan.  Of course, in the world of Symphogear, the Americans are super treacherous and try to double cross them.  And this, of course, is a complete failure because the old hag has already informed Dr. Ver of their plans and he’s sent Noise out to punish the double cross.  It’s now up to Maria Cadenzavuna Eve to grab up the old hag and drag her out of their while avoiding the soldiers that the Noise haven’t picked off, yet.  To add to the insanity, Hibiki is on a date with Miku in the very same building.  It really does seem pointless to take Hibiki out of combat, because combat just finds her!

The episode ends with Maria Cadenzavuna Eve resigning herself to no longer holding back, and allowing herself to kill people.  While Hibiki is forced to don her Gear again and get back in the building to save Miku.  Too bad that Miku is blown up just as she’s done changing.

End of episode.

Symphogear G is certainly not showing itself to be a let down at all from the first season.  Most every episode has found a way to make itself both intense and ridiculous, and I’m loving it.  Something the show has seemed to master this second season is the cliffhanger ending, too.  And i don’t mean a cliff hanger ending that let’s you down or makes you upset because you feel cut off from the action.  This show has mastered the cliffhanger ending that gets you excited for the next episode, and makes you feel good.  Despite this being a mahou shoujo, it’s clearly striking me as something that competes with and outdoes quite a few shounen battle anime when it comes to the pacing and action at times.  I’m impressed.

Getting more into the specifics, by the end of episode eight I’m really left wondering just exactly what Fine’s (or FIS’s) direction will be.  Their goal is clear, but how they’re getting to it is not so clear.  Big questions loom.   How will Kirika’s eventual awakening affect everything?  And I do mean everything!   Fine’s eventual resurrection will be a huge event.  How will Maria Cadenzavuna Eve’s change in attitude affect her and the girls around her?  When is that old hag going to die?!  She’s been coughing up more and more blood every episode.  When are they going to dump Dr. Ver, or when is her going to betray them?  Is Dr. Ver a warlock?  He’s certainly a diva, even more so than Tsubasa or Maria Cadenzavuna Eve.

It appears almost all of the uncertainty lies in FIS’s court.  Though Hibiki is still the star of this show and one of its biggest wild cards, too.  I find it just insane how often danger drops at the feet of Hibiki at a normal day.  If her life really does depend on her staying out of trouble, then write her eulogy now.  She’s as good as dead.  Just like her girlfriend.

Just kidding.  I highly doubt she’s dead.

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