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Majestic Prince ep20: thick like blood

Well, this is a sobering state of affairs. But I won’t complain. I’ve seen too many shows where significant character deaths have been glossed over, trivialized or not paid the proper respect (ZZ I’m looking at you). With but one member of Team Doberman left, and likely retired, we and the cast are left to reflect on them, for what little screen-time their memories have left. I’m still amazed that Randy got buried with all his porno and a swimsuit mag. *sigh* And Patrick’s cherished item was his present for Tamaki.

Team Rabbits is still reeling badly from the news of their seniors being killed. And when Rakesh shows up to deliver his dead teammates gift to Tamaki, it’s a pretty good, but sad scene. As Tamaki receives her her favorite food – pickled squid guts, and gobbles it down on top of rice to show her appreciation for his last thoughts. Heh, it’s amazing she didn’t need medical attention for almost choking several times on that food.

That night, Tamaki is given permission by Kei to sleep with her, and while in bed asks Kei a question. She asks Kei if Patrick liked her, and what she should do now. Kei’s answer is that Tamaki should simply try to live on and be herself.

While the pilots try to grieve, there’s no such time left for command, as Amane, Rin and Commander Metalface all discuss what they’re going to do with the knowledge Patrick and Randy died for. Even with the information on the gate, Amane states that it’s near impossible to accomplish the mission because of the rivalries between countries on Earth, and the logistics. That’s not a good enough answer for Commander Metalface though, and he’s right. Earth doesn’t have long left to offer any resistance to the Wulgaru.

Speaking of not having long left – Izuru. While the team was all hanging out, and Izuru was drawing a picture to commemorate Team Doberman, he has was almost looks like a seizure. We learn in the medical bay later from one of the doctors that he’s suffering from degenerative condition that may be a sign of premature aging. She also states that it could be fatal.

With Izuru’s life on the line, the doctor contacts Commander Metalface personally (or by vid phone anyway) and asks for a favor. What she needs is Izuru’s genetic history, as well as knowledge of who his father and mother are. All this is extremely classified information. He tells her he’ll give it some thought. He’s then contacted by Amane (she’s been promoted so many times I’ve forgotten her rank), who also asks him a favor. She needs something to help convince the stubborn government leaders of the world to work together and support them in their final mission to take out the Wulgaru interstellar gate. He tells her he’ll do what he can. Commander Metalface, it looks like the future of the mission rests on your shoulders in more ways than one.

From this point on, everything is intertwined and extremely important. And everything rests on Commander Metalface’s decisions. The meeting between world powers and the MJP doesn’t go very well, as even with the information given and Commander Metalface’s decision to let Teoria -OF ALL PEOPLE- show up. To further stick things home and prove that the MJP is telling the truth, Teoria flies herself and her Wulgaru spaceship (which looks disturbingly similar to her brother’s) right into the conference. That’s enough to break the holdouts and get everyone to cooperate.

In the meantime, with Izuru out of commission the maintenance crew for the Red-5 requests Toshikazu’s help with running some tests. He’s very reluctant because the AHSMBs are known to be set up to operate via DNA imprint only. But he goes in anyway and the Red-5 recognizes him and activates! Suspicions are confirmed when Reika, the head of maintenance, hears of this and talks to Rin and the doctor about it. It was all confirmed by the doctor the moment Commander Metalface allowed her access to Izuru’s records. Though most nobody in the room can believe it.

Rin calls Toshikazu in and tries to feed him a lie about why the Red-5 activated, but he’s not buying. Instead, she goes ahead and tells him the truth. Toshikazu and Izuru got their human DNA from the same source. They’re brothers essentially. And though he’s told to keep it a secret, he does go over to Izuru and give him the news. I’m amazed Izuru is able to deflate the moment as well as he does with his goofiness.

End of episode.

Alright! The final stretch! And a lot has been put forth in this episode. While the reveal to the world powers that MJP has had a real live Wulgaru working with them this entire time is a big deal. I think in terms of the story the audience is intimitaley familiar with, the knowledge that Commander Metalface is Toshikazu and Izuru’s dad is bigger. I always pegged Teoria as as the mother for Team Rabbits as soon as I got her basic information. But I never pegged Commander Metalface as more than some gruff, tough, broken old war hero who was probably one of the, if not the first person Teoria met. Instead, the group of kids he’s sending out into battle to die each and every time is essentially his family. That’s some interesting stuff, an interesting, hard hitting reveal.

I’m so satisfied with this show right now, that I fear anything else I have to say will just involve me sounding like a broken record.  The departure of Team Doberman was done was done very well, and faithfully.  The scenes involving the team’s, and especially Tamaki’s grief were effective and well done.  Despite the down time from battle in this episode, a strong sense of urgency still remains with Izuru’s degenerating condition and the final battle looming.  And any hints to surprises ahead are being done very discretely.

My thought leaving this episode is that we’ve seen Toshikazu set up as the defacto leader for the team when Izuru is preoccupied with an ace.  And I have a feeling that he’s being set up as the lead should Izuru fall, which is starting to feel like an inevitability right now.  I’m still holding out hope that the team will end this series as one big, happy family, despite my background of loving depressing death-filled shows.

Note: those scenes where Izuru couldn’t even hold his pen really hit home for me.  right now my wrist hurt like hell, probably from carpal tunnel.  I don’t know what I’d do if I couldn’t see or type.  It’s pretty scary.

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