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DKJ’s Top 20 Hottest Anime Chicks pt3 (10-6)

#10 Faye Valentine of Cowboy Bebop – another “old” lady on this list. But in the anime community, I think she’s universally regarded as hot. There isn’t much that needs to be said. The face is beautiful and that outfit appears to be functional, at least as long as it shows off her features and distracts men (or hermies).  She’s hot d@mn it! I shouldn’t need to justify Faye Valentine.


#9 Winia_Chester of Scrapped Princess – what can I say about Winia? She’s a minor character in an anime with a mere cult following. But it is a show with some of my favorite character designs and her’s is definitely one of them. Cute face, soft brown skin, freckles, much muchi~muchi and the fact that she is such a beautiful available woman who is just begging for companionship…. Yeah. She’s hot. Its getting harder to write the further along the list I get.

#8 Teletha Testarossa of Full Metal Panic – I tried to tell myself that there would be no lolis on this list. And there isn’t “Tessa” is way too smart, mature and developed to be a loli. That’s my story, I’m not accepting logic as an argument, lets move on!

I guess besides the cute face, the silver hair and grey eyes and the adorable and at the same time effective personality, what else could be so attractive. Oh yeah, she’s bad@$$! She rules her sub and crew with massive intellect and powerful moe factor! Saying you don’t like her is like saying you don’t like puppies & kittens, rainbows or goodness! Its impossible! And if you can say it, you’re evil (or Kaname Chidori). By the way, don’t think she’s just cute, there is a reason she’s on the hotlist. Check her out in a bathing suit. She’s packing as much as her sub. Her oppai is a dangerous secret weapon.


#7 Zange of Kannagi – HOT! The cute face, the nun outfit, the mischievous attitude, added ability to fight equaling bad@$$ness. I love it all! Sure she torments her weaker sister when she gets the chance (which I find strangely arousing…)and pushes the passive Tsugumi asside every chance she gets to get closer to Jin, but so what? I’m not Japanese! I like my women aggressive and smart! Once again, Zange is HOT!


#6 Chizuru of Kanokon – lets face it. Chizuru is a bit of a slut. At least for the target of her affections. But she’s still hot. Big booty, bulbous oppai, skirt short enough to expose pantsu while BREATHING. Large protruding ni— I’ll just say that if after all that she weren’t hot, it would be a massive FAIL!


Well, that’s all I have time for today. I’ll finish next week.

UP NEXT: the finale!

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