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DKJ’s Top 20 Hottest Anime Chicks pt2 (15-11)

#15 Motoko Kusanagi “The Major” of Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex – I’ll go with the Stand Alone Complex version for this one. Not the original manga version, not creepy almost ugly design of the first movie. The lush anime version is my preferred choice. First of all, she is bad@$$, and I am referring to her actions and personality, as well as that body. The combination of the lips, the oppai sportin’ body and the tight form fitting gear she sports to show it off make her a classic knockout. It doesn’t matter that she’s probably around 60 years old, or that her body is full cyborg. From what I hear it all functions perfectly well. My only real problem is that no one really knows what gender she was to begin with. But I fully believe she’s a woman, or else this whole entry is going to be pretty awkward…

#14 Shimei Ryomou of Ikki Tousen – Ryomou is definitely a step away from the norm. As far as my list goes. Sure she’s bad@$$, but she wears a maid outfit to battle, has an eyepatch and gets wet during wrestling moves. In respect to the story or characterization, she came off as the Vegeta to Hakufu’s Goku. But I’m past all that and after all the ecchi I’ve been exposed to in this series its amazing that she stood out. Maybe the fact that she is one of the few intelligent (relatively) and strong characters that makes me like her more. I told you, I don’t like idiots. It may be her best asset. By the way, I’ve seen it. She has a nice @$$. >;-)


#13 Ami Kawashima of Toradora! – “Wow! She is beautiful!”
“What the –? She’s a b*tch!”
“I’m in love!”
These are my first 3 reactions to Ami when she appeared in the show. Even if she was a complete villain, which is no where near being, I think I would still feel the same way about her. Even with a smoking hot body, her best asset is her sharp wit and observant personality. So while I can’t say that that is what makes her hot, it definitely makes her a sympathetic and identifiable character. In the Taiga-Minori-Ami sweepstakes for Ryuuji. I always cheered for her all the way up until the end. Conversely, you’ll never see me put Minori anywhere near this list. How could Ryuuji choose Taiga? Oh well, I guess some of us are more lolicon-ish than others…


#12 Rosette Christopher of Chrono Crusade – say what you will, but that exorcist uniform couldn’t conceal those curves. Rosette definitely fits under the header of airhead! But she also has many redeeming features, besides oppai and rewarding pantsu flash from time to time. There will always be something hot about a woman who’s dual wielding ANYTHING. And something attractive about a woman that will stand by her love until death. Whether they go to heaven or hell, I trust Chrono to take care of her.


#11 Kotomi Ichinose of Clannad – OK! Kotomi was where the moe factor went wrong. At first, I thought she was either stuck up or just too aloof to like. But I kept finding little things I liked about her. I thought it was really cute how she would not acknowledge you until you referred to her in a certain way, and then do that cute thing where she’s sitting on her legs and would turn to look at you– I mean Tomoya! …and look at him. I liked how she was into learning, I always look up stuff I don’t know (not on Google or Wikipedia, a REAL dictionary). I love how she had the cute half sleepy look on her face almost no matter what. I love how her skirt would flap in the wind and the sakura blossoms would brush her beautiful, flowing hair… Aw crap! I’ve turned into stalker material! End of entry! End of entry!


Read more at http://myanimelist.net/blog.php?eid=31755#DoyyQ5Cj4iPlqss4.99

UP NEXT: Part 3!

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