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DKJ’s Top 20 Hottest Anime Chicks pt1 (20-16)

Favorite Hot Anime Chicks (no lolis)

This is a bit of a re-post from the past.  My original list of Top 20 hottest women in anime.  I have attempted to clean up the language a bit, and explain my feelings a bit more than I originally did.  But I’m not gonna get too cerebral on this.

We all know that beauty (incoming cliche) is in the eye of the beholder.  It is completely subjective in every way, with a true winner never determinable, and impossible for the majority to agree on.  And plus the reality of these characters all being illustrated, animated fictitious beings isn’t lost on me, either. But just as animation tricks the eye into believing it’s actual movement; these characters are so beautiful they actually trick my eyes into thinking they’re gorgeous.  Also, if you see a character missing, chances are that they’re a loli or they’re a newer character from before this post was originally written.  

When it comes to the missing lolis, I just can’t help it for the time being.  Perhaps I’ll make a separate list if I found out there’s a want to see that happen, or I get positive feedback. But I live in America, and there’s no shortage of people who are willing to overreact to anything here. For now, I’m just trying to be safe. As for the newer characters, I’ll address them in a later post. I’ll be splitting these posts up into four parts. And like with anything I put here, I’d appreciate any feedback. This is a bit of a pervy blog after all. And I don’t want any of my more “high brow” content to make people forget that.Ok, I said I was going to do this for a long time. And now here it is, my hot anime chicks list. Enjoy!

#20 Allenby Beardsley of Mobile Fighter G Gundam – plain and simple, Allenby kicks @$$! She was the one female and one of the few fighters period who could go toe to toe with Domon. And it was a nice change of pace to see a cute female body squeeze into those incredibly tight body suits that the mobile trace system used. Her personality was one of those “one of the guys” ones. It would be no problem getting along with her. Plus, even though she was dangerous fighter, she still had some of that cute moe factor going for her. I always preferred her over the nagging Rain. >:-P

#19 Aisha Clan-clan of Outlaw Star – I don’t usually go for catgirls, not because they don’t look good, its because they are usually portrayed as idiots, or actual cats in human form. And I don’t like idiots or cats (not like that). So why do I like HER if she’s obviously an idiot. Well, for one she was captain of her own space ship, the Orta Honehone. So I guess she had some intelligence and could definitely fight. She was definitely the “brawn” aboard the Outlaw Star. Plus she had a nice amount of oppai, a cute face and the awesome ability to transform into something indestructible. So while I’m not a huge fan of catgirls or idiots, she is a bad ass. I’m always down with female badasses.

#18 Blair of Soul Eater – I know she’s a cat. I know she’s a magical cat. I know there are a TON of jokes I could make about that fact. But I’ll leave that up to you. She has oppai, she has much~muchi. She wears tight shorts with a witch outfit you would LOVE to see on a woman in real life. She has a cute face with those lovely golden eyes. Yeah, she needs to be on this list.

#17 Quon of RahXephon – Quon walks the line between cute and beautiful. Both words apply, but don’t tell the whole picture. She is like a living porcelain doll. Her personality could be called “air-headed”, but I think the words curious and eccentric fit her better. There is also a nice moe factor mixed in there, so its no wonder that just about everyone in the show loves or adores her.

#16 Nagi of Kannagi – maybe it’s the eyes along with the hairstyle, but Nagi has a very unique, attractive look. She can sing, she’s a god, she has a personality that everyone can get along with (except for Daitetsu). What pushed her from cute to hot?  The episode at the cosplay café, that’s what?  Between Zange, Tsugumi and Nagi, you have a tough road ahead.  SMH.

That’s part one down, three more to go.  See you guys next week!

UP NEXT: Part 2!

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