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Majestic Prince ep17: a race thru the Earth’s atmosphere!

It is impossible to contain my hype for this episode!  A slow build up to almost Eva-style tension and drama, with pure mecha goodness and eye candy throughout most every minute of it!

The Wulgaru’s objective has been sniffed out. MJP knows that they’re headed for the Cosmopolitan Academy, but none of that matters if they can’t catch up to the small unit speeding towards the school. And this is where Team Rabbits comes in, while Black-6 is sent to hold the line with the regular forces and Team Doberman, they’ll be sent at top speed to intercept the raid party before they enter the atmosphere.

While the objective may appear the same, things aren’t exactly going as planned for the Wulgaru as what may have been a more stealth mission before, has become a blitzkrieg under the direction of the young punk commander, Klein. He’s got a chip on his shoulder and he’ll be damned if he lets someone else wipe it off! What’s amazing is that it seems Prince Jiart has foreseen these circumstances, even before the clever military strategist Lumes has. Everything is out in the open now it seems. But with Klein on the attack, it’s simply a matter of execution now.

The mission to intercept Klein is merely a stall and delay tactic until Team Rabbits can get into position, as their ammunition and artillery barely does enough to even slow them down. This does give someone the idea to try to deploy an unconventional weapon, but it’s a process that will take time, and that’s quickly being sucked away.

With Team Rabbits finally deployed minus Ataru’s Gold-4, they realize that they only be able to engage Klein in the atmosphere, and that’s only if they blast through inner space to get to it. Tamaki’s Rose-3 being the ballistic missile it is, Toshikazu and Izuru are given orders to hold onto her while she races Klein to the stratosphere, but with the risk that if they’re off even minutely they’ll end up completely off-course and the mission will be lost!

Team Rabbits makes it in time to engage the Klein’s squadron, but are unable to take him down. Toshikazu remembering his conversation with Rin after Commander Metalface asked them if they wished to step down as pilots, takes her words to heart and starts using his talent for observation. He swallows his pride and tells Izuru to engage Klein directly while he and Tamaki handle the rest of his squadron. In the meantime, Ataru’s Gold-4 has finally deployed with its unconventional weapon, what appears to be some sort of laser or railgun that’s designed to fire at the speed of light… AT THE SPEED OF LIGHT! The problem now is hitting a target that’s insanely mobile, quick and unpredictable with a weapon that can only fire once for a very long time, and that requires the highest possible degree of accuracy. It’s something Ataru doesn’t hesitate to talk about nervously as he does his calculations.

To partially solve this problem, Izuru takes the initiative to give Klein one hell of a body slam right to the Earth’s surface! What a pilot!! This stuns the furious Klein just enough for Ataru to nail the shot!

Too bad it doesn’t do a damn thing!

End of episode.

Holy-! What a great buildup to an intense cliffhanger! This episode certainly took its time getting to climax with plenty of briefings, scenes of all of the pilots slowly launching from their catapults, and everyone’s reaction shots being prominently displayed whenever necessary. But it worked! It all worked! After all, what could be more important to these guys than saving their old school, the only home they’ve ever known? And then this *sshole shows up to literally steal and kill their friends? Come on Team Rabbits, kill him dead! You can tell I’m absolutely in love with this show! UGh! But I have to save that hype for later. I can’t talk about how wonderful this show is until the end! I gotta save it up!

As for the little bits of show I didn’t cover in all my excitement, I think it’s a good call to let Black-6 loose on the enemy grunts and away from a elite mission like this. I think it’s pretty telling that Ange makes even veterans like Team Doberman nervous. Then again, they may be a better fit for Ange overall. The chemistry for Team Rabbits on the battlefield is on a separate planet from the deluge of fail they once wallowed in at the beginning of the show. Al their teamwork is coming together to make them a badass elite fighting force where everyone knows their roles. Remember, at the beginning these guys were all dubbed the best and most talented, but that just had sh*t chemistry and communication skills. Now their quirks are sinking in to their own little areas where everyone accepts them and just accepts doing their own job. Romantic subplot aside, they’re nigh unshakable for the moment.

Speaking of chemistry, the Wulgaru show again why their deluge of talent and superior technology isn’t exactly a recipe for harmony. There are hard cliques formed, and apparently clan rivalries to consider as well. I don’t doubt that if Lumes had deployed his stealth strategy cleverly here, he may have done much more damage while the entirety of Earth’s might was focused on the absolute defense zone. But right now, it’s a test of strength between Klein and all of Team Rabbits. And that’s just the way Earth wants it!

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