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C3-bu ep2 (cool and warm, soft yet firm)

It feels good to be back!  After a weekend of fighting game goodness, I need to get my beak wet again.  And I’m terribly behind on the second week of Summer anime.  So I think it’s best I start with something light and easy to get into.  And since I’m literally a week behind, these posts are going to be a tad shorter than normal.  No synopsis.

I’m starting to be sold on C3-bu.  The characters are slowly start to stand out and make me want to learn more about them, but by bit.  Of course, (*looks at character list*) Rento is already adorable, so she’s possibly the show’s best character asset, or she was until we got a proper introduction to Sonora, the club’s president.

Sonora is just absolutely an engaging character.  She’s a tomboy for sure, and she at first glance appears to be an intimidating character.  But once you get to know her, she’s just the warmest, most supportive character a field mouse like Yura could ask for.  I loved how she always exuded that strong, supportive and warm atmosphere around her.  She’s a perfect combination of laid back and intense.  It’s all situational and under control.  And she may be the biggest factor in getting me to accept this show.

The other important factor is the “fun”, the fun factor.  Man, when I see the C3 club setting up for these war games, I just get all excited!  I had a very active imagination as a kid (I still do, it’s just more… corrupt now), so I know my younger self would have done this all day if he could.  Anyone who played cops and robbers, pirates, Power Rangers or any other make-believe activity can see the appeal in this escort mission set up.  The best part?  No more “pew-pew”, you’d have actual ammo!  YES!

I did think it was pretty silly how the show compared skill in making onigiri with the skill to properly fire a weapon.  That’s some ridiculous Karate Kid bullsh*t if you ask me.  But this is anime, a little bullsh*t makes the show more authentically anime.

In the end, everything is accomplished.  Yura ends up joining the club with very cool roomate.  We get an episode with some cute and clever action.  And the show moves ever so slightly forward, while simultaneously engaging the audience even more with the club.  It’s almost like we’re being recruited to join, too.

Also of interesting note, even though this is another girls in a club doing cute things anime, I’ve noticed the subtle differences in how Gainax is working this show as opposed to most studios (namely KyoAni) would handle it.  The show still has the trademark hallmarks and references to other show, genres and media, but this is all subtly done.  I’m interested.  That’s the best thing I could say about any anime right now.  I’m interested to see where this goes.  I’m interested to see how exciting it can get.

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