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Check-in Station: Symphogear G ep1 (we got a diva here!)

Words have always escaped me when it came to Symphogear. They escaped me so much that despite several attempts, I could never do a close-out review for the series. I just didn’t have words for how batsh*t insane the finale was. So I’m watching this new season with great pleasure, as I hope this time around I can properly convey my feelings in regards to what I think was one of the best series and biggest of surprises of 2012. Let’s get started with the next season of Symphogear, Symphogear G!

Things start off interestingly enough, as we see a flashback to someone’s gruesome death, and the injury of another. It looks like a girl in symphogear had lost her mind, or sung her swan song, as we see her dripping with blood and walking about a destroyed home in a daze. It’s nice to know the series so far hasn’t changed its penchant for gruesomeness.

Things then skip forward to what appears to be present time as we see a battered moon (from the events of the original Symphogear’s last two episodes) and then see a train getting wrecked by attacking Noise. Inside the train we see a scientist carrying around a case with Solomon’s Cane inside, and then we get to see our wonderful magical girls Hibki and Chris! It appears that the train is being purposefully attacked by Noise, as if someone’s controlling them. But with some smart tactics by Hibiki, the force is eventually defeated.

It seems the mission of the train was to take Solomon’s Cane to a military research center. I guess the Symphogear girls don’t have use for it since their only job is destroying Noise. Once that hand off is done, Hibiki is excited to go to a concert that Tsubasa is performing in, and of course her “girlfriend” Miku is there waiting for her, too. Well that’s too bad, because another seemingly random Noise attack happens and the professor and the cane are missing. Great~!

Back in the world of normal people, the concert is about to begin, and we can already tell that some underhandedness is underway. Two of the characters from that horrific opening scene are shown. One is a super popular new singer (from Europe?) name Maria Cadenzavuna Eve (whew!). The other is apparently her mother. She has an eye patch and is in a whell chair, so we can surmise that the incident worked out worst for her. I’ll just call her old pirate lady for now.

The concert is called Queens of Music and it looks like Maria Cadenzavuna Eve and Tsubasa are headlining the extravaganze with a duet… or a duel. These two seemed to be competing with each other the entire time. And so for a few minutes we get a pretty ridiculous spectacle of a show as the girls go back and forth and whip the crowd into a frenzy.

At the end of the show, Tsubasa takes a moment to thank the crowd and shake Maria Cadenzavuna Eve’s hand for a job well done. Maria Cadenzavuna Eve then turns, smiles and – SUMMONS A MASS OF NOISE AROUND THE STAGE! What the hell?! The crowd is ready to kill themselves as everyone scurries to escape the stadium in a stampede! But Maria Cadenzavuna Eve actually stops everyone by simply yelling at them not to panic (as if that would actually work).

The situation is at a boiling point, and Hibiki and Chris are at least forty minutes away from the concert. Tsubasa is ready to blow her cover and go into full combat mode when Maria Cadenzavuna Eve tells her to stand back, as she announces to the world (because of course the entire world is watching this concert) that her organization (Fine, I believe was the name) now controls the Noise and claims dominion over the entire world! To put the cherry on top of this insane cake, Maria Cadenzavuna Eve starts to sing. She sings a very, very familiar song… It’s Gungnir’s song! Maria Cadenzavuna Eve has transformed into a Black Gungnir! What the hell is going on?!

End of episode.

And there we have it. The first episode of the Symphogear G. And it’s pretty in line with what I was expecting. I have to look at them side by side, but I believe the new transformations may be even better than the old ones. I see a wee-bit more gainaxing. Though I think Vividred Operation may currently hold the title for best transformation sequence. It was also great to see the old cast together again. And I’ll be interested to see what kind of drama can be pulled from this situation.

It appears that this new group has taken Solomon’s Cane and its powers to a logical conclusion. If humans can acquire power over something that is stronger than them, they have the audaciousness to do it. They are basically taking humanity’s boogey man, putting it on a chain and parading it around to get what they want. Now whether this is a revenge ploy, a play for power or some misguided attempt to better the world, or all of the above, it’s all too soon to tell. Plus, this is Symphogear, it’s not too deep, and I won’t analyze it in such a way. As I learned from the first season, it’s best to be entertained and not think about it too much.

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