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Attack on Titan ep12: you thought this would be easy?!

Well Pixis, you’re gonna need more booze. This poor plan has gone to sh*t!

I’ve heard people say that they think this arc is occurring in real time. And I don’t blame them. This crisis has been going down for the majority of this anime. That said, this is supposed to be the most important battle in the history of mankind. So you’ll have to forgive the series if it takes its time a little.

The previous episode ended with Eren going ape-sh*t on Mikasa and trying to punch her into a fine paste. And that nonsense continues here. Eren has just lost his mind in titan form. He tries so hard to kill Mikasa that when she boldy mounts his face and tries to talk some sense into him, he knocks himself out!

Needless to say, the plan has gone to complete sh*t! And everyone has to make some decisions. With Rico firing the red flare to signal major problems with the plan, we see that even Pixis has to reevaluate his course of action, or does he? From Pixis, to the elite squad leader to Mikasa, to the rookies who graduated with her, they all decide to stand there ground and fight for a chance to stem the tide. Even with their greatest weapon sitting on its ass, completely unconcious.

Good points are made on both sides, as the people who want to pull back site that this battle will have to continue somehow, and they can’t keep throwing away valuable soldiers like this. On the other end, you have the soldiers that see that Eren represents the best hope they’ve ever had. The titans are so much more powerful, and so numerous that any resistance up to this point has amounted to the flimsiest of defenses. The best humanity has managed up to this point has been a stalemate, and now even that is rapidly eroding.

So with people choosing to stand and fight being the people in power, the army soldiers on with the plan. The regular soldiers desperately acting as lures to keep the titans away from Eren, and the elites cutting down ever increasing and stronger waves of titans that wander near Eren. Even Armin runs his ass off to see what the problem is. And when he finds out…

Turns out Eren’s in some weird subdued coma that he only barely wakes from when accidentally stabbed Armin trying to cut him out. This clues us into something very interesting. While in his coma, Eren sees himself on the bench at his old home with his mom, dad and Mikasa. I’m left wondering if perhaps this was the work of the Titan, or just his knocked up brain? It feels strangely like a spell. Luckly Armin’s words just barely reaching him is enough to eventually snap him out of his funk. But with the titans progressively moving away from the wall and towards Eren, I’m wondering if he’ll be able to get himself together in time to move that boulder into the hole.

Overall, this episode was at least more action packed than the last.  Though it still feels like a hell of a tease. Most of this episode was dedicated to seeing how this dangerous plan progressively falls apart. But through that we get to see several characters show their heart under slimmest of chances. It takes massive balls for people like Jean and Connie to scurry around on the ground and act as bait for these giant zombies. It takes real heart for Pixis to stand there and watch droves of people die horrible deaths under his orders, for a plan that has no guarantee of even marginal success. And it takes a massive amount of caring and courage for Mikasa and especially Armin to stand by their friend in the middle of all this. Holy sh*t, Armin ran his ass all the way around that wall, rapelled through the territory, hopped on Eren’s titan form and STABBED it to get his friend to wake the f*ck up! That’s desperation and dedication if I’ve ever seen it!

So with the next episode coming up, I’m left desperately wanting to see Eren utilize his titan form again. But I’m worried, because I think he was worn out from that last marathon battle he had. And I believe that controlling his titan form takes a lot of will power, and a lot of mental and physical stamina. Hell I was thinking that before he even started the mission. Someone give this guy a sandwich!

Note: Ugh!  There’s another creepy ass big faced titan!  I hate those things, they’re the worst!  Also, thought it was kinda cute when the the leader of the elites referred to Eren as her boyfriend.  Come on Mikasa!  We all know that’s not gonna fly!

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