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Valvrave ep10: it really could have been worse

My head. My head is swollen and full of – stuff, right now.  That said, you people overhyped this episode of Valvrave.  You think this episode was terrible?  You think it was terribad?  I could give you twenty series with episodes worse than this.  This isn’t Valvrave at its lowest.  This is Valvrave ALL THE TIME! You need thick skin for something this ridiculous.  Let’s get this over with.

So with our team of “holy spirits” (or vampires as I’m still apt to call them) together, they get a chance to talk things over and consolidate power.  And consolidate power seems to be the point of this whole episode (there’s a pun thrown in there, just trust me).  Our young and way over-her-head teacher’s aide is technically the representative for New JIOR.  And as they get oh so close to the neutral territory, the Moon and a incredibly important conference with the world powers, she wants to give the kids a fair chance at representation.  She really is a good teacher, as her professor comrade points out.  And speaking of him…

Professor Takumi has a talk with L-Elf in the Valvrave hangar. He basically spills the beans on what his super soldier comrade has already guessed. The Valvrave project is a giant project designed to make super weapons out of kids. Yes, it’s that stupid. Especially considering the cream of the crop of the most important people in JIOR has put their kids in this school. Why the hell would they want them to be super soldiers?! This doesn’t make any sense! Regardless, there’s talk about “runes” or information particles, and how all the students were prime subjects for this experiment. I guess the leaders of JIOR has a passion for neutrality, but not for pacifism.

Back in the world of the nimrods, elections for Prime Minister of JIOR have been announced. And Shoko his hesitant to participate. Is it because she’s a normal teenager who doesn’t want to have her life swept away in the family business? No. It’s because her dad’s dead and she has trouble facing that reality. I’m being blunt here because the show showed zero ability to handle that situation well. Everyone expects Shoko to try for the Prime Minister position, but the thought that her dad is likely dead makes her hesitant to take on that challenge. Haruto comes up to her and attempts to get her to sign up for the elections, and he walks into Shoko while she’s dealing with this situation. We then get a rather ham-fisted scene where Saki shows up and hides around the corner while Haruto and Shoko cry and shed bitter tears. I suppose this was a chance for Haruto to confess his love for Shoko, but I’m glad he didn’t because that would’ve been really awkward. Then again, I wouldn’t put it past this show.

Their touching moment convinces Shoko to partake in the elections, and she runs off. This allows Saki to come out She tells him about how the love between him and an normal woman wouldn’t work out, though they have no real way of knowing how different they are, I digress. Just then Haruto has another one of his increasingly frequent vampire attacks and –

Oh God! Oh Jehovah! Oh Lord! Oh poop on a cracker!

Apologies, Don Kangol Jones has left the building due to temporary madness. Please stand by, he’ll be back momentarily.

Haruto tries to fight the attack, but finally completely loses control and rapes Saki.


I’m stepping into a minefield here by saying it’s not actual rape because Saki didn’t so much mind, as she was just kind of amazed by the spectacle. To make matters worse, while this is happening Shoko is in front of the entire student body (minus the raper and rapee) firing up the students with a speech about living their student days to their fullest, and having a school festival once they reach the Moon. It’s the highest of the highs (sorta) and the lowest of the lows all in the same moment. And the last line of the episode.

“Shoko won.”

HA! I don’t have words for how I felt at that moment. Things like “dirty” and “cheap” come to mind, but i don’t want to be offensive. Or I don’t want to be more so than normal.

In all honesty, I thought this episode was pretty standard. It was only those last five minutes that floored me. I really thought it was gonna be worse than that. I expected Haruto to bite Saki, and then Saki would rape her own body with Haruto’s hijacked flesh. Yeah, I know some of you may find it pretty gross, but I was only using the tools the episode gave me (more obvious pun there).

Getting back to what plot I could salvage from this episode, it’s been set up for one more attempt to head off New JIOR before they make it to the Moon. And Cain is personally going to be taking flight. Oh yeah! I imagine he’s more than a badass. And he’s not going to cut our Valvrave pilots any slack. We also learn that there appears to be dueling factions within Dorssia, the Fuhrer’s and the King’s resurrecting faction. Oh Dorssia, you’re always willing to slap this show with some brutal reality. I appreciate that. I can’t even handle any more of this series for now. Good thing I have all week to recover. See you guys later. I need to pop a bottle of Crown.

…this show. This GD show…

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