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Attack on Titan ep11: if you wish to die, at least die here

Give Commander Pixis credit, the drunkard is no fool. Though every episode I see him drink from that flask I get thirsty. Every episode he’s in I still see him make sound judgments. Though right now, this man may have made the biggest mistake of his life. And no amount of poison is going to wash that away.

With Eren accepting the mission to plug the hole with a boulder even his titan form may not be able to support. It falls on Commander Pixis to pull together his shattered, terrified forces. And it won’t be easy because the bozos are ready to run at the chirp of a cricket! It very nearly turned into a mass desertion (or mass killing, as the superior officers were poised to start chopping heads). It was only the words of Pixis, reminding the soldiers that should they fail here, they’ll be alive to personally see their families murdered instead.

His words are enough to pull these fools back in line. He then introduces them to Eren, and feeds them some BS about him being part of some secret government experiment to make humans capable of controlling titans. It’s just enough to fool the most gullible, and shut up the more loyal.

As Pixis explains the main objectives to the grunts, the officers are being given the details by Armin, who uses the knowledge that titans always go for the largest groupings of humans to orchestrate a plan to lure them as far out of the center of the town as possible. From there, Eren and a small elite corp of soldiers will dash to where the boulder is and begin the operation to plug the hole. The elites having the hardest job of all, having to slay encroaching titans on their own, as Eren will be defenseless while carrying the boulder.

Whew! That’s a ballsy plan!

Eren ends up being accompanied by three elites, and then Mikasa as well. The plan begins well enough, with even the cowards mustering the strength to act as decoys. The problem comes when Eren and the elites make it to the boulder. Eren Successfully turns, but then goes berserk!

End of episode.

I have a feeling these events may have been stretched out from the manga in order to fill an entire episode. It had that feel to it. But it was still a tense and entertaining twenty minutes. And the pacing didn’t feel nearly as bad as the previous episode, which failed to suspend my disbelief once or twice.

I can completely understand how the soldiers don’t want to engage the titans ever again. So the panic and the near desertions didn’t bother me at all. I was just amazed at how not a single soldier was killed amongst all that insubordination. My only explanation for that is that the sergeants and commanding officers were just as panicked and scared as they were. What did annoy me was that snobby little elite named Riko (is Riko a guy or a girl?). I’m pretty sure Eren didn’t need someone reminding him that he was fighting with people! He didn’t need to be reminded they were human or that they die. Sheesh lady (I guess I picked a gender)!

Aside from that, not a lot happened aside from speeches, plans, some snippyness and terror, and everyone doing as planned… except for Eren. It will be interesting to see if Mikasa can snap Eren back to his senses, before one of the elites gets the idea to end him. The way Pixis paints the situation, if they fail now most of humanity will end up killing each other long before the titans get to them.

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