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Gargantia ep10: torn between choice and freedom

You’d think that after episode nine’s events, that Ledo would have some severe shell shock. And would be very right. This episode does a lot to silently knock Ledo around, while Pinion seemingly sows the seeds of destruction.

With Ledo and Chamber emerging victorious from the battle/massacre of the Earth hideauze, Pinion has put the fleet into full salvage mode. Sending mech after mech into the water to retrieve the advanced technology at home down there. As that frantically continues, Ledo is on deck struggling mightily with the knowledge he’s just received. And who can blame him, his entire life has revolved around the slaughter of these creatures. Though I do feel his feelings are a bit misguided, but more on that later.

With the salvage coming in, and depths of their treasure being known more and more by the minute, we see things start to skew among the leadership. Flange, the leader of the new fleet that separated from Gargantia wants to share what they’ve found here, but it’s not quite so simple for Pinion who is determined to profit from this endeavor first. He broadcast for as far and wide as possible that their fleet has defeated the hideauze, as if it’s some sort of warning. This news of course reaches the Gargantia, which I’m sure will be somewhat split in its opinion of the victory. For sure, Amy isn’t taking Ledo’s absence well, at all.

This bravado makes me nervous. I can’t tell how stupid Pinion is, because at times his plans make sense. They’re just often too reckless.

With humans being the way they are, some pirates take their chances and attack, and are soundly defeated. I do wonder how Pinion’s policy of expansion will work out. Bigger isn’t always better, and there’s also the matter of trust. Winning people over doesn’t just involve power.  And you’re bound to get some troublemakers.

The meat of the episode though is the end, where Ledo and Chamber have one hell of a conversation. Ledo confronts Chamber about their new knowledge and how it can continue on in this fashion when it’s been proven that the Hideauze are – no were once human. I refuse to believe there’s any humanity left in the space hideauze. Chamber’s response basically seems to be that they are engaged in a battle for survival that can not be avoided. Both Chamber and the hideauze are the pinaccles of opposing ways of thought. With Chamber used to supplement the natural (mostly) human body, and the hideauze force evolving their forms to be rid of human weakness. And because of their bodies, it is that choice that has made civilization useless to them. And civilization is one of the defining factors of humanity.

Chamber’s amazing lecture comes to an end though when a Galactic Alliance communication pops through. The signal is pinpointed, and off in the distance we can see a machine identical to Chamber. It’s apparently someone Ledo knows.

Oh sh*t!

Where do I start with this episode? I guess it will be with Ledo. I’m torn between criticizing and understanding Ledo’s feelings. For one the hideauze are not human, not anymore. So I’m not willing to extend the same amount of sympathy to them as I would a human. If they were human, than we should label all the people in this show cannibals. And we certainly could, but I’m not going that far. That said, the hideauze on Earth actually don’t go out of their way to harm humans. They only attack in the name of defense. And I do believe a strong distinction needs to be made between the extremely evolved space hideauze, and the ones that happily swim the seas. The fear is certainly understandable from Ledo, the creatures he’s fought have evolved to shoot giant lasers! They eat light! Their naked bodies travel the vacuum of space! Chamber is certainly right in saying that they exist as an extreme. I can’t blame Ledo at all for being angry, confused and sickened. But he still has to make the right choice. He can protect humanity without murdering the Earth hideauze.

Another thing he needs to do is tell someone about what he saw in those video files last week. That’s not just big news, that’s the biggest news in human history since most of humanity left the Earth during the last Ice Age! It’s a disservice to any and every human being alive to withhold that info. It makes all the difference towards giving these dumb, superstitious hippies the opportunity to make a smart decision. This is all so important, because Ledo’s actions up to this point could be saving or damning the human race all at once.  And this speaks towards my overriding fear of the show as well.  I fear that this show is going to give some painfully heavy handed message about how humans can’t handle technology or power.  How Chamber, the pinnacle of mankind’s knowledge and craftsmanship may actually be a bad thing.  And that would drive me nuts.

Though not a ton happened this episode, there’s still so much more to pick through. Those people showing up on boats in cloaks like druids make me nervous as hell. Zealots don’t bode well for any narrative. Nothing good comes from humans who blindly, mindlessly devote themselves to something. Then again, this could be an opportunity to make some commentary about Ledo’s life in the Alliance before he got sent down to Earth.

And then of course there’s the other Alliance mech that has shown up. With the Galactic Alliance finally showing back up in the show, I get the feeling that Gargantia is going to accelerate rapidly towards its end. And I fear the ride is going to be a bloody one.

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  1. June 10, 2013 at 04:14

    On top of everything else surrounding Ledo, this episode really made me wonder how Pinion will end up. Clearly the man isn’t stupid, but as you pointed out he is very reckless, and has zero subtlety to boot. If I had to make guesses about potential upcoming character death in this series , he’d be right at the top of the list.

    • June 14, 2013 at 17:34

      He’s definitely ripe to be the tragic character death. A reckless fool may be protected by God, but not by a writer with penchant for the vicious and tragic.

  2. June 11, 2013 at 00:21

    Who gets the right to be called human? Does the practice of genetic modification nullify any basic human rights one might be granted? This is starting to seem more and more like a normal war between humans.

    One thing that you inadvertently brought to my attention was the comparison between the space-faring hideauze and their earthbound counterparts. Much like the humans, those stuck on earth are more primitive but also relatively peaceful. The show seems to be pushing the conclusion that advancement is bound to end in conflict.

    “And I fear the ride is going to be a bloody one.”

    Did you forget that Urobuchi wrote this?

  3. June 14, 2013 at 17:38

    Ha ha! No, no I haven’t forgotten than man behind this narrative. That was a good comparison that I missed. Usually when you think of more primitive, you think that thing will be more brutal, and communicate more poorly. But in actuality, less advanced intelligent beings (hideauze and humans, of course) are able to exist and communicate much more peacefully than the super advanced humans, or the near god-like hideauze. Sure the worshiping and superstitious parts of their relationship seem silly to me, but they work!

  1. June 17, 2013 at 13:01

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