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Majestic Prince ep9: closer than you thought, not as close as you’d like

Well, with the battle over and a good chunk of the GDF likely murdered or mangled in space, everyone is left to reflect on the situation. I for one am going to say that as I reflect on it, I’m disappointed at how the aliens just said, “OK, we’re done here.” And they just packed up shop. Aside from the stone wall that Team Doberman and Team Rabbits put up, the rest of the opposition was warm butter in their hands. I can’t help but think this was a little lazy of the creative team, but I won’t fully know for sure until the next episode. This episode is what’s important.

With the situation winding down, Team Rabbits starts checkin in on each other, and everyone is anxious to know how Izuru is doing after his intense dog fight with the Wulgaru prince. Unfortunately for them, their captain has put him under a gag order. Something weird that happens during this conversation, Red-5 refuses to move, if only momentarily. At first, I thought it had been disabled from the ship while the captain talked to him, but it turns out the unit really was acting up again. I swear, these advanced units are going to get these pilots killed one day (foreshadowing?).

Once everything has died down, and while the rest of Team Rabbits lounges around in Toshikazu’s room, Izuru is meeting with Rin. And it is a very short meeting that involved him keeping his mouth shut under stern directives. We then get a surprise scene where we see the white (or is it pink) haired woman that Izuru has been obsessing over, talking with commander Metalface. Looks like the AHSMB (or whatever) units aren’t just home grown miracles of science…

Post briefing, Izuru goes to clear his head.  And he’s met by Kei, who at this point clearly has a crush on him.  Too bad for her that they can’t share a tender moment by the beautiful fountain.  Izuru’s head is too full of confusion right now to do much of anything.  He only really wakes up when he sees the white-haired woman on the opposite side of the fountain.  She runs away successfully, thanks to her ninja butler bodyguard.  It’s clear now that she has to avoid contact on purpose, now that we know she’s an alien.  Why she has to be near quarantined from the Fail Five is still a mystery though. But I have my guesses.

The next morning, the team gets to have a leisurely breakfast (I assume it’s breakfast) with the super duper handsome (not my words) bridge bunnies. I swear, I fear for Tamaki if she gets out on her own.  I fear she’s gonna be the meat in a man sandwich or be in some porno given enough time alone.  Her fantasies and their lunch is interrupted by a summons to see commander Metalface.  The meeting is most informative for the team, as he reveals to them that the Wulgaru have a defector, and the technology for their units is gained because of that defector.  Yes, they are essentially piloting alien technology, as if the machines weren’t already scary enough.  In one glorious moment, Izuru is brought face to face the woman he’s subconsciously sought for so long.

Shame on me for taking so long to get to this episode!  Especially after such a stellar one the week before.  I apologize for that, this show deserves better.  I am quite satisfied with this episode.  For one devoid of combat or conflict, it’s a good “reveal” episode, and also a good setup and character development one as well.  Things are still being ironed out, but we’re learning a lot, even outside of the bombshell moments involving the defector. For one, the GDF has taken a horrible beating, and they are painfully in no shape to wage anything of the scale they just engaged in for a long time.  Most every unit in the military suffered losses in life, and took significant damage to their weapons and equipment.  The space platform that the team stays in is about to be inundated with wounded.  And to make up for these losses, they’re likely going to start deploying more of those finicky, temperamental AHSMBs.  After all, they were the only units that could put up a fight.  Though this is also another sign that the GDF is in no shape to fight, as I’m sure those units aren’t cheap or easy to build, nor are they easy to man.

When it comes to the stuff that commander Metalface and the defector were talking about, that’s a bit complicated.  This is because they’re obviously holding back critical information, and may outright be lying about some of it, too.  The biggest question is why they would have the defector keep a distance from the pilots.  I’ll chalk up the technology to “space wizardy”, I don’t care how it really works.  Though their temperamental states are explained pretty well by the fact that they were produced by a species that feeds on emotion.  I’m more concerned with the pilots and what makes them different.  Are the Fail Five and all their fellow students really just products of experimentation to better adjust humanity to the rigours of space travel?  Or are they perhaps the result of experimentation to better make use of the alien technology they discovered.  I have to take a better look at the timeline to see how this works out, but I suspect that in a way that alien defector may be the Fail Five’s “mother”.  I’m not going to go so far as to say she birthed them, but she’s strongly tied to their creation.

Well, this has devolved into a lot of fun, but pointless speculation though.  All will be revealed in good time.  At least I can grasp onto one thing solidly: this show is committed to being deeply invested in its characters.  Their true origins story should be very interesting.

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